Ryu Kamata is a male oarfish youkai.


Physical Appearance

Ryu has moderately long, straight royal purple hair with a ponytail in the back. His eyes are navy blue. His skin color is golden tan. His eyelashes are long and thin almond-shaped.


Ryu wears a white t-shirt underneath a vest with various shades of blue on it. He wears a pair of shorts as well, and knee-high socks. He wears black tennis shoes. He wears a necklace decorated with diamonds, a symbol of purity where he comes from.


Ryu doesn't talk often, and often keeps his thoughts to himself. He can also be very sensitive. He has drinking issues, and tends to drink a lot on the job. He prefers structured environments over unstructured ones. Because of his sensitivity, he tends to cry a lot. He often listens to the needs of others and helps them, but he tends to forget about himself.


Ryu Kamata was born in the Dragon Palace. He lived a pretty normal life, growing up around many other types of youkai. He became the closest friend of Mika Suzuki, an arahitogami, before she moved from the Spirit World and into the natural world. He has been trying to contact her whenever he can


Ryu is proficient in throwing knives and darts. He also has a few spell cards:

  • Purple Dream "Butterfly Knife Barrage"
  • Star Sign "Supernova Blast"
  • Disaster "Unnatural Phenomena"


Ryu is proficient in throwing knives and darts. He also isn't as sensitive to the sun as others.


Ryu is very sensitive to the feelings of others, and because of this, he tends to be prone to manipulation. He is also very fragile and isn't too good at dodging. He has an elemental weakness to Earth, as his main sign is Thunder.