ShadAmy is the fanfiction romance between Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose.

"I have to fulfill my promise to Maria...and you," - Shadow the Hedgehog.


From what can canonically be taken from the main storyline games, there was platonically friendly-based interaction between the characters. Shadow is enlisted as "one of the people Amy befriended" to correspond with her interaction with Gamma.

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Canon Interaction

Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle)


Copied and pasted from past editors of either character's pages:

"The two had a short, but significant bond, and have an oddly-friendly termed interaction.

In Sonic Adventure 2, they interact twice. Amy first meets Shadow when she mistakes him for Sonic and hugs him from behind, while Shadow remains still after having been briefly caught off by her launch, and meanwhile, does not shake her off or retort to violence. When Amy senses the lack of a reaction, she releases him, causing him to glance back at her with a smirk. Amy demands his name when she realizes that he is not Sonic while he continues to watch her. After Amy notices Dr. Robotnik, she also realizes the mistake she's made, and runs off screaming. During this, Shadow takes a step after her disappearing form when she is out of range, until Dr. Eggman tells the team that he'll take care of Amy."


"Later in the game aboard the ARK, Amy meets Shadow again and this times does her part in helping by begging Shadow to save the world. At first, Shadow simply replies, strangely in a non-threatening way, that it is pointless, but then Amy points out that despite people sometimes being selfish, they were still inwardly good and that saving them was right. Because of this, Shadow suddenly has a flashback of Maria begging Shadow to make people happy. When Shadow comes to his senses he goes off to fight the Biolizard, upliftingly and softly telling Amy that he has to keep his promise to Maria and her. Cutscene:

  • Anon Quote: "It is, I believe, at that point Shadow's emotional bond with some one rather than Maria was ever chained to him."

Sonic Battle


  • Remember, this video game is NOT CANON, it is an ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE, and does not align with anything that has happened in the Sonic universe before it or after it, so its events are null. It's just a huge gap between Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure 2, whereas Sonic Heroes was more like a re-write, while Shadow the Hedgehog [video game] reveals to us that Eggman's robot(s) had saved Shadow from the ARK fall, which led to containing him in that pod and creating Androids...which gave us Sonic Heroes.

During Sonic Battle, Amy shows excitement upon hearing Shadow's survival through Rouge, but quickly becomes angry when Rouge shuns the topic. 

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, the two do not battle or cross into enemy territory paths, either due to general admiration and respectability carried from Sonic Adventure 2 despite Shadow's loss of memories [a phrase claimed by actual Wikipedia], or just because of plotline exclusion [a phrase I believe in, since Team Dark and Team Rose were separated by battle ability].

Shadow the Hedgehog


During Shadow the Hedgehog (video game), Shadow can choose to assist a, "Shadow, I'm so glad you're here!"Amy Rose in helping find Cream and have her fight alongside the player in the boss battle, but this time, there is no reward in return.

Depending on what story you're playing under, if you're running through gameplay on the hero selection or if you just decide to help her at all on any level, at the end of stage, Shadow advises, "If you wanna stay clear of trouble, then stay away from that Doctor." During this stage level there is a route to an unlockable cutscene that is titled, "The Miracle of Love" if you help Amy, which changes the story from dark to hero story, as listed under the, "Unlockable Stage Levels" in the Game Guide Cheat Sheet sources.

This access to the stage finale is through player's choice and does not affect the storyline.

If you allow Shadow to help Amy on the mission, he reflects on the mission [whereas on Dark---when you don't help anyone, he doesn't reflect on any of the characters; he only reflects on his considerations when the stage turns to, "Hero"]:

"I arrived at the doctor's castle, and I ran into Amy. She was looking for Cream, who was missing. ...I didn't have any reason to help her, but since I was looking for the doctor anyway...I figured.... ---Anyway, I've wasted enough time already. I need to track down the Doctor at once."

At the end of Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy shows her naturally optimistic faith, regardless of the hero being Sonic's arch-rival. When Rouge says, "I hope he's okay up there." Amy exclaims, "I'm sure he's fine, Rouge! After all, he is Shadow!"  

Amy has also done nothing to earn Shadow's dislike or hate and vice versa so far, so excessive dislike and over-excessive like is un-canon.

Apparently, Shadow is one of the only male characters who has so far not expressed views of seeing Amy as a careless or useless girl right off the bat, but has expressed benevolence (due to their lack of interaction of course, but so far within those subtle interactions he didn't express hateful views, but very much of the platonic opposite by insinuating the promise, which is why people state this), within the times they did meet.

