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Rouge the Bat


Age 1000000 no she is not she is 18
Gender Female
Species Fruit Bat/ Vampire bat (Sonic Angels Only)
  • White fur and tan skin
  • Aqua-green eyes, long eyelashes, and blue eyeshadow
  • Black wings
  • Preagnant belly(Sonic Angels only)
  • Skin-tight black bodysuit
  • Heart-shaped armored breastplate
  • Knee-high boot with heart details and pink cuffs
  • Elbow-length gloves and pink cuffs
Toonking2 FanComics, From Mario & Friends to Super Smash Bros. Beyond
  • She-R.O.B. II (Lt. Claire Tasha Swooper-Bat) (Mother)
  • G.U.N. Lt. Commander Ruby the Bat (Father)
  • Carly the Swooper (Sister)
  • Shay the Bat (Sister)
  • Herman the Swooper (Brother)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Adopted Brother)
  • E-123 Omega (Adopted Brother)
  • Misty Prower (Niece)
  • Miles "Miley" Prower (Niece)
  • Platinum Zilla (unlikely suitor)
Sonic Z
Unknown Fanon
  • Mystique the Bat (mother)
  • Flare The Bat (sister)
  • Sensei (cousin)


Sonic Angels


Rob the Cougar (Father)

Stellar the Bat (Future Son)

Owen the Archaeopteryx (Future Husband)

Aly Parris' fan universe

Gurahk's Universe

Dark the Bat's Universe

Titanium's Universe


  • Dr. Thomas Light (Future father in law)
  • MegaMan Light (Future brother in law)
  • JewelMan Light (Future husband)

Wolfia Tigernay's universe


NathanDeathFire's universe

06civic68pa's Universe

  • Unnamed Parents
  • Knuckles the Echinda (future husband)
  • Brad (future son)
  • Lara-Su (future daughter)
  • Sapphire (future daughter)


  • G.U.N
  • Team Dark
  • Mobian Empire (War for Mobius)
  • Eggman Empire
  • The Twilight Sanba(Superscaryguy Fanfiction)
  • Knothole freedom fighters(Superscaryguy Fanfiction)
  • 1st ULTIMATE DARE CHALLENGE champion(Troy168 Fanfiction)
  • Knuckles clan(Cyclonestar's universe)
  • Drakon Empire (Sonic the Comic: Online)
  • Bat Girl
  • Skank(by Fuchsia)
  • B*tch (by Fuchsia and Ginji)
  • Wuss(by Tyler)
  • Rug (Used once By Irma)
  • Ratta tat tat (Used once by Vanessa)
Quotes "Yeah, baby! This makes us a team!" (Sonic Heroes)
Romantic Interests
  • Basic combat
  • Spin Attack(rarely performs it)
  • Spin Jump
  • Screw Kick
  • Flight
  • Climbing
  • Digging
  • Drill Drive
  • Hip Drop
  • Black Wave
  • Charm Wave
  • Thunder Shoot
  • Bomb Snipe
  • Bat Guard
  • Tornado Kick
  • Jewel Storm
  • Rising Knuckle(requires Knuckles)
  • Plunder
  • Distract
  • Shriek
  • Cloaking
  • Stealth (Her main ability)

PPS Continuity abilities

Ability Type Flying

This page is for Rouge the Bat from ANY person's continuity.


MakutaCreptoke00's Universe

Rouge tried to steal the Master Emerald one night and she dropped it, making it roll into the ocean beneath Angel Island. When Sonic and the team came down to explore the ocean, a group of ancient criminals called the Barraki killed everyone, including Rouge, they were later resurrected by the master emerald and given new armor. Mantax fell in love with her and attempted to save her at certain points. When Icarax stole the Master Emerald from Botar, he got pushed away and Botar hid it in the Heart of Chaos. Sonic and the team went to find it with the help of Artahka who gave them new armor. Rouge fell in love with Krika and the team ran into the Nocturnus, including Krika. The master emerald was lost, so they came back to Angel Island and found out Eggman had taken over. They were banished, but they came back finding robots, which captured them and robotizied them. Knuckles betrayed the team, and completed Roodaka's missions. The chaochidnas saved the team again and said the only way to get back to normal was to see Omega, they did. While trying to get more info, Norik and his team where attacked by Knuckles. When they got to the Eggman base, they found Knuckles, Rouge led the team to attack while Sonic gets Knuckles back. Omega was climbing Eggmans tower and was brought down by Roodaka. Eggman gave the final blow to Roodaka, but she said he do it. Omega got back up and slaughtered Eggman with heavy artillery. After that, Angel Island had a new guard, Vezon, and new enemies, a group of foul gangsters named the Piraka.


