: Even if you believe everyone in the world will be against you, know that I will always remain by your side. Remember that.

Shadow: I will.

~ Shadow and Rouge

Shadouge is the romantic relationship between Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. This pairing is favored by some fans over Knuxouge, though other fans say that Shadow and Rouge don't seem to have a romantic interest in each other, but rather a brother-sister relationship. Others simply say that they don't have a brother-sister relationship or a close-friend respect, but a close ally relationship. Their interactions are interpreted differently by fans.

Canon proof and interactions

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Sonic Adventure 2

  • When the Dark side (Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge) reach Prison Island, Shadow kind of smiles at Rouge.

  • When Rouge is trapped inside a security hall area, she calls Shadow, and even admits to her failure, something very odd for her to do. Shadow then has a flash backs of Maria, his mind racing from maria's face and to Rouge. In turn perhaps Rouge reminds Shadow of Maria, but something made him save her, because he could had just taken the Emeralds without her.

  • Shadow saves Rouge from her death, along with the Emeralds.

  • Dr. Eggman in a unpleased tone says to them both "Where in the world have you been". In response, Rouge turns to Shadow saying, "Something happened", Shadow then covers for her saying, "Our threats fell on deaf ears". Notice he said "Our" when he was in no real danger.

  • Rouge shows Shadow the issue of project Shadow and she ends up saying "Even your memories might not be real you know". The way she says it, she has a bit of sympathy in her voice.

  • Rouge is also the first person to ask where Shadow was after the A.R.K. battle.

  • Sonic gives Rouge Shadow's bracelet, which really does symbolize she was the closest.

  • Rouge shows the most emotion after shadow's death, and she did think about him when she asks sonic "do you really think.. shadow was created.." well you should know the rest of the quote if you played the game.

  • Rouge looks at the bracelet when she says "i have something better then jewels that i'm thinking about right now".

Sonic Heroes

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  • Shadow quickly pushes Rouge out of danger while Omega goes on a wil
  • d rampage, and tells her to "stay here" meaning he wanted her safe

  • Rouge forms a team with Shadow and Omega, and they all agree to it.

  • When In game and you stand still (as Shadow) and look at Rouge (using the C stick for game cube)[otherwise some controller that controls camera for ps2 or x box] she winks at you.

  • Shadow (in game while standing still) says "no need to rush" while smoothing back his quills. Something unusual of his character. Could it be because Rouge is there?

  • When Shadow stares down at an android (or clone) Rouge tries to comfort him a little when she says "Shadow..." in a sad caring voice.

  • (In game in Green Forest while standing still) Rouge will say, "I wonder if Shadow is all right?" with that, its proven she cares about his feelings.

  • When Rouge finds all of Shadow's clones she tells Omega "Did I ever tell you that Shadow is a robot and...oh never mind, Good luck" showing she's disappointed if the shadow they found was indeed a robot (shown in her expression as well).Omega then responds saying "you know about cloning, the original must exist somewhere", with that, Rouge perks up and a smile stretches across her face, thinking that maybe he isn't a copy after all.

  • Soon after, Rouge and Shadow talk to each other. "Some things never change, do they?" Shadow seems interested in her at that point, sort of teasing her if you think about it.

  • In the theme songs for the teams, the songs are sang at the speed character's point of view. In the team dark team song, Shadow mainly sings about Rouge. "You could had left me here, sealed inside the pod, no one would ever know," Plus he even calls her "a jewel in history" in the song.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Rouge like other characters encourages Shadow through levels, but unlike the others, she says "that's why we call you the ultimate life form". Knowing Shadow, the fact he's the Ultimate Life Form, is very important to him.

  • In the level where Rouge guards a chaos emerald at GUN's computers, If you complete the dark mission, and then quit and restart story mode, wait and listen to shadow's summary. In the summary shadow says "Rouge was there to guard it. I didn't want to take it from her, but i didn't have a choice". With saying this, Shadow was hesitant to take it from her, this is the ONLY time Shadow reveals feelings about his actions with the other sonic characters.

  • When Shadow chases after Black Doom, leaving the others, Rouge calls out Shadow's name, sounding more like a "Shadow wait" type call.

  • In the level "The Last Way" Rouge says "your strong enough,I know you are," which shows Rouge has faith in Shadow.