Not to be mistaken as "close friends" or "love interests," they are only acquaintances, and Shadow has no memory of her; the games did not take all the opportunities mentioned in the section to make their interactions negative, and has made it neither negative nor empty, but positive.

Fanfics Aganist

  • Anything that contains Shadkit, Shadouge, Sonamy, etc.
  • NAOSTH - only because Shadow is absent.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog:The Movie- contains Shadouge, plus one chapter will show Shadow meeting Amy, with a result of using Chaos Controll to teleport Amy to Sonic's house.

Shadamy Children

  • Rose the Hedgehog by Chembur (same reason)
  • Wilt the Hedgehog and Maria Rose by Vampire
  • Cryn, Dark, and Maria the Hedgehog's
  • Sandy the Hedgehog by the ShadAmy maniac
  • Denise the Hedgehog (Gurahk)
  • EJ the Hedgehog and Ismae the Hedgehog (Bita's Universe,via TweenLight Zone)
  • Lilian the Hedgehog,

Breana the Cat, Anthony the Hedgehog, Mort the Hedgehog, Lance the Hedgehog, Adriana the Hedgehog , Elisa the Hedgehog, William the Fox and Helen the Cat (Pianoteen)

One of the Archie Sonic comic writers believe that Silver the Hedgehog- a canon character- is a ShadAmy child.


To summarize what most fans will say when asked for their reasoning for liking the Shadamy fan pair, plug in the link: BrutaLity

I love Shadamy ^.^ I think Shadow & Amy are so cute together!  21:12, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

"ohhhhh well its amazing. And it actually provides a compelling argument for the possibility of Shadow and Amy being paired together. Bravo to both of ya! i dont necessarily mean in the official sega stuff per-say (like you said in the author notes and disclaimers yourself). But when people say they hate shadamy, it doesn't make much sense, because as you said, they are one of the most likely to get into a relationship."- Squidi ( supporter, also)

It's better than Sonamy, and it does have some cannonical evidence, so...-Phoenix_Saturn Nero the HedgehogLets Rock... Much Better Then Sonamy

  • --SoykoNoeland I'm proud of it!!! 00:00, April 18, 2010 (UTC)(YEAH! LOVE Shadamy!)

Tails600018:58, February 16, 2010 (UTC) I feel like I'm airborne...... things....look a lot less dreary now.... 21:03, April 13, 2010 (UTC) [i used to be on rejector list. But now...Yeah, i'm gonna throw amy at shadow, solve two problems with one awesome face.]

--Fear my wrath! Yeah, that’s right. I got WRATH. FEAR IT. I have no idea what the above mass of text is on about, but I really, really, support this! It's cool! If you don't like it, deal with it, but I do.

Something I have actually thought about a bit. I could actually see this happening... However, for it to become Canon, SEGA needs to put it in one of their games. In all the Sonic games, series and whatnot, there is no definite indication of ANY couple existing. The closest you can get is Amy's attraction for Sonic, but his rejection of her becomes she comes on too damn strong. ShadAmy is a better couple because, so far, both of them might be considering it, but haven't openly admitted it. -- BloodSonicOne

"Yes, this is exactly how I feel, too. I support the ShadAmy fandom as a fan pair, but I do not support any characters getting together in canon, and there are definitely no implications like you said, which is the best part. It leaves us open to our imaginations." - Brutal Rose 

I support Sonamy somewhat. but this couple's ctuer ^_^ --Hikari! - Blah blah blah. 17:09, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

(In an extremely excited Fred Figglehorn voice) IT'S PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:DSelenia the cat is who I really am... my fate is sealed... 21:05, September 12, 2010 (UTC) I love Shadamy, but not really because its cute, but because Amy could really learn alot of Shadow and Shadow could learn from Amy, the two of them could really benifit from each other, if Amy was able to trigger such an emotion from Shadow when they barely even interacted then there is definatly something there, Shadamy is one of those pairings that are hidden well and SEGA could do much more with it if they tried. Amy also seems to be more mature around Shadow if anything, shes not on her usual fan girl hunt like with Sonic, with Shadow it seems there something more. VegasFox 22:44, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

I love it, It's better then Shadeam. It makes sense. Espically if you watch the Shadamy comic on Youtube. -Mirandafan21