She appears in episodes 1-10

In episode 5,The White Sphere she wore a black 2 piece swimming suit with a mask covering her face amd went swimming in Episode 6


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2

Rouge has been confirmed to appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2 manga.

Will the Echidna storyline

Book One: The Beginnings

Rouge is married to Shadow and has four kids: Shade, Bianca, Maria and Cade. She is present at Maddy's birth (with Shadow asleep outside), Dawn the Hedgehog's arrival, Big's family reunion and Will's 14th birthday party. She hasn't played a major role so far.

Book Two: The Sickness

She is planned to appear as part of the guards protecting Will and Mobotropolis from Jacob's armies.

Sonic Underground Remake Series

Rouge the Bat currently works together with Nack the Weasel as partner in the bounty hunters of Don Weazo's mafia. Current mission was to infiltrate Castle Batula in Mobitransylvania (Spooky) to find the missing hunters and to find valuables. However, the owner seems to have taken a liking to Rouge. It is also here we learn that Rouge is, in fact, the reincarnation of Batula's lost love, Umana.

Sonic X Remake

She is involved during the story, but she and the other bounty hunters are recruited by GUNS. More to come...

Mewkat14's universe

Rouge in Mewkat14's online comic. Rouge had be Married to Knuckles. When they had gone through a conflict Knuckles ended it. Filled with Vanity she had Chated on him for shadow. Knuckles found out soon. Angry with her Comeback he moved out. When he wanted to come back he called. Sadly not knowing there was a landslide. Rouge had looked in her awnsering Machine. She had found out Knuckles was dead and She was pregnant with Midge.

Sonic Tales Z

Rouge arrived to Tails Workshop by order of G.U.N., and Met Angie. When Angie asked Tails to tell her about Angel Island, Rouge decided to take Angie there.

EAJ's Universe

In His universe she has a sister named Fentes and they get along well despite Fentes being Queen of her Vampire Clan called "The Slicers"

Sonic: War for Mobius

This version is completely similar to her video game counterpart. In the beginning of the series up until the beginning of season 3, Rouge was an agent in the Imperial Secret Service. Unknown to most Imperial personal, Rouge was the daughter of a powerful crime lord and expert jewel thief named Conner The Bat. After her parent's death, Rouge swore vengeance on Dominus Bellum.


Rouge the bat was one of the ten contestants in the dangerous gameshow, and was force to join after Sonic said that he and his friends are going to play the game, ever since then, Rouge had been clearing challenges(And failing Round's 5 and 12), and reach the final round against Sonic, and ending up wining the final round, and wining her five wishes, and she used one of her wishes to marry Sonic the Hedgehog, and for the rest of the series, they had been watching the show from the sideline in the champion's row.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Main article: Rouge the Bat (BearfootTruck's Universe)

Rouge is still a G.U.N. agent & a world-class treasure hunter in BearfootTruck's stories. However, it's not always easy stealing treasure when a mad doctor is trying to roboticize everyone, but that's why the blue hedgehog is there, right?

Cyclonestar's Universe

Rouge is Shadow's sidekick and a member of GUN.It was discovered she was evil and was going to take over GUN but she was stopped by Shadow who was later kidnapped by SWATBOTS.Omega saw the whole thing so she dismantled him.Sonic and the others found out about things years later and locked her up.They helped save Shadow and put Omega back together.Rouge managed to escape her cell and went to kill Mia.Shadow confronted her and told her to help them.Shadow was the only person she listened to and decided to help them all.Rouge eventually left the adventure with Shadow as the two set off for a journey.They now help the team from time to time.

06civic68pa's Universe

Rouge is a world-famous jewel thief and second best friend of Runner (Runner's first best friend is Marsha). In the future, she marries Knuckles and assists him on guarding the Master Emerald, even though she's not great at this new job.


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Ultimate Sonic

When she found out that Dr. Eggman has intruded Space Colony ARK and that Shadow was after him, she volunteers to help Shadow, not under GUN orders but simply as a friend, understanding that ARK is a sacred place for him. The two finding out what Dr. Eggman needs data for the Eclipse Cannon for. She also gets side-track and helps Knuckles.

While an NPC, she is one of the three playable characters in the expansion along with Shadow and Amy as the flying character in the game, allowing her story during Ultimate Sonic to be playable.