  • Rouge is the only one to be worried about Shadow's condition after the Super shadow saves them all, saying "I hope he's ok."

Sonic Battle

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  • When Shadow is inside Eggman's base Shadow says to Rouge, "You... Rouge. What are you doing here?" Shadow is interested in why Rouge is there. Rouge provides him with valuable information about the giziod and some of Shadow's past in this scene
  • Rouge and Shadow get detected by a guard robot. Rouge giggles, and shadow asks her "what's so funny?" and she says to Shadow "It's been a while since we fought together like this!"

  • The guard robot hits Shadow twice, and Rouge kicks the robot away telling it to Shut up already. She comes to Shadow saying "Oh, well. I'll take you to "Club Rouge"... Hey, Shadow! Can't you even walk on your own?" In this quote, Rouge actually offers to take him to her home, and tries to determine his condition.

  • The biggest of all hints Rouge actually carries Shadow, she has her complaints, but then read what she says.

    "Haaa... We're here! I can't believe that he'd fall down right in front of the store! Having me carry anything that's heavier than Jewelry! The nerve! I'll never do this gain! Not even for all the jewels in the... Well..." Can you imagine she's actually considering she might do it for all the jewels in the world? That she would stop her sentence and focus on Shadow instead of jewels? "You're still alive, right? Shadow..." She starts to even get concerned about him.

  • Rouge even compliments how he looks unconsciously "He's not bad looking.."

  • When Rouge is home with Emerl, she calls "Shadow I'm home" then she says "Still asleep..." She seems anxious for him to wake up.

  • Amy asks Rouge what Shadow is doing at Club rouge, why he was there. Rouge says its a long story and that Amy wouldn't understand.

  • While Shadow is asleep, he has flash backs, one even about Rouge when they became a team in Sonic Heroes. He mutters the words "Ally..." and continues the flashback, muttering "Rouge..."

  • When Shadow wakes up, Rouge says "Yes! Good morning, Shadow! Has the prince finally awakened?" she calls him a prince lol

  • When Shadow doesn't thank her yet, Rouge gets upset and starts talking about how all men are alike. Shadow then turns to her and thanks her, not only that but states why he thanks her. "Thanks, Rouge... Thanks for saving me. I cannot allow myself to die just yet."

  • Shadow, still at Club Rouge, Calls Rouge an Ally, "Heh... Ally." Rouge then says "Wh-what? You got a problem with it?" meaning that she is an ally, and was feeling a bit uneasy. Shadow then answers saying "No... I don't."

  • Rouge says Shadow's strong built, and doesn't want him fighting since he didn't recover completely yet. Shadow tells her "I didn't push myself much..." even though he still trembles with pain. Surprisingly, Shadow listens to her and goes with her.

Sonic X (uncanon) [link]

  • When Shadow and Rouge first met, the fireworks were obvious. When she entered the room, Shadow stared at her with awe, and when she turned and smiled back at him, he quickly turned away from her gaze. Immediately he was reminded of his good friend Maria, something in Rouge sparked this memory of Maria in Shadow's mind. They both left expressions of interest in each other the day they met.

  • When Rouge was trapped inside the Prison Island safe, she contacts Shadow, hoping he'd rescue her, however, he doesn't give much care towards her safety. Rouge then says to herself "I was looking forward for you rescuing me". Shadow does save her and Chris later in this episode.

  • Rouge shows interest in Shadow in the space colony, however Shadow tries to ignore her.

  • Rouge finds Shadow's body in a state similar to suspended animation in Eggman's space ship. She shows a lot of interest to finding him there, alive.

  • Shadow agrees to help Rouge to safety, but ignores Chris whom was with them at the time, also asking Shadow for help. Shadow grabs Rouge's shoulder and pulls her close to him, telling her "I'm keeping my eye on you." He teleports her and himself to safety. Once they are safe, it is shown that Rouge looks like she is clinging to Shadow almost.
  • However, few people have seen this scene, if it was.

