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Boss Robots

  • Egg Dragoon 2

Shadow Unleashed

Chapter 1

Werehog Unleashed:

Shadow Goes To Eggmans new base to stop his new Evil plan

So shadow gets attacked by eggmans new Robots the doctor

Has lost his touch Said Shadow Destory that pitiful Hedgehog

Said Eggman then shadow destorys all of the robots On the Deck

then eggman goes to attack Shadow you can't Stop me shadow Said

Eggman that's what you think Said Shadow Then shadow uses chaos

control to go super you were saying doctor Said Shadow ah

time to go yelled eggman as eggman left shadow gave chase

to eggman to his flagship i got you cornered doctor please

don't hurt me shadow i will be good from now on Said Eggman I'll pass on

The Obvious pun see you next scheme Said Shadow after that eggman presses

a button And its not now Said Eggman What The Said Shadow you fell for my

Elaborate Trap Said Eggman The Power of the chaos Emeralds....your Power. now mine Yelled Eggman as shadow tries to get up To Attack Eggman

he starts to change first his hands grow so much that his gloves get ripped

he grows Fangs And Has Hair everywere Graaaaaaah Said Shadow get out of here

you freak as shadow falls to earth why did eggman call me a freak? Said Shadow

And Falls

Chapter 2

Old Friends meet New Friends:

As Shadow falls he lands face first in Spagonia next to professer Pickles Lab

so Shadow trying to get his head out of the ground ah what happend Said Shadow

Professor there is a hedgehog out here Said Chip what a hedgehog outside Said Pickle

Where am i Said shadow your in spagonia Said Chip ok whats your name my name is light gaia

but everyone calls me Chip whats your name Said Chip im Shadow Shadow The Hedgehog Said Shadow

you remind me of someone i knew he was blue and fast Said Chip Sonic? Said Shadow yeah that was

it but a guy named Dr Eggman Turned him into a monster and you look a lot like him Shadow

Said Chip then Dr Eggman Attacks in his Egg Dragoon 2 Eggman Yelled Shadow so your alive you

pitiful hedgehog i guess I'll have to take care of you the old fashioned way Said Eggman

Lets do Eggman As Shadow Charges at Eggman

Chapter 3

Dramatic Duel:

As the fight with The Egg Dragoon 2 continues You little You little Yelled Eggman

You can shut up now eggman Said Shadow and the sun starts to come up what Said Shadow

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yelled Shadow Sweet i can run again time

to take that machine out permanently Chaos Control Yelled Shadow And Shadow beats The Egg Dragoon 2

to a pulp what how was shadow able to take my new egg dragoon out whats that Said Eggman

Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Screams Dark Gaia yes dark gaia take out that pitiful Excuse for a hedgehog Said Eggman And Dark Gaia slaps Eggman Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yelled Eggman

Huh That monster is a Giant Said Shadow i have The Chaos Emeralds Chaos Control Yelled Shadow Lets Do it

Chapter 4

The Final Battle:

Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Screams Dark Gaia i have to take out Dark Gaia

Hey Whats That Said Shadow Don't worry Shadow i got the first wave of attacks Said Chip Rah Yelled Dark Gaia

Chaos Spear Yelled Shadow as he attacks Dark Gaia you will be removed from this planet Dark Gaia rahhhhhhhhhh

hhhhhhh Screams Dark Gaia Lets do it Chaos Blast Yelled Shadow And shadow Destroyed Dark Gaia we did it Said Shadow

yeah Said Chip I'm taking off my inhibitor rings. hopefully that will give me enough power to destroy Dark Gaia's Presence

Said Shadow Good luck Shadow Thanks chip Chaos Control And Shadow is covered In fire rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh screams Dark Gaia

Chapter 5

Dark Gaia's Defeat:

Yeah The world is not covered in darkness woohoo said The Villagers you did it Shadow Said Chip

yes i did Chip i saved the world from eggman's Terror time for the next adventure .................

The End

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