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(This is not Stardust327's character it is Roxanne674's character.)


~Roxanne the Fox~

Roxanne the Fox (known as Roxie) is a silly, out-going fox. She originates from Mobius. She was born to Meredith the Fox and Roderick the Fox.

Early Life

Roxanne the Fox was born in Mobius. When she was very young, she met Stardust the Cat, who had just escaped from StarShine Kingdom. They became great friends and as the two grew up together, they got so close they were almost like sisters. Stardust wanted to explore the world and meet new people. Roxanne decided to stay behind with her family. Although Roxanne was sad, she said her goodbyes and went home. A few months later, Roxanne couldn't bear to be in the same place anymore and decided to have an adventure of her own. Now she travels around Mobius searching for ways to have fun and places to explore.


Roxanne is friendly and often makes jokes at the wrong times. She has a funny attitude, but also has a soft side for nature. She loathes brussel sprouts, and loves ice cream. She can be extremely sassy, but can also do the nicest things. She runs head-first into adventure unless Stardust doesn't go with her.


Roxanne excels in running and has natural observation skills. Other than that, she doesn't have any special powers.

Physical Appearance

Roxanne is an orange, female fox with leafy-green eyes. Her hair is orange . She sports a black vest with a gray shirt, blue skinny jeans, and black sneakers. She also has gold rings on her wrists.

Roxanne's Quotes:

"Where's Stardust?"


"Hey guys, wanna hear a joke?!"

"You've got candy, right?"

"Lets Get em!"

"Whatever, dude."


If you are a friend of Roxanne, type your name here!

Stardust the Cat

Irina Gosform Nalfar


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