This story is rated PG for blood and violence. 

Shadow Unleashed: Secrets of the Moon is the sequel to Sonic Unleashed. Shadow and Sonic the Hedgehogs have been turned into Werehogs by the evil Dark Gaia, who has once again returned to break the world apart and consume it into complete darkness. With the help of Chip the Light Gaia, and a mysterious blue wolf named Luna, Shadow and Sonic embark on a journey to search for the Moon Gaia, who is the only one capable of defeating Dark Gaia and saving the world from destruction. And along the way, Luna teaches Shadow that there is more to life than just being the "Ultimate Lifeform".


This story is told by Shadow, Sonic, and Luna themselves sharing their sides of the story to form one big adventure!



To me, life is a race. Once you start, you always have to avoid obstacles from beginning to end. You never know where the race will take you, where the finish line is, or whether or not you'll win. And along the way, you start many other races of your own. A friend of mine started one for himself not very long ago. But at the time, he was more of a rival than a friend. Yep, that's right. Shadow. You guys pretty much know him. He's a Mobian Hedgehog like me.

A stubborn, self-absorbed Hedgehog, that is.

Shadow always has to refer to himself as the "Ultimate Lifeform" since he's immortal and all-powerful and whatnot. Blecch! An ego as big as his could really drive one nuts!

And the guy's obviously obsessed with power, which is what the Chaos Emeralds are practically made of. With all seven in hand, one can become unstoppable! Too powerful to defeat! But you guys already knew that.

Anyways, because of his want for the Chaos Emeralds, he makes up excuses saying that I'm too irresponsible because of my immorality and "adolescence". He also rants about how the Emeralds should not be in the hands of a teenager like me. Of all people! Seriously? And what the heck does the word, "adolescence", mean? 

So I told Shadow that if, and only if, he beats me in a race, he would win one of the Chaos Emeralds. In this kind of race, a Chaos Emerald is always used to mark the finish line. The first one to retrieve the Emerald wins it. If Shadow loses a race and has an Emerald, he has no choice but to give the Emerald he won previously back (This means Shadow would have to win seven races in a row in order to collect all of the Emeralds). But if he agrees to race against me, I must be in charge of when and where we race (much to the Faker's dismay). He eventually agreed.

So far, I've beaten and humiliated Shadow almost everywhere in both planets. But this time, I had planned for us to race in some temperate forest area in Europe, one of Earth's continents. Luckily, the place had been left untouched by the humans of Earth, so I took that as an advantage since most Earthlings aren't used to seeing "aliens" like us. Tails, a close friend of mine, checked the forecast and told me that the region was to be covered by a thick fog at Sundown on the first of November. I think that would be Day 305 on Mobius.  

Since I always love a good challenge, and beating Shadow every time wasn't even a challenge at all, I had scheduled for the race to be on that very night (For me, night + fog = EXTREMELY CHALLENGING!!!). I had begun to make plans and marked the trails that we would be racing on.  

Long before the fog came on that night, I did a practice run around the forest during the day and sped past the trailmarkers (You know, the kind that lights up in the dark?).

There was an old tree stump I saw not too far from the finish line, which would be another advantage for me in the race (You'll understand why sooner or later).

At Sundown, I had reached the soon-to-be finish line, grabbed the red Chaos Emerald out of my backpack, and placed it on a small patch of grass. Then I quickly zoomed back to the starting line before the fog blanketed the whole forest. Besides, I didn't want the "Ultimate Lifeform" waiting for me.

If only I had known of our fate.

This is how Shadow's "race" begins. A friendly little competition that takes a turn for the worst...

Chapter One: Eclipsed


As I came to the starting line, I struggled to look for my rival in the fog. It was so thick, I couldn't even see my own nose! And for awhile, I was beginning to think that racing in foggy weather may not be a good idea. Then I saw two Blood Red eyes glowing a few feet away right in front of me! But as they came towards me, I didn't even flinch or run away. In fact, I was smiling.

"It's about time you got here, Faker," I chuckled. "You ready?" Shadow stopped by my side and grumbled, "The sooner we finish this thing, the sooner I can get my Chaos Emerald, and myself, out of this godforsaken place." 

"Godforsaken?" I couldn't help but glare at him. "That's a bit harsh, don't you think? If you were here before this fog came, you'd probably have something different to say about this preserve."

"You should know that life is nothing but harsh,"

That, I refuse to believe. I thought to myself, shaking my head at Shadow's blunt remark. 

If only Shadow would just settle down and see things the way my friends and I do, he'd realize that life is anything but harsh. It's... well, life.

Then the Faker spoke again. "Quit wasting my time, Sonic. Are we racing or not?"

"Hmph. Impatient much, Shadow?" 

His "Immortal Highness" gave me a snarl in return, which told me that he wasn't in the mood to be messed with.

Like I gave a care?

"Look, you see the sunset over there?" I asked him, pointing my eyes at a patch of light in the west that barely broke through the blinding fog, "It won't be long before it disappears into the horizon. Once you see nothin' left of the Sun, the race starts at that very instant."

"Great. Another one of your dopey little rules," Shadow groaned, "What next? Running blindfolded?"

"The fog already took care of that. We obviously won't be using a flag to start us off this time," I explained to him as I waved my hand up in front of our faces. None of us could see it. 

"Yeah, no can do."

"But how can you be so sure that light over there is the Sun?" Shadow began inquiring. "And do you even know what a horizon is?" 

"I am absolutely certain, Shadow." I replied, somewhat irritated. "And of course I know what a horizon is. I'm not stu-"



A Sonic Boom exploded in my ears as a sudden burst of wind blew past me, but it didn't take long for me to figure out what had happened.

Shadow had left. 

Shadow! He tried to throw me off my guard, and it worked! The nerve of him!

Thoughts of anger and rage danced through my head as I dashed faster than the speed of Sound, making a Sonic Boom equal to the one Shadow previously made.

I couldn't let Shadow win. Cheaters never win in my book. He should've known better than to pull a stunt like that.

That smug, two-timing double-crosser! He didn't want to waste any time getting his precious Emerald, so he just had to play dirty. Well, I'm not gonna let him get away with it! Not now, not ever!

Suprisingly, though, I felt a smirk come across my face as I tore through the blanket of fog. Which, with the help of my super awesome superspeed, was slowly beginning to change into a thin, clear mist behind me and seemed to grow bigger as I went faster. 

Sadly, that wasn't the case up front.

The whole time, I was dodging trees that I almost ran into. Also, to make things worse, the Sun had gone, and it was already turning into night. This just made everything darker, and me as blind as an Earth bat! 

But, fortunately for me, I had full memory of how the forest looked during the day from start to finish and remembered exactly where I was supposed to go. Adding to my fortune, the trailmarkers' light had broken through the darkness of the fog and shone the way to my opponent, who was by then about a hundred feet away.

In a flash, I had put myself in front of Shadow. My smirk quickly turned into a wide grin as I was in the lead. Oh, you should have seen his face as I rushed past him!  

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