  • Shadow grows annoyed when Rouge uses her flirtatious manner to get things from Eggman, and later on snaps at her for it. This could be a hint of jealousy
  • But who knows. (ep. 68)

  • Rouge flirts with Shadow to hear what he suspects of a previous ambush.
    Rouge: Any suspects?
    Shadow: ..I Have my suspicions..
    Rouge: *lowers eye lids* Feel like Shaaaare'n?
    Shadow: .......*pauses for a bit then talks about how Molly shouldn't be alone without them, and runs ahead* (ep. 68)

  • When Rouge reaches for a Chaos Emerald, Shadow quickly grabs it before she can snatch it. He then again says "I'm keeping my eye on you" Rouge responds with "oh come on shadow, we're on the
    Images (40
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    same team, aren't we shadow?" he then responds with "Suuure we are.." (ep. 68)

  • Shadow saves Rouge and Molly from a bomb's explosion (ep. 68)

  • Shadow and Rouge are on a hill, talking after Molly's death. Rouge asks if Shadow's ok, concerned. L
  • ater in the conversation, Shadow gives Rouge the chaos emerald she had wanted so badly, he tells her "Give that to Eggman will ya." This scene represents when Shadow finally trusts Rouge. (ep. 68)

  • Shadow and Rouge go off together, without Eggman. Later they go to a bar, which leads to a parking lot scene where they have a conversation. Shadow asks rouge what forces her to accompany him, since he could always find other ways of transportation. She tells him "but there's nothing [transportation]" and tells him to get in the ship/plane [she has a vehicle that can fly, not sure what to call it].

  • Both Shadow and Rouge come upon a man being absorbed by a tree, dying. Rouge says "Shadow.." Standing close to him. They both seem shocked almost but also close in a way.

  • Rouge works with Shadow to kill cosmo, but when she runs up to Knuckles, she says "Me and Shadow can communicate, Are ya jealous?"

  • Amy asks Rouge why she worked along with Shadow, and she can't get an answer out of Rouge. Rouge seemed to be deep in the thought, and then tried to change the subject.

  • When Shadow disappears, Rouge mutter's Shadow's name in a sad tone.

  • Later when Rouge is back on her home planet, with the others. She stays alone in the dark room, where She found Shadow on Eggman's ship. She stares down at it, with a terribly worried fac
  • e. Eggman says "I don't believe it!... You're worried about Shadow aren't you!" Rouge
  • then looks away and denies it, however she not only doesn't give him eye contact, but she closes her eyes as
  • she looks away from him. Rouge also asks Eggman "Where is Shadow anyway?" And Eggman doesn't seem to have an answer for her. Rouge ponders that Eggman knows something about Shadow's location, and seems determined to find out what.

Sonic 2006

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  • When Rouge and Shadow meet up in Eggman's base, she says "Shadow! Why... You?!" Very Suprised. It's as if she was hoping for him to save her like a hero would for a damsel in distress.

  • Shadow helps Rouge escape from Dr. Eggman's base.

  • Rouge walks with Shadow in the snow, and tries to get his attention with the ceptar of darkness "Don't you wanna know what this is?" She asks, however Shadow refuses coldly. Rouge quickly thinks of a come back to cover her dissapointment "Fine.. With you it's always buisness".

  • Rouge asks Shadow to escort her to the the old castle of soleonna. She seems rather anxious to have Shadow acompany her. He does agree to escort her there.

  • Shadow and Rouge, once surrounded by robots, it looks a little like Shadow is defending her.

  • Rouge gets punched in the head by Eggman, and the ceptar of darkness flies out of her hands, as she falls from the sky. Both fall towards the ground. Shadow quickly gets off his feet, and Slides to catch Rouge in his arms, letting the ceptar of darkness fall, but saving Rouge from a terrible blow in the head, that could have killed her.

  • When a mysterious dark force comes from the broken ceptar, Rouge yells out Shadow's name, to warn him.

  • When Mephiles generates an energy ball in his hand, Shadow quickly jumps away and protects Rouge.

  • When Shadow and Rouge appear in the future they're rather close. They both nod to each other in agreement to find out where they exactly are.

  • Once in the computer room, Eggman's base, Shadow seems to be Very close to Rouge. (distance)

  • Several times you can catch Shadow staring down at Rouge's boobs.

  • Once they hear a loud thump, Shadow and Rouge realize how close they are to each other and take one step away.

  • In One scene, we see Shadow and Rouge walking together, Shadow for a short period of time, looks at Rouge, and then looks away.

  1. Rouge admires a Chaos Emerald in her hands, one of her last compliments for it was "Your mysterious brilliance..." Right after she says this, the camera immediatly shows Shadow, with the caption still there. Shadow is not only known for being the ultimate life form, but he is known for his mysterious nature... and for his quick intelligence.

