Sabre the Demonhog

Sabre is an ageless demon/hedgehog. He was recruited by Nega-Storm after his loss of Mecha Storm. Sabre had heard of Storm's accomplishment and vowed to help Nega-Storm in any way possible. As his name suggests, he is a good swordsman. He later sides with Storm to defeat Nega-Storm for good. He later marries Ginger the Cat and has two children, Leaf and Blaze.


Sabre is a white hedgehog with both Sonic and Shadow's quills. He is about 17 years old. He has peach skin and red eyes. Sabre is violent and extremely physical in his attacks. Sabre uses a variety of attacks, namely sword attacks, hence his name. He also has ice powers. He is known to mix his ice powers with his sword attacks.


Sabre currently has no appearances


"That wasn't worth the trouble." - S Rank

"Heh, that was amazing." - A Rank

"Pretty good." - B Rank

"Not my best run." - C Rank

"That doesn't look good." - D Rank

"Ugh... That was terrible." - E rank

"Storm, is it? I am Sabre."

"Prepare to meet your agonizing death!"

Theme Song

thumb|300px|leftBreaking the Habit - Linkin Park.

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