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"There is nothing I can say."
"Goddammit, Rosemary!! I am NOT a Mobian NOR a Freedom Fighter!! Do I look ANYTHING like one!? Do I even look like I was BORN In Mobius!? Absolutely Not!! I was Born an experament aboard Space Colony A.R.K. Above Planet Earth!!"
—Shadow in Mario and Friends.
"For you Maria,I WILL keep on fighting!"
—Shadow in the true story of Maria Robotnik
"Me joining M.Bison must have been the greatest day of his life. But for me, IT WAS TUESDAY!!! "
—Shadow in Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog.

This page is for Shadow the Hedgehog from ANY person's continuity. (Excludes alternate and other dimensions).

Shadow the HedgehogShadow the Hedgehog
Biographical Information
  • In the real series, he is 50
  • Chronologically: 64( Appears 14)Sonic Angels
  • Unknown, appears 18 (most fan-fictions)
  • Appears 36 (Jordan the Hedgehog's universe)
  • Chronologically: +50. Physically: 16 (KittheCat storyline)
  • Chronologically: 27 Physically:17(Shadowthevampirehog7's fanfic)
  • Chronologically: 61 Physically: 26

(Sonic: 11 Years Later)

  • Chronologically:50 Physically: 15(Princess Elisa's story)
  • 37 sonic fighters
  • Chronologically:50 Physically:17

Power Rangers

  • Unknown

(Erica Sakura's Universe)

  • Chronologically: Unknown. Mentally/Physically: 15

(Cyclonestar's universe)

  • 17 (physically)
  • 36 (Future version)
  • 50 (Mentally)

Ghosto's Universe-50-Chronologically 16-Physically

(Futurethehedgehog's universe)

32 (physically)

38 (Future)

50+ (Mentally)



  • Black Doom (genetic source)

Ashley the Hedgehog's universe

Sonic Z/Inferno the hedgehog Inferno the hedgehog (brother/genetic material) Cameron's Universe

  • Lizzy the Hedgehog (Cousin)
  • Abby the Hedgehog (Future Wife)
  • Ash the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Kim the Hedgehog (Daughter)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Son)

Phoenix_Saturn's Fanfics

Return of Maria Robotnik/Misadventures with Gyro and Ember

  • Maria Robotnik The Hedgehog (friend, later girlfriend/wife)
  • Gyro (info later)

Gamergirl's fan fics

Kagimizu's fan fics

Sunny's Fan-Fics

Nero's fan fics

Toonwriter's Fanfics

  • Cream the Rabbit (girlfriend, future wife until she became age appropriate)
  • Red Luma (adopted son)
  • Blue Luma (adopted son)
  • Green Luma (adopted daughter)
  • Shine the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Selfish the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Cmara/Carly the Cat (sister)
  • Rocket the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Shania the Hedgehog (sister)
  • Madow the Hedgehog (Brother)

Shadowthevampirehog7's Fanfics

  • Annalise the hedgehog(girlfriend and future wife) 
  • Starr,Midnight,Luna,Fianna(daughters)
  • Silver the hedgehog(cousin)
  • Maria Robotnik(neice)
  • Xaria and Black Doom(Parents)
  • Stacey and Coley Havok(Aunt and uncle)
  • Frost The Hedgehog (Cousin)
  • Scarlett The Hedgehog (Auntie)

Sonic & Scrab Master's Fanfics

LauraS1's Fanfics

  • Shadia the Cat (girlfriend, later on wife)

Amyrose1515's fanfics

  • Destiney the Hedgehog (Girlfriend, Future Wife)
  • Tristin the Hedgehog (Future Daughter)

Chaosemerld8's fanfics

  • Violet the Hedgehog (older sister)

Sonic568863`s fanfics

  • Charmix the mongoose (sister)

Hikaruyami's fanfics


  • Rush sonic(Original)

NightHedgehog14's fanfics

  • Shawn the Hedgehog (future son)
  • Apollo the Hedgehog (prototype/ older brother)

Shady The Hedgehog's fanfics

Sonic's universe meets anothers

Dark Destroyers

Lightning2315 fanfics

KaytlinFencethefox Fanatic's

  • Kaytlin Fence the fox (Future wife)
  • Lucas the hedgefox (Future son)

piplupmur's universe

Jade The Hedgehog Stories

Sonic x: the journey begins and Cross heart

  • Princess Elisa(secret girlfriend)
  • Marisa robotnik(hinted romantic suggestions In cross heart)

Taggev's Universe

sonic fighters universe

Sonic Angels

  • Yami (mascot chao)
  • Satomi Akai(birth mother)
  • Shinji Akai (birth father)

Shadow the Hedghog55's fanfics

  • Shadox (biological father)
  • Amy Rose (sister)
  • Shadow III (grandson, reincarnation)