  • Rouge gets a lot closer to Shadow after saying "mysterious brilliance."

  • When Rouge provokes Knuckles, and Knuckles gets in her face about it, Shadow watches Knuckle's EVERY move, giving him quite the death glare.

  • When Rouge lights all the lights in the darkness of a lava like level (in game play) Shadow, in a very suprised tone, says "Rouge!.. Thanks... ..You saved me..." The emotion used in his voice shows great awe, thankfulness, and that he's a bit suprised.

  • When Rouge is about to grab a Chaos Emerald floating in the air, Shadow quickly warns her not to touch it "Don't touch it!" and she quickly flys back down to the ground after a big burst of magma that almost blasted on her face. Shadow quickly looks to see if she's ok, and then jumps in front of her to protect her.

  • Rouge never turns her back on Shadow when she enters the time warp. She also takes a long time to do it, she and Shadow take a long time, staring into each other's eyes. Rouge looks like she's worried something bad is going to happen.

  • When Rouge returns to the present, she franticly runs back and forth, looking for Shadow. To her dissapointment, he's not there. She finds a chaos emerald and picks it up, and seems so concerned about him. "Shadow... And he doesn't have a Chaos Emerald anymore...."

  • Rouge gives Omega the Chaos Emerald to help Shadow out in his battle with Mephiles in the future.

  • Shadow and Omega meet up with Rouge in the wharehouse. She seems very interested in why the doctors robots are looking for Shadow. When Shadow is about to leave them, she motions her hand out for him to wait "Hey hold on a sec" she says. Shadow assures her that he can handle getting information from the doctor, alone, and tells her to keep track of Mephiles. Once he leaves, Rouge says "Hmph.. he finally shows up again, and then he leaves before even saying hello..." She seems a little upset. She was worried about him earlier, could she have feelings for him? She then practically nudges Omega saying "Well! it seems his little trip hasn't changed him!" She has a big smile of admiration.

  • After Shadow answers Rouge's question about what he discovered, they stare at eachother for a very long time. Then, Rouge again reaches out to Shadow to wait, to not walk away when he does. She then follows him.

  • Rouge shows so much sympathy for Shadow, saying "It's so unfair!" for him. And how "Shadow's always here to defend the world! Despite that..." She shows great emotion in this scene of the game. It is after Omega reveals that he is the one that defeats and seals Shadow in the future.

  • Rouge tells Shadow "Shadow... Even if the entire world turns against you... Remember that i will Always be by your side... Remember that..." If you watch her eyes in this scene, the emotion is so STRONG. This promise, she entends to keep. She turns away from him when she says "Remember that..." with her head down. She shows more emotion in this scene then any other scene in her entire existence.

  • Shadow accepts what she says, and promises her that he will remember. He responds to her by turning around slowly, and looking at her. He then nods slowly , saying "I will.."

  • Shadow looks down at Rouge, and she looks at him back, but then turns away. When a girl likes a guy, it is common for the girl to not be able to look at that guy for long, because they grow embarrassed or shy.

  • They both nod at each other again, but this time with positive mind. When Shadow runs off to go on their mission, Rouge watches him smiling, and follows.

  • In the last scene of Shadow's story, She gets close to him and looks as if she's making a " or " Face at him.

Sonic Rivals

  • Rouge contacts Shadow about meeting up later, and about a secret.

  • Rouge contacts Shadow about some juicy information, but the transmission is cut. Shadow hears her scream at the end of the transmission. "Rouge! What happened?!" he says. He seems concerned.

  • Shadow asks Eggman if he knows where Rouge is. This is something odd for a cold guy like Shadow to ask. Could he be worried about Rouge? It sure sounds like it!

  • Shadow says "Doctor!" Doctor! I think it's time you explained yourself! And do you know where Rouge is?". The doctor responds with ""Ho ho ho" Ho ho ho ho! Were you looking for this?". Shadow replys with ""Hmph!" Hmph. I have no time for card games!". Shockingly, the doctor then says ""Heh heh!" Ah, but what if your "friend" were trapped inside this card, eh? Is this still a game to you?". Shadow suprised then says "W-What!?". The doctor responds with "Hee hee hee hee" This little troublemaker has learned too much for her own good, so I've trapped her in this card.". Shadow then says ""Hmph" I'll figure out what's going on later... Now, hand over that card!". Notice how he puts aside the truth he wants to discover (Note. Shadow's a truth seeker) and focuses everything on getting that card (Rouge) back!

