How to get food without moving

Ryan: -ordering pizza- ...And a large pepperoni, one more thing, don’t go to our house, go to the house that is next to our house. The Eclipse residence, they’ll let you in...If you buzz us there’s no tip for you! -turns off the phone- See? I told you we don’t have to get off the couches.

Mason: What if I have to pee?

Ryan: .....I’ll cancel the sodas. -gets the phone-

Mason: -thumbs up-

Acting young

Ryan: -puts on trainer skates- Huh, I feel younger already. -tries to walk but falls down- ....Yeah I-I think I broke my hip.

Mason's Evil

Mason: I am not Joseph!

Frost: No, he isn't! He's...Matthew Cryonite, Joseph's evil twin!

Judy: ....Is this true?

Jessica: Yes and he pretended to be him to- To sleep with me! -throws water at Mason-

Ruby: And he promised to run away from me, and he didn't! -throws milk at Mason-

Ryan: And you left the toilet seat up, you ba*****! -throws orange juice at Mason-

Safe toy? Part 1

Ryan: They’re not gonna swallow anything, you guys are way over protective, when I was a kid my Dad use to just throw me into a pile of broken glass.

Cyan: ...What?

Ryan: Glass, sand, whatever... -walks off-

Safe toy? Part 2

Ryan: Alright -clears throat- I thought about it and maybe your right, maybe Krog isn’t a safe toy

Ruby: Oh good, what made you changed your mind?

Ryan: I swallowed his sonic blaster gun...

Cyan: ....How did that happen?

Ryan: Well I was trying to prove I was right, you know and, turns out I was wrong and, now it’s lodged to my throat. -gags-

Sure that'll help

Jessica: Hey, Frost, how's it going? Frost: ...I just feel like someone reached down my throat and grabbed my smaller intenstine then pulled it out of my mouth then tighted it around my neck...

Ryan: -hands him a plate- Cookie?

Ryan's problem of life

Ruby: -comes in Ryan and Mason's house and see's that nearly everything's empty- What happen here?

Ryan: Well lets see, Mason was born and 235 years later, I was robbed!

Ryan got owned

Ryan: David, will you ever shut up?

David: Will you ever stop smoking?

Ryan: -does a cold stare-

Ain't that nice?

Ryan: Someone's Birthday's coming up....and it's not mine! I don't want that pointless crap!

Frost: Happy Birthday!

Ryan: Ok, thank you, anyway...

What the-?

Ryan: Money doesn't grow on trees y'know..

Sunlight: Umm... -points at a tree that have money signs-

Ryan: Wh-what the hell?!


Sunlight: Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!

Ryan: -closes eyes as he punches Sunlight but he ducks as Mark punches the pole- Ah! -holds hand- WAH! -looks at Sunlight- YOU DUCKED!?

Sunlight: It was a reflex! When someone punches you, ya duck, look! -punches Ryan as he got hit-

Ryan: Oof! -covers face with good hand- WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!?

Sunlight: You were suppose to duck!

Silly Ghost

Anonymous: Since of Ryan's actions, he is in serious troubl- Ba-bah! -gets sucked into a vaccum-

Ryan: -holding the hose- Annoymous, say anymore and I'll send you to Ghostbusters....

Anonymous: I-I'll be good...


Ryan, Frost, Jessica, Cyan, David, Sunlight and Anonymous belongs to me

Ruby belongs to Yuuki Shuzen

Mason belongs to Mason the hedgefox

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