Ryu Nokumura the Fox


Ryu is one of the last members of a secretive clan of assassins near Osaka, Japan. Together with his family, he will find and kill the one who destroyed it.


Not much is known about Ryu's past, as he never talks about it much.

He is shown to be emotionless, ruthless, and quiet. He rarely trusts people unless they show an amount of good towards him and his family.



Ryu is well skilled in fighting with a katana or ninja-to. However, he does not know much else in ninja arts. The few things he does know are some more well-known techniques. These techniques are "Hide in Shadows", and a sensory sword technique he learned from his uncle Song. The sword technique allows him to detect the deeper intentions of a person and heighten his combat senses.


Though he doesn't know it, Ryu can run at a speed faster than normal. He also can take intense amount of damage before falling.


Ryu doesn't carry any weapon or wear any armor that he doesn't understand. He will wear a normal black T-shirt, overcoat, hakama pants, black silk socks, and bamboo sandals. His weapon of choice is his ninja-to, a 7-body blade.


Sonic: Ryu and Sonic are on standing terms after he was saved by him from Eggman's robots. As such, Ryu considers him like a brother and shows some emotion towards him.

Miles Prower: Ryu treats Miles like he does his sister. He cares about him and will open up around him.

Amy Rose: Though he doesn't hold much towards Amy, he will tolerate her because of how his sister holds her.

Kyuki Nukumura: Ryu shows unrelenting care for his sister, and sees her as a motherly figure after his clan was almost killed.

Song Nokumura: Ryu holds Song up like his father. For 3 years he has had him to look up to for advice and training.

Cream: Ryu sees a potential in Cream as a future assassin, but that isn't quite a live potential due to her age and apparent abundance of emotion and compassion.


Ryu is not much older than Miles, but has the mindset of someone twice his age.

Ryu originally was a bright and cheery kid . . . you know why that stopped.

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