  • Eggman Nega then says ""Hohoho!" Ho ho ho! Do you really want it that badly? Then why don't you test your mettle against my own Metal Sonic, here? "Heehee" Why don't you show me just how unlike Sonic you really are, then? Hoh ho ho!" Shadow wants that card badly. ""Hmph!" Hmph! There's no way I'm losing to some android fake. I accept your challenge!" Shadow accepts the challenge.

  • Shadow takes some time thinking about Rouge, and how she got turned into a card.

  • Eggman Nega then threatens to Shadow "Once I set Rouge's card into the rocket, it's all over!". Shadow then responds quickly "Not so fast Eggman NEGA! That card's mine!". Right here is a big hint that he cares about Rouge, and he's about to fight Nega to get that card (rouge) back. Also note that he said that the card was HIS, and since the Card has Rouge trapped in it, he's essentially calling Rouge HIS.

  • Once Rouge is saved by Shadow she says "Thanks for saving me, Shadow! That was a little too close for comfort! What were you thinking!?". He responds with "Hmph... There's no way I'd lose to someone like him who blames their own failures on the past." Which we know is only half true because Shadow told Eggman Nega before the fight "Not so fast Eggman NEGA! That card's mine!" So he fought to save HER, not for his pride.

  • Rouge calls Shadow "My Shadow", and mentions about looking into a future between Shadow and her. "That's my Shadow! Hey, why not take a peek into our own future?"

  • Shadow declines lightly, to look into their own future, by saying "I'll pass". However, Rouge never gives up on it. She persists.

  • While persisting, Rouge says "Oh come on, Shadow. At the very least, we'd be able to do some treasure hunting together. We can start with the other cards Eggman had!" Notice she said "At the very least" which means she had bigger ideas. Also, this seems a lot like an invatation to a date!

  • Shadow Replys to that with "Do what you like..." which really isn't saying No. It seems like he had troubling saying no to Rouge. Perhaps he wouldn't mind spending some time with her. It is known in japanese animes and video cames, that the women are always the ones to try and get the guy's attention, while the hot-bad-ass guys play hard to get.

  • Rouge never does give up "Come on, Shadow! Hey, wait a minute! Come on, Shadow!" she says, as she follows him. This is where Shadow's story ends. We can all guess to what happens next. Rouge always gets what she wants.

Sonic Generations

  • When Sonic is about to battle the Time Eater, Shadow and Rouge stand next to each other when Shadow says "You got this Sssonic", while standing next to each other.
  • In the last cutscene, Shadow and Rouge share a conversation before Classic Sonic leaves

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  • NAOSTH - Only because Shadow is absent.


MadkatTheCatBat- Ever since Sonic Adventure 2, I've supported the two. I heard that there was a deleted scene in Sonic X where Rouge kissed Shadow, but I have no idea how true that is or not. Either way, my fave Sonic couple.

Yeah. Makes sense to me. TeamSonicPrez 15:25, May 17, 2012 (UTC)

Dusk the Hedgebat- My favorite couple I have even made KIDS for this. Of course I have made some for the other couples to so that isn't saying much. But... SHADOUGE FOR THE WIN!!!

This is my second favorite couple, just right under Tails/Cream. I think these teammates just look hot together. I've even read lemon fanfictions about these two, such as Come Back and A Friendly Mistake. True, Shads is a loner, but he said once that he saw Maria in her. Two Darksiders of Team Dark... I'M JOINING THE SHADOUGE CLUB!!! - Centurion of Books

I like Shadouge. Although Shadow seems like a loner, he shall be with the bat girl! >:)  80% of my logic is puppies. (talk) 16:59, January 12, 2013 (UTC) they hit the spot with this one. :ˆ∂

Timon64 - Rouge is more sincere when she's around Shadow rather than Knuckles and for a girl who likes to mess with boys' minds with her flirting for kicks, that means something! Rouge actually has meaningful conversations with Shadow and we have all the time they spend together as Team Dark to thank. She's not constantly fighting and bickering with him unlike she does with Knuckles. Shadouge for the win! 

