Shadeo is a fanpairing between Shadow the Hedgehog and Leo The Hedgepine


Shadow and Leo meet first in Parallel Sonic 06 at a bar. It immediately follows into Twisted Chaos, when three men come in and attack Leo. Shadow and Leo easily defeat them and the two part.

Later, Shadow is at a nightclub when he hears struggling upstairs. He goes up to find Leo dumping a body. He confronts her, and she accuses him of stalking her. The two fight, with Shadow just barely defeating Leo by using Chaos Control.

She explains that she had been following the guy she had just killed in order to find out why he and his partner, who looked extremely similar to Shadow, thus why Leo had thought he was stalking her. The two team up in order for Shadow to find his impersonator and for Leo's revenge.

In Seven Rings In Hand, Leo admits to liking Shadow to Asha.

Fanfics For

Twisted Chaos

Parallel Sonic 06

Seven Rings In Hand

Fanfics Against

Anything with Shadouge, ShadAmy etc.


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