Scoursunny is a Crack Pairing between Scourge the Hedgehog and Sunny the Hedgehog.



J the Hedgehog- So Scourge thinks he can make out with my sister? I don't think so!


jup, i created the article.Sunny the Hedgehog --Is a crazy hedgehog 02:29, February 17, 2010 (UTC)


Scourge: its about time! *tries to kiss Sunny*

Sunny: *pushes Scourge away* what do you think you're doing?!

(Sunny-in case anyone flames about this or anything, Scourge likes, well, almost EVERY girl. so yeah, dont think that he just has a fancy for my char. sry, i just wanted to get that thrown out XD)

Spike: Honestly Anti-Hedgehog, I do not see the pleasure in such acts

Sunny: yeah Scourge. why do you go around hitting on, like, every girl you see?

Spike: It is his way, if he wishes to be killed by an Army of females, so be it

???: "I'd make that happen.."

[A Grey-furred Wolf wearing Camouflage Pants and other Green and Black clothing warps in.]

???: "Spike the Wolf of the Dragoonworks Army I presume."

Lilia: I smell something unplesant...

Spike: that is partially Correct, I am Spike the Destroyer, Wolf is a name I still wonder as to why it was given

Lilia: *At Spike" Is it you I smell?

???: "Name's Cameron the Wolf, Technoseer...I have a long history with Valentine's Day, so, I was thinking, perhaps all the girls that are Messed up about me, *Whispers in Spike's Ear* 'I could say Scourge was messing with me and we could have a laugh, but I know you don't laugh.'"

[Cameron lets out a sly smirk. He puts out his hand for a shake.]

Spike: You must smell the fresh blood splattered on Anox (Spike doesn't put out his hand)

Sunny: *takes out her inhaler, but Scourge grabs it out of her hands*

Scourge: *holding the inhaler* heeey, whats this ya got here?

Sunny: *wheezing* give that back!

Spike: You have less of a brain capacity then I though green hedgehog

Lilia: *Looks at Scourge and Sunny* Hey! She needs that! D:

Scourge: its not that i dont know what it is, i just dont know what is does

Cameron: ....

[Cameron then dashes up wickedly fast, doing a Temp-High Combo on Scourge. Making him drop the inhaler. He then crouches down and hands it to Sunny.]

(A Temp-High Combo is a Combo hitting most weaknesses, the Ribs, Stomach. Et Cetera.)

Spike: devices such as those are needed for some beings to survive

Sunny: *to Cam* thanks *coughs, then uses the inhaler*

Cameron: "Yep..I needed a Nebulizer was I was younger, I had Asthma-like symptoms. Oh, and no problem, I just wanted to kick his so-to-say, Butt."

Spike: with a few "modifications" I'm sure we could fix such problems

(Sunny-i g2g2 bed, i'll see ya'll l8r!)


(A split second passed before a portal between Anti-Mobius and Mobius opened. Scourge leapt for the portal, being grabbed by a large mob of hands)

Speedy: *tapping his foot* something tells me that scourge is gonna kill me when he finds out this *holding Scourge's Wallet* but anyways I'm gonna get out of here BEFORE he sees he lost the wallet *zooms off*

Spike: Pathetic Counterpart, he attempts to flee, that is the reason why there is only one Akida the Destroyer known to exist.......


J: [appears using Chaos Control] What's going on over here?

Scourge: Uhhh.... trying to make out with [points to Sunny] her?

J: [anime vein] FYI, she's too young to be with you AND she's already with Silver so [uses Chaos Missile at Scourge, blowing him into the sky] beat it! Don't ever lay your hands on ehr again!


Scourge: AIEEEEE!!!!!!! [dissapears into the stars]

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