DING DING DING! Rouge is less selfish around Shadow! Which is better? ShadIrma or Shadouge? AHHH! I CANNOT DECIDE!~Cyclonestar

Shadouge. Definitely. - Centurion of Books

This is my OTP and I've supported it since I was 9 (I'm 21 at the time of writing this). I support it for all of the reasons given in the overview. Hanabi-chan (talk) 02:11, December 24, 2013 (UTC)

Marshall+Skye4502_ Ever since I first saw sonic adventure 2 as a little kid, shadouge has been my favorite sonic shipping. Marshall+skye4502 (talk) 00:24, July 6, 2015 (UTC)

"I always considered this ship to be similar to Michael West and Fiona Glenanne's relationship from Burn Notice. But still I enjoy it and it's great for fanfiction." - BananaRama100

TransformersTrademark - "I supported Shadouge because i love shadow be with rouge.. shadow is way stronger than ever i ship shadouge and knuxade but sorry knuckles with shade the echidna because they echidna's just like sonic and amy are Hedgehog's and i don't care what sega says if knuxouge are canon because i supported shadouge forever 4life... I love Shadow and Rouge..

TransformersTrademark- I ship Shadouge Forever because I love Shadow to be With Rouge as a Girlfriend and Boyfriend together forever if they have romantic i supported shadow x rouge forever Shadow Girlfriend Confirmed...


Lightning the Hedgehog You know, I think they could go together, just like how Knuxouge sorta works out for me, but really, so far no guy fits Rouge the Bat yet. Shadow the Hedgehog's body is robotic and Rouge's is natural. I donno. It sort of does and sort of doesn't fit. The reason I do think it fits is because they both are on "Team Dark" or "Dark Side," or whatever you wanna call and have gotten along with each other quite well. I really donno. That's why I think I'm neutral.

BrutaLity: To be honest, this isn't a convincing essay. All of your interpretations were different for me or just way too fanon, as well as people who neutrally play the video game. I believe in Shadouge differently, but this didn't give them the justice that could be given.

VictorTheHH I'm sure Rouge has a crush on Shadow. She likes him. BUT I've seen MORE hints that she likes Knuckles

by: caitlin forster P.S. if u want profe go to thanks

I believe that Rouge is neutral between Knuckles and Shadow. She might like one more then the other, but I can't really tell.50pxIt's-a-me! PJ! Slide over to my talk! Or comment on my blogs!50px

Alright, honestly I'm more of a Knouge fan, but in SonicX I'm a Shadouge, eh, I'm both EAT RAINBOWS KIDS!!!

You know,if Maria actually comes back(in the Sonic Universe)then this would all be false and everyone will have a couple (with the exception of team Chaotix),however,I like the relationship more than all of these in the wiki 03:03, October 16, 2012 (UTC)Mimzzy101

They're certainly very close friends, and very loyal to each other, but Rouge is looser than, than, er... a really lose thing. Anyway, I don't think they'd ever really get together, but if SEGA or Archie did it officially, I wouldn't complain. Magicisgreat (talk) 21:55, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

Meh, I kinda like it, but i think that Knuxouge makes more sense. Even if it they do go together, like Magicisgreat said, I wouldn't be that mad or happy. Just... Neutral. William2001 (talk) 12:54, November 25, 2013 (UTC)William2001

I really don't know about this one? Rouge seems to like Knuckles more. That is just my point of view. I could see Knuxouge happening over Shadouge. After Knuxouge has been hinted. Just like Sonamy in the games. --YoshiWii1 (talk) 02:49, December 3, 2013 (UTC)


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Rouge is never gonna have a boyfriend, she is always gonna stay flirty. Besides, Shadow needs someone more... Unsociable, shall we say... Someone more his type... --♥ User:Blaze SolUser_talk: Blaze Sol ♥ EMPERESS OF ICE AND SNOW! ♥ 02:30, December 9, 2013 (UTC)

  • Shadow and Rouge? No way. The only reasons at the top that were given was "Oh look they're standing next to each other, they must be in love" please, I think Knuckles and Rouge is much better Keyblade16 (talk) 15:42, February 24, 2014 (UTC)
  • Honestly, this pairing doesn't make much sense to me. They seem more like friends to me. Not a couple. Julia-Xe Dax Finitevus the Echidna (talk)

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