Stormtali The Hedgehog

Rouge The Bat Helps Stormtali Fight Off The Security At GUN When He Looks For His Sister Lisa The Hedgehog Plus Also Will Appear As A Playable Character In Sonic The Hedgehog X Black Rock Shooter (A Crossover Fighting Game That Has Gameplay Styles From Street Fighter to The Recent Games Like Sonic Battle (GBA) And SSBB And Mccleodgaming's SSF And SSF2)

Sonic and the Head Vampire

Rouge is portrayed here as Mina Murray, the love interest of Jonathan Harker. She is first seen when spying on the actual Dracula and Gruntilda making a deal with one another. However, she is captured during the progress. When Batula arrives and frees her, her feelings for Batula become more complicated, especially when witnessing Jonathan (Nack) fighting against him. Her League self is playable, but her real form can be unlocked.

Sonic Heroes 3

Rouge and Omega are assigned by the President to investigate the source of a huge power surge in the Westopolin Mountains. Rouge, after infiltrating a secret base made of ancient ruins, discovers that it is none other than a returned Black Doom. She then runs into Shadow, Metal 'Met' Sonic and Hope Kintobor and tells them about Black Doom. Then they begin their dangerous and complex adventure to defeat the Black Arms, who once again plan to use the Chaos Emeralds.

Shadow Adventure

Rouge is flying through the skies above Westopolis when she sees Shadow. She waves but gets distracted by a seagull and crash lands on the beach. Shadow reaches her and takes her back to the city where Rouge tells him that she had found a Chaos Emerald. Shadow is surprised, as he was searching for the Emeralds aswell.

Rouge and Shadow make their way to the GUN Headquarters in Kaos Mountain, but find Black Doom waiting for them. He orders Rouge to hand over the Chaos Emerald, and attacks them both after she refused. Shadow and Rouge defeat Black Doom, but he manages to steal their Emerald anyways. He then summons Nazo, a vicious, violent hedgehog born from the evil of the Chaos Emeralds. Black Doom reveals his plan to steal the seven Chaos Emeralds and transform Nazo into his Super Form, then he was to destroy Westopolis and create his own evil city, Doomopolis. With that, Black Doom and Nazo leave.

Shadow and Rouge decide to find the Emeralds before Black Doom does, and they head to the Death Ruins. They find the Blue Chaos Emerald there, and then go back to Westopolis, following a rumour which stated that an Emerald was in Casinoville, Westopolis. The rumour is, indeed, true and Rouge steals it from the vault, only to have Black Doom arrive, knock them out and steal one of their Emeralds.

Shadow Adventure 2

Rouge reappears in Shadow Adventure 2, Shadow Adventure’s sequel. Rouge comes to Prison Island in search of Shadow, rescuing Nicole from Black Doom in the process. Then Nicole, with Rouge’s help, frees Shadow from his Prison Cell. She soon discovered the jungle was going to explode and left just in time. When they got back, Black Doom was on T.V. everywhere and it was revealed he was being taped from his ruined old base, the Black Comet. Suddenly, half of the Comet came off, revealing a long pointer called the Apocalypse Cannon which shot out a powerful beam and destroyed the entire moon. A timer on screen appeared saying 24 hours till the destruction of Mobius. Later, Rouge discovered the Comet and the massive power of the Apocalypse Cannon. She had to find Shadow, tell the President, and escape the military all before it was too late. She eventually found Shadow, and escaped the military. Omega later popped out of a manhole beside Rouge, who was talking to Shadow over a phone on loudspeaker, and Nicole. Rouge chased down the President, then she and Shadow told the President about the situation they were in. Shadow, Omega, Rouge and Nicole then headed for Black Doom's "secret" base inside an underwater cave. Shadow broke through the security system. Rouge then had to find three keys to get into the rocket room. Omega defeated King Boom Boo Jr, the king of ghosts. After that, Black Doom appeared and summoned the Black Mermaid, which Shadow had to take care of. As soon as she was defeated, they blasted off in the Black Arm’s ‘rocket’. In the Black Comet, Rouge was heading for the engine of the Apocalypse Cannon. She destroyed the engine, it was up to Shadow now. Nicole got kidnapped by Black Doom and demanded the last Emerald in exchange. Shadow, who had a fake Chaos Emerald, made it to the central control room. But Shadow was then shot out of an escape capsule in the middle of space which was going to explode. All Rouge, Nicole and Black Doom could see was a capsule blowing up so they thought Shadow was killed. Rouge was so riled up, in a burst of anger she defeated Black Doom. Meanwhile, Omega (with the full Anarchy Jade) spotted Shadow coming out of a portal. Shadow told Omega how he used Chaos Control to save himself, and speeded to the Apocalypse Cannon. Rouge, grieving over Shadow's "death", looked out the window and saw Shadow at the tip of the cannon grinning.