Molly's universe

Red 's saga

BluetheHedgehog666's Fanfics

  • Jules Hedgehog (father)
  • Blue the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Light the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (brother)

BluetheHedgehog666's Fanfics (Future)

  • Jules Hedgehog (father)
  • Blue the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Light the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Queen Sally Acorn (wife)
  • Prince Sonic the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Princess Amy Rose (sister in law)
  • Prince Manik the Hedgehog (neice)
  • Princess Sonia Rose (neice)
  • Prince Silver the Hedgehog (son)
  • Prince Dash the Hedgehog (son)
  • Princess Sonia Acorn (daugther)

Gurahk's Universe

Power Rangers

  • Maria Robotnik (friend)

In SabrinaFox's Fanfic's

Titanium's Universe

Sonigals Universe

  • Savannah(Girlfriend)
  • Amy Rose(Future Ex-wife)
  • Shydie(Future daughter)
  • Maria(Technicall sister)
  • Irma(Future wife)

Blaze Sol's Fanfictions

  • Glacier Von Fang (Surrogate Great-Goddaughter)
  • Aqua Von Fang (Surrogate Great-Goddaughter)
  • Vane 'Windy' Von Fang (Surrogate Great-Goddaughter)
  • Voltage Bouncealot (Future Wife)
  • Shadette Bouncealot (Future Daughter)
  • Hyper c-man's universe
  • Destiny X the hedgehog (brother)
  • Silver The hedgehog (brother)

(Futurethehedgehog's universe)

Rouge the bat(wife)

John the bat (Brother in law)

Biolizard/Finalhazard (Elder brother)

Silver the hedgehog (Great Grandson)

Blaze the cat (Great Grandsons wife)

Jay the hedge-bat (Son)

Bonnie the Bat-hog (daughter)

Spine/Spike the weirdo (Son)

Future the hedgehog (Great,Great Grandson)

Present the cat (Great,Great Grandaughter)

Past the cat (Great,Great Grandaughter)

Dark the Hedgehog Universe

Sonic the Hedgehog (brother)

Dark the Hedgehog (brother)

Light the Hedgehog (Halfbrother)

Tikal the Echidna  (mother)

Riku Replica's Princess's Universe

  • Maria Anderson (adoptive daughter)
  • shady (ashley the hedgehog)
  • Kagemi Akai birth full name
  • Shadow Robotnik (Full name in Toonking2 Fancomics.
  • Mr. Robotnik (Nickname given by Starblayz.
  • Black Blur
  • Shad-Shad (Breanna's nickname for him)
  • Shadow-san (Cream's and Light's nickname for him)
  • Bro (by *Shine the Hedgehog in Toonwriter's fanfics)
  • Handsome (Shadia's nickname for him)
  • Shadikins (Snow's and Torra's nickname for him)
  • Shadow the WereJerk (By Luna Valerie Howls when Shadow was still a Werehog)
  • Chaos Control Freak (By Luna Valerie Howls)
  • Shaddy (Jade's nickname for him)
  • Weirdo (Marc The Hedgehog calls him)
  • Shadow the Douchehog (By Fuchsia and Knuckles)
  • Shadow-Ku (Melissa calls him)
  • Crazy Hedgehog (By Tabitha)
  • Mr. Cranky Pants (By Rocky)
  • Blacky (By Cammie)
  • Mr. Shadow (By Mimi)
  • Father (by Silver, Ash, Kim, Dash and Sonia Acorn)
  • King Shadow the Hedgehog, King Shadow (by Mobius people in BluetheHedgehog666's Story)
  • Penumbra (by AJ the Hedgehog)
  • Shadow the Knight (by Shadow should name)
  • Shadow the Hedgeknight (By Samuel)
  • Shadie(Once used by Amber)
  • S.Bison (By his master M.Bison)
  • Traitor! (By Sonic when finding out he turned evil and joined the Shadaloo)
  • Pshycho hog (By Guile)
  • Akuma ripoff (By Ken Masters)

Blaze Sol's Fanfictions

  • Daddy (by Shadette)
  • Shadsy
  • Senor Shadow (by Windy)
  • Bud (by Voltage)
  • Darlin' (by Voltage)

06civic68pa's Universe

  • Shadow (by Marsha)
  • Shads (by Marsha)

(Futurethehedgehog's universe)

Daddi (by Spike,Jay and Bonnie)

Ultimate wineform (By Silver and Sonic whilst drunk)

That GUY! (by Tim face)

Shad (by Mariya the HedgeDragon)

Romantic Interests
  • Dante Nantal (Gamergirl's fan fics)
  • Amy Rose (Shadamy Fanfics)
  • Leo The Hedgepine (Seven Rings in Hand, Twisted Chaos)
  • Psyche The Hedgehog (Forced, I Am The Queen]]
  • Delilah The Mongoose (Shadow's eternal girlfriend)
  • Cream the Rabbit (Only in Toonwriter's fanfics; her innocence, charm and kindness would remind Shadow of Maria)
  • Shadia the Cat (Shadow's girlfriend inSonic the Hedgehog 24)

Kagimizu's Fanfics

JeweltheGhostKistune's Fanfics (No, It's not a fanfic. I dont think so. I DONT KNOW!!1)

  • Jewel the Ghost Kistune ( Not really, But at least he sees her as a friend.)

