This is the romantic relationship of Roy the Hedgechidna, and Lumina "Flare" Lightbeam.


See The Date.

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Not quite sure how I feel about this one. E-113! Code name: Xi 22:19, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Not sure. I rock and you don't. Ha ha ha. 15:35, July 25, 2011 (UTC)


Its pretty disgusting how Roy reacts to Flare.Minato Arisato 21:45, October 5, 2011 (UTC)


Roy: What to do, what to do....

Flare appears next to Roy. "Sup?"

Roy:Nothing at the moment, but since your here........

Flare raises her eyebrows, wondering what Roy had in mind....

Roy: whuz wrong?

"Nothing wrong," she replies, "Just wondering what you had in mind."

Roy: I was'nt thinking of anything in particular...... But what are you gonna do?

"Doesn't really matter to me," Flare says, "Just as long as something happens."

Roy: Just as long as something happens.......*dissapreares*

Flare is surprized at his sudden dissappearance. She can only wonder where he would have gone.

Roy: *silently walk over behind flare and then reappears and taps her on the head*

Without turning around, Flare chuckles and says, "There you are."

Roy: *dissapears again and then picks flare up*

-_- "Please put me down."

Roy: *reappears and puts Flare down* Satisfying, but still boared.

"Thank you," she replies.

Roy: *sits down on a couch*

Flare sits silently next to him.

Roy: *puts his hand over flare's*...........

Flare blushes very slightly.

Roy: *sighlently looks over at flare*

Flare's eyes slide toward Roy.

Roy: *leans closer to flare*

Flare leans in slightly and turns her head toward Roy.

Roy: *slowly leaning closer to kiss*

Flare leans in a bit further, waiting for Roy to make the first move.

Roy:*kisses flare*

Flare kisses him back.

Roy: *K.O.*

Flare sighs, opens a rift to the Light Realm, and walks through, closing it behind her. After some time, she returns carrying five vials of a strange yellow water. She contemplates using one to wake Roy up, then puts them away, crouches beside him, and slaps him.

Roy: *wakes up* what happened?

"I kissed you and you passed out," Flare replies.

Roy: oh! Well, was it a good one?

"Wanna try again and see?"

Roy: Oh, yeah!

The ghost of a smile can be vaguely seen crossing her face. She takes the lead this time, leaning in and kissing Roy.

Roy: *slowly blinking* Yup, that was good!

A nerve next to Flare's mouth twitches, hinting that she's having a hard time not smiling.

Roy: what do you want to do now?

"Hmmm.....I'm not quite sure."

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