Sonic Brawlers

Sonic and the Prince of Thieves

Rouge appears in this game as Maid Marian, Robin Hood's love interest. In it, she was briefly placed in a trap before Sonic with Robin (Nack) save her from being married to the Sheriff. She gives out the info needed to take down the sectors the cruel Prince John (Eggman) had taken over and gives out hints on what became of King Richard. She is playable in all, but the final story where she is once more taken hostage.

Sonic Adventure 3

Rouge is available in SA3 as a playable character, but only for the Chao Garden and Role Play.

Rapid Adventure

Rouge is a Treasure hunter in this game.

Super Sonic Smackdown

Rouge is playable in this game.

Sonic and Eggman: Dynamic Duo

Rouge, as one of Sonic's past-foes, is pictured in Sonic's "birthday party". She is pictured wearing a latex dress instead of her bodysuit.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Rouge appears as a starter Fly-Type character. In the Story of the game, Rouge is seen working for the G.U.N. in attempt to examine Gravitus specaments. Later, she teams up with Omega and Shadow in order to defeat Immarius and his Gravitus army. In the middle of the game, they end up teaming with Sonic and co in order to save humanity from destruction.

Sonic Fanon Party

In this game, Rouge is a non-playable character. She is found at Pleasure Castle, and is accused of stealing Lumina's stuffed animal. If the player lands on a Baddie Space, Marine the Raccoon is replaced by Rouge, and she steals a Power Ring from the first person to run into her.

Hero of Mobius

Rouge is a secret agent, who got corrupted by Yukon to join his master plan. Her body has caught attention among people.

Hero of Mobius data CD

Quote: "Hi Sugar!"

Good: Strong-minded

Bad: Sassy

Likes: Jewels

Dislikes: Serious business

Sonic the Fighters 2

Profile: Government Agent Rouge the Bat is very fond of Gems and will do anything to get them. With her skills, she'll do just that.

Flight: 80

Power: 20

HP: 101

DEF: 80

ATK: 20

Attacks: Drill Drive, Dig, Mega Kick, Distract, Sneak Attack, Jewel Storm, Plunder, Screw Kick.

Costumes: Masked Rouge (Sonic X) Sonic Heroes Rouge.

Stages: G.U.N Headquaters, Egg World.

Theme Song: Fly in the Freedom


Good Luck.

I don't know why I wasted my time on you.

Looks like I lost.

Sonic vs. King of Fighters fangame:

Theme: Guile's and Cycl's (Cyclops) theme from KOF '99 (Mega Drive version)

Alternate Future (AF, Summers' Universe)

Summers first met Rouge when he was on his way to apologize to Knuckles, and saw her attempting to steal the large and equally as heavy gem. They both faught eachother, and exchanged respect for their fighting skills. At the time, Summers found her to be detestable, until he discovered that she was infact a government agent. This revelation made Summers feel bad because of his previous views on her, and instead began to admire her commitment, but nonetheless was disappointed and hurt that she, as he saw it, betrayed the people around her with her thievery. In the end, Summers began to take part in tournaments and street fights to raise money to, ultimately, satisfy her need of jewelry. In the end, Rouge began to accept this, and the two began to grow closer to each other, even so much as sparking a romantic relationship. However, in the end, Summers disappeared along with Shinras before either of them could confess their love for eachother. After the ordeal, Rouge honored Summers by giving up her thievery over petty jewels and instead using her own money to buy them; though she still tries to steal the Chaos Emeralds.

The Soon-to-Be King of Mobodoon

Rouge's personality is similar to her game counterpart but with some differences. Not hearing from Sonia for quite some time after Robotnik's defeat, he dumps her, leaving her devastated until she meets Ray the Flying Squirrel one night in a nightclub in downtown Mobotropolis. Knuckles and Rouge fall in love, marry, and have a daughter whom they name Peridot. The family moves to Mobodoon so they can be closer to the royal family.

Diatonic scales and keys

Rouge is loving the G-sharp/A-flat Chord, she is love hearing the G-sharp/A-flat songs


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