Scrapp the Echidna
Hater Terminator
Grandmaster S, Young Joc
16 years
Red Echidna
Black jacket, grey undershirt, chain necklace and belt, black pants
Romantic Interest
fighting, Rapping, his friends, rap music
Awkward moments, classical music, anyone messing up his rap,
Can transform limbs into different types of longrange weapons, does not tire, metal exterior protects him from harm, can lift (bench press) about 1 ton, can rap very decently,

Scrapp the Echidna is a character owned by User: Twilightwizard0309

Vocie Actor

thumb|300px|right| Cyborg is the african american that looks like a robot. Please, just watch the beginning of the movie to see his voice actor. The rest of the video is a crappy AMV.

Khary Payton. You might know him as the voice of Cyborg on Teen Titans and Drebin from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Powers and Abilities

  • Scrapp can trans form his limbs into any type of long range weapon.
  • Scrapp's body is made of metal, which gives him the strength to lift approximatly one ton, and a more durable hide then a regular mobian.
  • Scrapp knows a little bit of fighting skills from his time in The Mobian Gangstuhs.
  • Scrapp's brain is programmed with a Global Positioning System, as well as a heat seeking-tracking device.


  • Water and electricity will short Scrapp out.
  • Scrapp has to constantly recharge his battery pack, which is located inside of a compartment in his back. At full charge, the battery usually lasts for about 48 hours, however, the more he uses his powers, the more energy is taken from his battery.


Scrapp does not know much about his birth. What he does know is foggey but this is all he remembers...

Rollin with the Gangstuhs

When members of the Dark Egg Legion were sick of their jobs, they left the Legion and formed a gang that fought using their cybernetics and advanced weaponry stolen from the Dark Egg Legion. However the gang did not last long, and they were eventually captured by Eggman's forces.

Lethal Upgrades

Eggman gave M.O.S.E.S. the authority to experiment on the members of the gang. None of the other Mobian Gangstuhs survived the experiments except for Scrapp. When Scrapp was completed, M.O.S.E.S. sent him to infiltrate the Freedom Fighters.


Scrapp like to think of himself as a rap star. This gives him a cockey attitude, however, he has been known to care greatly for all of his friends. Scrapp is also a bit greedy. Scrapp will periodically try to walk off with lots of money or jewels, but most of the time, his friends will catch him and make him put it back.


  • I thought up of Scrapp after my school dance, I had listened to a bunch of Rap Songs, and /i was inspired to create a Gangstuh-looking Sonic Character.
  • Scrapp's powers are based off of the Terminator Movies.

Theme Song

Crank Dat Soulja Boy


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