  • (I don't mind this couple actually. Amy acts rather smart and mature around him than she does Sonic. I also like the whole "opposites attraction" thing a bit.)Yay! 02:22, August 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • I support it! I think they did have a bit of romance in Sonic Adventure 2 (i believe cuz i never played it)ShadAmy fan 23:17, August 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • Yes. Cute, and it makes perfect sense. Shadow shows feelings towards Amy, he seems to remind her of Sonic, and he doesn't reject her like Sonic does. ArcherGirl2 The Lord of the Rings 21:02, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • This is very intriguing and possible! It is also VERY well researched, meaning this pairing actually has a strong foundation. Panic the Wolf 23:16, November 8, 2011 (UTC)Panic the Wolf
  • They're like the Vegeta and Bulma of the Sonic series! Silver would be Trunks because they're both time travelers! In my opinion, it's perfect! My favorite canon couple! DBZ for the Win!!! 00:05, November 29, 2011 (UTC)
    Proud ShadAmy Fan
  • Aaaawww! It looks cute! I like this pairing.Bita 07:46, December 12, 2011 (UTC)Bita
  • ShadAmy is my most favorite couple. I just think it works. Amy's more mature around Shadow than around Sonic. I support SonAmy, SonAze, Silaze and ShadAria as well, but I support this couple the most. ♪Pianoteen♪
  • This is one of the few I think would work, if only because of Amy's similarity to Maria, and also her destructive nature. Because of the former I can see Shadow forming an emotional bond, and as for the latter, I think he'd just find that hot. Although I think Amy would end up with Sonic, eventually, but the union of Shadow and Amy would probably bring a child, and then, after 200 years, that child's descendant would save your life and be with you every night, and every night he would lay awake and dream of an absolution... Magicisgreat (talk) 22:20, March 27, 2013 (UTC)
  • ===i really love this paring is the most popular paring of sonic X for me BE COOL===
  • I like this couple since they're so different. I believe that Amy will be the one to brighten Shadow up and that being with Shadow will help Amy mature a little bit. After all, Amy was the one who convince Shadow in SA2 and believed in Shadow when some denies it. (Ironically, I shipped Shadouge before.) - Avatarrwbyfan1 17:35, November 13, 2017

  • I support SonAmy and ShadAmy, but SonAmy is way better. --Sonic the Hedgehog Expert (talk) 02:33, July 19, 2013 (UTC)
  • I support Shadamy one hundred percent! Although Shadouge is cute (and makes sense), I prefer Shadamy a bajillion times over!!! And Shadaria is just wrong, him being Mobian and her having ben Overlander. They had a BROTHER-SISTER relationship. Oh, and also, she's dead. But Shadamy is awesome! ~SonallyrlzKC/Kasey teh Wolf
  • I support Shadamy in Mobius Redrawn. And also maybe in the Sonic Boom universe. By the powers of moltiness, I command this particular drop of hot sauce to be really, really hot! (talk) 20:36, January 27, 2016 (UTC)
  • yes yes yes yes Pierzina (talk) 00:55, July 12, 2017 (UTC)


  • Ok Amy barely knows Shadow! They have only talked or came in contact like 3 or 2 times! And now you guys are saying this is a whole couple? -__-

Shahooter the Owl Although Shadow and Amy are married in Shahooter's thirty years later Main Storyline, I support ogue (I'm kinda with Flash's Fanficts.)

Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ (Eh, I'm for Sonamy over this. I had an idea in my fanfics for Shadow having a possible love interest, but I see him more of the loner type.)

I just don't see it...--Blessed are the cracked--For they let in the light! 20:43, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

--Project Overkill: "Soon, the Humans will be no more" 20:45, March 1, 2010 (UTC) (shadow + Amy = My fried brains)

That will never EVER happen one thing shadow doesnt care about being in a relationship besides Maria Robotnik. And amy doesnt have a thing for shadow so boo hoo. -Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog

Who even thought of Shadow and Amy?! Who would?! Sonic and Amy is better! I'd pick Shadouge over this!VANDALS, be ready!!!!! 23:20, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

No one thought of anything. People liked it because of the promise and etc. If you read the article, you wouldn't have to be asking that question. And apparently, fans do. *shrug* Pick what you want. It's called fandom for a reason.

