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Selenda was the romantic relationship between

Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog and Mazda the Hedgehog.

Reasons for this Coupling

Ever since Mazda and Selenia fought in the Spirits Edge Battle Royale, they've had a connection. During that fight, Selenia kissed Mazda, and Mazda helped her cope with her past. After several adventures, they grew closer together. They even have a son, Ahura. Although Mazda's overly stern and protective personality can clash with her determined atitude, they're still very good friends.

Later, after Darthoridan broke up with Selenia, Mazda came and after a romantic moment, they kissed and became a real couple.

The couple died the same time Mazda did.


Luvenia Evanosky -- He said he'd be my future daddy! >:D LET THE TORTURE BEGIN!!!

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Bolt The hedgehog: Whoa...Darth's gonna be very pissed...D:

Twister the Fox: I'd rather see her with sonic or that hedgehog he also knew.....and me as well am pissed


(for all you doubters out there >:()

"Mazda: How did it end up like this? How did everything get so messed up? (hugs her tighter)

Selenia: Mazda...the world has many wrong ways...but there are always good ones...I took the left path...when I should have taken the, Im just a hedgehog standing in the middle of the road...*hugs him*

Mazda: Among the nonsense, tragedies. Why or why not, to act in this way. (hugs even tighter) Judge me to be guilty, of loving you too much........

Selenia: I won't...*kisses him*

Mazda: The call to you....became louder every day. Now I can't deny it. *kisses her more*

Selenia: *Stops kissing Mazda, with a smile* I will always believe you..." -- From a blog

"Selenia: *goes in front of him, eyes change to white*

Mazda: (thinks to himself) It can't be a super form. She'd be disqualified. I'd better watch out.

Selenia: *kisses him*

Mazda: (Stands, redder than normal.)

Alice: Awwwwwwww

Ray: Wow, just wow.

Selenia: *still kissing him* (thinks to self) I dunno if I should bring out the poison...he's really sweet...its best not used....but Ill use my Electrokinetics after he does his move...

Mazda: (swooning) I...I think...Wow!

Selenia: well? do your move tiger...

Mazda:(wippes lips) I think I've kissed better...." -- When they first met

"Selenia: I hate darth so much...For what he done...I stood up for him...I helped him in any way...and this is how he hurts me...who will fill the hollowness in my poor heart...? Who will fill those nice memories I had...? Who will fill the love I held...? It's safe to say...I'm broken into two...

Mazda: I will...for you...

Selenia: I'm heart broken...I don't know if I am good enough for you...

Mazda: I'd done everything to get my happiness, but in two thousand years, I've never been happier than I have with you. (hugs her) Every night, I looked at the moon, the only constant in my life. The times changes and societies crumbled, but you were there by my side........

Selenia: *blushes deeply* I always watched humanity changed...even when I wasn't born...I watched everything...I was by everyone's side...I tried...but I failed...But now, I can see that humanity has changed by heart..which makes me feel better...And now, the time I met you, was as if I met you we had a connection...And now, I know we do...*hugs him back, and kisses him gently*" -- From another blog

"Luvenia: *appears* Hey there Mazda! >:D

Mazda: Oh hey Luvenia.

Luvenia: I see your her new boyfriend, Im inpressed, I didn't like Darth one bit actually...He freaks me out

Mazda: Yeah.......But, we're together now. How's Ahura?

Luvenia: He's good, and you seem to be happier now

Mazda: Yeah, I'm pretty good now that she's around more." -- Luvenia Evanosky and Mazda talking about Mazda and Selenia's relationship

"Mazda: (wrings blood from shirt, accidently looking sexy for Selenia)

Selenia: *looks at Mazda, trying not to say anything* [thoughts] Oh dang that's hot...

Mazda: (blushing) Oh.....sorry. (puts shirt back on)

Selenia: *blushing deeply* I-it's alright... "--From Roleplay:Evening.

"Mazda: I'll always be nice to you.

Selenia: I know you will, that's why your my boyfriend

Mazda: How many times has your heart been torn apart? (hugs her) Because I promise this time you'll become stronger.

Selenia: Many times...But I can feel that I have more trust in you then anyone else...

Mazda: Then the opening signal has been given, and I'll walk with you to reach the end for you. (kisses her)

Selenia: *blushes, kissing him*

Mazda: Please stay by me. I love that smile.

Selenia: *smiles* I will...*hugs him* For you, I'd do anything I can...

Mazda: Good. I want to protect the precious things. And for you, I'd defy my God.

Selenia: *smiles, then kisses him* "--From a blog


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