Roxu is the relationship between Turbb "Roxy" Oh and Matsu the Chicken.


Roxy was working on a robot and it tried to kill her, but Matsu saw the robot attacking her ,jumped in and saved her. The two then started talking and getting to know eachother even better.Then they look at eachothers eyes,they then kiss and that soon made them a couple.

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Roxy is working on a robot for someone.

Roxy: I really hate robots...

She turns it on and it tries to attack her.

Roxy: WAH! And this would be why!

The robot begins chasing Roxy around her backyard.

(Matsu was passing by when he saw her and the bot.So he jumped in and help her)

Matsu:(Kicks the bot,making it fall over and checks her)You okay?Where does it hurt?

Roxy (embarrased): I'm fine, it didn't catch me.

Roxy looks over at the robot.

Roxy: Maybe I should just tell them I couldn't fix it...

Matsu:What's it for?

Roxy: Oh, um, an army asked me to fix their war robot because it would attack anyone. Apparently I didn't fix it, because it still did.

Matsu:(Looks at it)From the looks of it this wire isn't fused right.It needs heat.(Uses his lighter to make a small flame to heat the wires and then twist them)Hope that works.

Roxy pulls out a dummy of Dr. Mari. She then turns on the robot. It looks at her.


Roxy: Erm... There.

She points at the dummy.

Robot: DIE DR. MARI.

The Robot destroys the dummy, then walks back to Roxy.


It does so.

Roxy: ...! Gee, thanks!

Roxy hugs Matsu, then realizes what she did and backs off, blushing.

Matsu:(Blushing and rubs his head)Um...Your welcome.Um...What's your name?

Roxy (very embarrased): I'm...Roxy. What's yours?

Matsu:Nice name.Um...I'm Matsu.(Blushes)

Roxy: Thanks...(blushes) want, um, something to, um, eat? I have some, um, corn dogs.


Roxy grabs the robot and opens the door, then enters and puts it down. She rushes to the kitchen and soon returns with two plates of corn dogs.

Matsu:Looks good.(Takes one and takes a bite)

Roxy takes a seat next to Matsu.

Roxy (blushing): Thanks...

Matsu:Your welcome.I'm somewhat of a cook myself.But these are the best.(Takes another bite)

Roxy: I'm not really a cook. My real skill is machinery, except for robots. However, there is one robot that I am proud of. But I'm not quite done yet...

Matsu:May I see it?

Roxy: Um, sure!

Roxy takes their plates to the kitchen and leads Matsu to her garage, where Robot Nick is.

Roxy: Tah-dah! I call him Robot Nick. He's the next member of Team Slider, which is the team I'm a member of.

Matsu:Interesting.What's he do?

Roxy: Nothing, really. He's just designed to act like a human.

Matsu:Cool.Did you make sure everything is in place?Just in case he dosen't act like the last bot.

Roxy nods and self-consciously grabs Matsu's hand. She looks down and blushes.

Roxy (pulling back): S-sorry...

Matsu:(Grabs her hand and smiles)That's okay.

Roxy looks at Matsu's eyes, giggles and blushes.

atsu;(Small Blush)Um,Roxy.Can I tell you something?

Roxy: Yes...

Matsu:I love you...

Roxy: I-I love you too...

Matsu:(Kisses her)

Roxy: (Kisses back)

Matsu:(Hugs her)

Roxy: (Hugs back)

Matsu:(Looks in her eyes)You have beautiful eyes.

Roxy: (blushes and kisses again)

Matsu:(Kisses again)


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