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Shadikal is a fanatic belief of a relationship, friendship or pairing between Shadow the Hedgehog and Tikal the Echidna.
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Shadow X Tikal


Shadikal is the a name that describes the relationship between Shadow the Hedgehog and Tikal the Echidna. Despite them never meeting in the cannon series, many fans pair up Shadow and Tikal. The reason why: Shadow is an immortal hedgehog and Tikal is an immortal echidna. Both characters originate from "the past" (His: The Ark 50 years before the events of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchis, ect) (Hers:Originated from events prior to Sonic Advenure and Sonic X and possible desendant of an evil tribe), Tikal bears a striking resemblance to Maria Robotnik(personality wise) and Shadow is a hedgehog that needs a kind, compassionate and caring person to see past his harsh exterior and love him for who he is; a faithful and loyal hedgehog.

The difference between them is Shadow had someone he deeply cared about; Maria Robotnik. And it was her pacifism and desire for peace that influences Shadow to share the same mentality.Therefore many fans believe that the contrast between the two characters (the pacifist and the violent hedgehog struggling to turn good) is the perfect start for a romantic relationship between the two.

Fanfics For

  • Add if you belief

Fanfics Against

  • NAOSTH: Only because Shadow is absent.


Taggev- I love this!

ChaoCream- I like it. Not sure why. If Tikal was actually around and a constant character of the series then I think she'd be an interesting match for Shadow. Similar to Maria mainly.

Rosy rascal - I love love love love love this and what ever those haters say I still LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

sonic fanny- I don't know but I like this

Shadikal - hey people if you're a Shadikal fan and you love reading fan ficts than go to wait for it wait for it fan fiction .net then you search for Auto knights and I promise that story will blow your mind but if your 10 and below your not allowed to read it

Fangirlygirly-umm good enough not enough description and Shadikal that story did blow my mind I love it thanks for the information

Shadikal-yo welcome told you that story would blow your mind lol

Prezzie: Huh, sort of makes sense to me, in a weird way.

Eric the HedgehogEtHTime to kick some Ro-Butt-nik butt! Don't ask me why I support this; I just do.



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