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Saranyu, Queen of the Southern Winds, is a primordial Wind goddess, as well as a deity of the Wind Clan of Khazri.

It is said that those who manage to find her hidden home and present themselves to be honorable and kind will be rewarded with one of her valuable and beautiful feathers; naturally, these feathers are brimming with both Wind and Fire magic. However, this is just a myth, as no one has ever been able to find her nesting grounds.

Despite this, there are a few people who claim they own some of her feathers, and shed feathers have supposedly been seen on the black market, where they are known as "Meteor Plumes"; it is unknown if they came directly from Saranyu herself, or if they are all clever forgeries.

There is also a plant that supposedly resembles her feathers, and it is aptly nicknamed "Saranyu's Feather Plant".

Physical Appearance

Saranyu resembles an enormous wyvern, being almost forty feet long from snout to tail, and weighing almost 900 lbs. She has a medium-length, slender snout, with four long whiskers on each side, and two very long, flowing, feathers extending from the back of her jaws, one on each side, as well as relatively long, thin ears. She has a flowing mane that glows like fire extending from the top of her head down to the base of her tail, reaching around her shoulders as well, and she has two branching horns on her head.

Her partially feathered wings, which are attached to her arms, extend to the bottom of her ribcage, thin out and then reopen just above her kneecaps. The lower "wings" have a long, ribbon-like extension extending from each side. Her tail is long and relatively thin, with the lower half bearing many large, fan-like feathers. She also has six long, feather-like extensions on her back.

Her scales are primarily rose quartz in color, with a white throat, chest and stomach. Her flowing mane resembles fire, and she has many ornate, fiery markings adorning her body. The feathers on her body are also fiery-looking, which includes the ones on her back and tail. Her horns are silver in color, and her eyes are China rose in color.



Early Years

Beast Legends

Going against her natural instincts to stay hidden, Saranyu travels to downtown Station Square after Eggni had attacked it and left it destroyed in the process.


Base Stats
Stamina Great
Strength Great
Energy Godlike
Durability Good
Resistance Average
Speed Average - on land
Superior - flying
Reflexes Poor - on land
Great - flying
Magic Godlike
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Great
Other Stats
Eyesight Superior
Hearing Great
Olfactory Superior

Saranyu excels in the realm of long range, artillery-style combat, keeping foes at bay with blistering blasts of fire and blowing them away with ferocious, scorching winds. Her ability to manipulate the Fire/Wind combination of Smoke gives her some utility as well, as she can disorient and blind opponents with it. Naturally, she is able to fly, and is incredibly fast in the air, able to reach speeds of over 700 mph. Her mane and feathers blaze when at full speed, and her body gives off incredible heat at the same time; people have mistaken her for a meteor before.

Although her ranged combat is where she shines, she is still armed with formidable natural armaments in the form of sharp teeth and claws; her bite is quite strong, and she can carry up to 500 lbs. while in flight. Her long, prehensile tail is also well-muscled, and can easily sweep smaller foes off their feet and disrupt them, if not outright knock them away.


Saranyu is resistant to the Elements of Fire, Wind and Nature. Her ability to manipulate Wind also allows her to nullify and even turn back gas and particle-based techniques, primarily those aligned with the Poison or Sand elements. In hot, dry weather, her Fire powers are considerably stronger. Her high speed while in flight also gives her an advantage, as she can dodge attacks much more easily than she can on land.


Saranyu is weak to the Elements of Water, Ice, Electricity and Earth. She is vulnerable to people who can get past her salvo and attack her directly, as she isn't terribly durable or resistant, despite having respectable stamina; however, this is somewhat circumvented by her ability to superheat her external body temperature, making it riskier for people to make physical contact with her.

Severely cold weather can greatly hinder her Fire powers, as can particularly rainy or moisture-heavy conditions, or oxygen-poor conditions; she also tends to suffer in very cold weather altogether.

Having her limbs restricted in any way also limits her usage of her Wind powers, if not outright nullifying them. While still dangerous on land, her speed and reflexes drop considerable when she's not using her wings.

Friends and Foes







A secretive beast, Saranyu spends much of her time away from others, keeping to herself in her cavern home and only coming out to hunt. However, while it is assumed that she would be shy, she is in fact somewhat blunt, and has difficulty trusting others. She focuses intently on tasks, such as when she was searching for Agni in Beast Legends Continued, and doesn't like to be interrupted or halted.

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Negative Traits

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