Honestly, I just don't see an artificially made creature paired with anyone. He's just a wayward experiment; I really don't think he has the mindset of a normal person (i.e. Amy) since he is not natural. Meh - 050294 07:46, April 14, 2010 (UTC)

Flashfire Master of Flames 11:02, April 14, 2010 (UTC) (Heh, thanks KP, I knew I'd get through to someone. Look, I've read through the ENTIRE ARTICLE, and I have to say that while it's convincing, it still lacks certain elements to convince me. Now, remember, I'm no psychology expert, but I'm naturally inclined to see a psychologist's aim with something, and sometimes can reverse it and strike them with it. Yes, opposites attract, but also remember that people also head towards people with some similarities. With the similar arguments to what you put forward, I could get a group of psych students that I'm friends with at my school, and we could make one for Silver (who has tendencies that lead me to believe he has Asbergers Syndrome) and Amy, or even a relationship using any two characters over the entire franchise, from SATam, NAOSTH, Archie, Sonic X, anything. SonAmy is more likely to be stable than ShadAmy, purely because Sonic and Amy have more similarities to each other in alignment, interests and to the most part intelligence to ShadAmy, which seems to me to be an attraction between members of the same species.)

Grim 690 11:30, April 14, 2010 (UTC) I have to admit the detail of the character and the relationship is great but it lack emotion and people can find it hard to relate to it also coloberate on flashes stament opisites atract ..... on rare ocations people are more prone to going towards to something in comon (some times even in gender) so they can relate too and have grounds to meet on in a relationship there will be minor opisites but not extream opisites but i have to admit you did realy well on detail and i say keep up on the detail {C}Loves watching stupidity unfold. 00:36, April 15, 2010 (UTC) 

Murphyshane Don't click here Why? AMY IS IN LOVE WITH SONIC FOR GOD AKE-sonicfire45

I can't see how that relationship would work in the first place. First off, Amy clearly loves Sonic and if you look hard enough there is actual evidence that Sonic may actually return the same feelings for Amy and he's only shy about it. Second, I don't see how a dark, violent character like Shadow and an optimistic, kind character like Amy could get into that deep of a relationship. I can see how the both of them could be mutral friends considering how Shadow's first friend Maria and Amy have simliar personalities. But anything beyond that, no. Sorry but, no. I just can't no matter how many ShadAmy stories I've read and let's face it the more Sonic shows hints of having an intrest in Amy in the canon games, the less believeable this couple is going to ever happen, since Amy is, slowly but surely, getting Sonic. Which is what she wants and I highly doubt she'll give up on all that hard work just for someone who is different. NightHedgehog14 01:55, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

I really don't see this. Amy for all I know may have secret feelings for Shadow and the other way around but they both seem to be in love with others to begen with. Amy no dud likes Sonic and Shadow may like are batgirl. I don't think they will in fact become a couple. Sage isn't going there and I don't see them telling each other even if they did like eachother. I'm not crazy! Just hyper. 02:16, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

Never!!!!!! i will Never support this because i strongly beleive in Shadia (and if nobody knows that it's Shadow and Maria Robotnik)Lets go blow up the Hoover Dam 02:40, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

- FindTheCompuerRoom (You'll be saying lolololololol everytime you use ShamWow!) When have they really - for real, not just implied - shown affection towards each other? Amy seems to show more enthusiasism when talking about Sonic rather than Shadow. Also, I really doubt Amy would want to hang around someone who carries a gun around with them a lot...

That is not true. Shadow pretty much rarely has guns. The only times he used them were in Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06, and even then, it was only a gameplay mechanic. If you wanna say Shadow uses guns, find several cutscenes from games and several scenes from the shows where he actually does.--BloodSonicOne 20:02, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

Nope. Sounds stupid. Probaly thought up by some dumb person. IceSeason101 23:39, July 25, 2011 (UTC)



  • Jeez, calm down bro. ArcherGirl2 The Lord of the Rings 20:26, October 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • This couple has been exagerated to much and thats why this page is so damn long. If Shadow and Amy even has a relationship, it will be a brother and sister like realationship. Like Shadow and Maria's relationship together. Not love. Besides, they only interact like 3 times.Chippii 16:50, February 19, 2012 (UTC)Chippii

Now seriously, for me, Shadamy is a crack couple, I mean look, Shadow interacted with Amy once or twice in the series, Amy doesn't show any romantic emotions to him, neither he does and Amy mistook Shadow for Sonic in Sonic X SA2. I prefer Sonamy more than Shadamy. I even get to see Shadamy fans in almost every websites. Gosh, that's just too much :\

This Pairing is utterly awful. First off, you should know by now that Shadow loves Maria, not Amy. Amy is nothing like Maria. Amy's a whiny b**** that most likely annoy the hell out of Shadow. Also, Amy loves Shadow, and since she does, Shadow is Sonic's RIVAL, wouldn't she have no interest in Shadow?! Also, they've only met each other a few times, like twice?! f*** this pairing, Shadamy all the way. 

