SNN is a TV show hosted by Voltrex and Clover, each episode, they'll show a different fan character, with Latest Happenings, Bio's, Ouch, and More, SNN shows on multiple TV stations, but mainly D.W. TV


Host 1: Votrex the Vulture

Host 2: Clover the Cat

Camera 1: Clawbot

Camera 2: Clawbot

Camera 3: Clawbot

Head Camera: Shackle

Editing: Raptrin

Advertising: Delgarnu


Episode 1

Votrex: Good Morning Mobius to Our New Show

Clover: SNN

Voltrex: here your fan characters will get the chance to be on TV

Clover: our first special guest is Kit the Cat, come on out here Kit

Kit: hey thanks 

Voltrex: lets go the Bio

Clover: a Human who was transported to Sonic's world, with Memory loss, but shes been ddoing just fine

Voltrex: You Idiot, You weren't supposed to say that

Kit: Wait, I'm a Human?

Clover: well Excuse Me

Voltrex: (tosses a paperweight)

Clover oh that is IT (tosses kit, Voltrex Dodges, and Kit goes flying into a window)

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