Sebastian the DragonSebastian

Biographical Information
AgeAbout 18
  • Theif
Physical Description
  • Scales: Blue
  • Eyes: Red
  • Wings
  • Always wearing a Bluish-Purple Cloak
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None (He is a Theif though)
  • Combat
  • Stealth
  • Flight
Other Information
American V.A.Chembur
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)


Original CreatorChembur

Sebastian the Dragon is a theif from Gravetown, he is seen in the Undead Marketplace.


Sebastian is often kind, however he is still a thief, and loves it when he successfully steals from the Undead Marketplace. Sebastian is also quite stealthy, and is rarely ever caught, however whenever he is, he always finds a way to escape. He is a well known Theif in the Center District area.


Sebastian does not have any special powers. As a theif for about seven years, he is a master when it comes to Stealing. as a Dragon, Sebastian does not have the ability to breathe Fire, however he does have a pair of wings, that he can use to fly with, hidden under his robe, although he doesn't fly often.

Interaction's with other Characters


"Right this way, welcome to a theives life here in Gravetown"

"Where on this planet did you get such a thing as that?!"

"What happen to your fanchar? That dragon take drugs?"  

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