ShadAmy is confusing.I don't care about any other couples I support. I'm not that type of person. I don't hate Silvaze because of Sonally.I don't hate Knuxouge because of Shadamy(Well,I don't hate Knuxouge at all) So don't give me crap saying "It's because of SonAmy and ,isn't it?"Again,I'm not that type of person.I think Amy needs to be around Shadow more.Not to mention,Amy is in love.But this isn't one of the worst couples.I just don't see it but I respect ShadAmy fans so if I question,it's not because I hate you for it,it's because I'm curious.I usually am~cyclonestar

Ya know, Shadow just doesn't seem like Amy's type... Amy is obsessed over Sonic, period. Even if shadow had a little bit of feelings for her, she'd obviously go for Sonic. And do you see the way that Sonic looks at Amy sometimes? William2001 (talk) 18:06, November 16, 2013 (UTC)william2001

Um, Shadow is chronologically 50... ~Can't keep my eyes from the circling sky Tongue tied and twisted just an earthbound misfit, I~ 19:55, December 30, 2017 (UTC)


--Famotill 19:46, April 14, 2010 (UTC)Famotill (Really great article with intresting points.I somewhat support this, but because there isn't a neutral section, I guess I'll just put it here. I really view Amy and Shadow as more of a family love, because Amy may respark Shadow's memories of Maria, leading me to believe that he sees her as more of a sister, instead of an actually love intrest. I can see the point in why people like the couple, and I myself don't think it is all that bad of one, and is one of the most logical, though I couldn't picture Shadow with Amy, because of her love for Sonic, and because the possible love intrest hasn't been revisted by SEGA at all really.)

  • I'm gonna have to agree with BrutaLity with the comment of how Amy may remind Shadow of Maria. But other than that i have to say that i both agree and disagree with the couple. I agree as i could actually see amy and shadow together (gemini and cancer stuff). I disagree as Amy is madly in love with sonic and i don't actually see amy and shadow having kids (doubt shadow felt that way about maria!) ---- RandomFlab 2

Wow. 40% of this page is opinions. Incredible. Anyways, as I was going to say...

  • I don't love ShadAmy, but I dont hate ShadAmy. One of my sister supports this. Aly Parris 05:09, August 10, 2011 (UTC)User:Aly Parris
  • It's okay, but I don't see it actually happening....GurahkWeavile 00:10, March 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Per Aly Parris (minus the sister thing...). I really do like however with the ShadAmy--Silver thingy I recently found... :| HI DERR!!! TALK TO MOI!!! 21:55, August 27, 2013 (UTC)
  • I'm a huge Shadamy but I do think that the pairing is cute and I can see it. The only problem I have with it is a lot of Shadamy fans also seems to like Knuxouge which I despise. I'm not necessarily saying that all Shadamy fans like Knuxouge, but a lot of them do. I just love ShadAmy  much to support it. Hanabi-chan (talk) 22:48, July 11, 2014 (UTC)
  • "It's not bad, but the only way this could work is if you through in the Silver Equation. That Shadow (Strong) + Amy (Big Heart) = Silver (Large Willed Time Traveler). I mean there's also the Dragonball Z Equation that most people bring up as well; Shadow/Vegeta (Anti-Heroes that everyone loves) + Amy/Bulma (Females we've known forever)  = Silver/Trunks (Time Travelers that had to meet Main Characters Sonic/Goku). And we could also throw in the Lancelot and Galahad situaton. My point is, this shipping could work, but there's a lot of debating that takes place." -BananaRama100
Maria the hedghog by scarletkat0 kindlephoto-212682340

Shadamy pregnancy love by tropicalcandy-d7u5z6h

That Shadamy's baby

Amy Rose have shadow 's baby

This was among the very first pairings I shipped, though I'm not really into this ship anymore, as I ship Silvamy and Shadaze now. But, as with most mainstream ships, I'm not really against it. I could see Amy bringing out the good in Shadow. - Star