Ryou The Hedgehog (pronounced Ry-ou) is a hedgehog with a mysterious past.


Name: Ryou Hanson.

Age: 18.

Chinese Zodiac: Leo.

Birth Date: 25th July.

Height: 6' 5".

Weight: 130 lbs.

Blood Type: O.


Ryou's Cat Form
Ryou is a black hedgehog with aqua blue eyes. His main outfit is a white shirt with black trousers. He can turn into a grey cat with the same eye colour.


He is a energetic, kind and positive boy. He supports everyone and gives them courage. He helps Renée Roberts a lot, when she doesn't believe in herself and when she's in trouble.


Life in Mobius

Ryou met Renée there, and developed a crush on her. He knew she liked him, but he was too shy to say he liked her as well.

Renée's Fear

Ryou saw Renée crying near a waterfall. He listened to her and comforted her. He decided to make a ritual, so Emily wouldn't be forgotten. He trained Renée to fight for herself. He accidently shocked Renée when she was in his lab and she fell into a D.N.A machine.

Soul Fusion

When he was walking around the forest, he saw Deep Blue with Renée. He saw Renée dead, so he got out his sword and charged at Deep Blue. Deep Blue was caught of guard. Ryou shouted at him, saying why he killed her. Deep Blue told him that he liked her. Ryou was full of rage, saying there was no need to kill her. Deep Blue said that since they both loved her, they could fuse together into one body. Ryou agreed, but he wanted to go into Deep Blue's body. So they fused and revived Renée.

See Also

For more information about the character of Deep Blue and Ryou, go to this: Deep Blue (SF)

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