Cloverfang's Fanfics

NikkiKaji123's Universe:

NightHedgehog14's fanfics

KaytlinFencethefox fanatic's

  • Kaytlin Fence the fox (future wife)

SuperMolly's fanfics:

  • Maria Robotnik(whole live's love)

Jade The Hedgehog Stories

Sonic Angels

Molly's universe

Shadow the Hedgehog55's fanfics

  • Blaze the cat (wife/formerly)
  • Frost the cat (wife)

Cameron's Univere

Bita's Universe

  • AJ the Hedgehog (love interest,later girlfriend)

Taylor Gorrell's Universe

PeaceGrrl's Universe

ZexaltheHedgehog's Universe

Kylah's Fan Universe

  • Eerie the Hedgehog (possible crush)

Melanieluvjack's Universe

Abyssal Era series

Cassidy the Hedgehog Universe

Cyclonestar's Universe

  • Savannah(Currently)
  • Maria Robotnik(Formely)
  • Irma

Blaze Sol's Fanfictions

  • Voltage Bouncealot (Girlfriend and Future Wife)

Pianoteen's Universe

Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Juri Han

(Futurethehedgehog's universe)

Rouge the bat (wife)


  • SplashWoman Light (Secret crush)

Riku Replica's Princess's Universe

Physical Description
  • Mobian/Hedgehog/ 99% Devil (Sonic Angels)
  • 1% Aquarian 99% Prime Being (Shadow origins)
  • Mobian/Hedgehog/Wolf (Dark Destroyers)

Power Rangers

  • Hedgehog (half)
  • Knight (half)
Gender Male
  • Fur: Black and with red stripes inside his quills, arms and legs, White fuzzy chest fur
  • Eyes: Red

NightHedgehog's fanfic

  • Scar: Nasty fleshy red over his right eye

Sonic Angels

  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant white, black, red and yellow jet shoes, white gloves with inhibtor rings, red horns and wings
  • Shadow the Hedgehog 55's fanfics.
  • Eyes change depending on mood (icy-blue/sad green/normal orange/angry reddish-orange/cocky red/exited and light red/worried

Light weight, hyper friction resistant white, black, red and yellow Jet Boots, white gloves with inhibitor rings, short red horns and red wings

Political Alignment and Abilities

Yamiiro Alice's Fanfic

  • Chaos Dance (requires Light)

Kagimizu's Fandom-exclusive abilities

Sonic Angels

Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Psycho Crusher
  • Double Knee Press 
  • Head Press
  • Devil Reverse
  • Psycho Cannon
  • Psycho Field
  • Bison Warp
  • Nightmare Booster
  • Psycho Punisher

(Futurethehedgehog's universe)

Chaos phantom

Chaos obliterator

Final chaos

MegaPhantaze's universe

  • Rolling cutter
  • Quick boomerang
  • Shadow Blade
  • Ring boomerang
  • Charge kick
  • Yamato Spear
  • Slash Claw
  • Flash bomb
  • Hornet chaser
  • Triple blade
  • Magic card
  • Break dash
  • Yo-yo cutter
  • Crypt cloak
Forms and Fusions

If you are looking for an article about our canon counterpart, click here.


BluetheHedgehog667's Story

Shadow is 3rd son of Jules the Hedgehog and brother of Blue,Light and Sonic

BluetheHedgehog667's Story (Future)

Princess Sally Acorn want to marry Shadow and she want him to become New King of Mobius so Shadow married her and he become King Shadow the Hedgehog.


Shadow and Annalise have dated for a while.At least with ten months of love history so later him, Rouge, Knuckles, Shade, Blaze, Winter, Silver,Tikal,and Amy, go plan the wedding and Shadow picks out a ring. The engagment ring has a red chaos emerald shard in it.The other ones look like inhibitor rings.Later, the gang goes to a restraunt and Shadow proposes.Later they get married in the final fortress.About a month later on Febraury 4th,Annalise gives birth to Fianna.Then five immortal years later(two months later)she has triplets Luna,Midnight, and Starr.The rest is unknown.The true first time the two met was when he fell off of Space Colony ARK,they dated alot before Annabeth found out.Before she erased his memory,he gave Annalise a navy pearl necklace from a Yankees game they went to.Then Annalise taught Annabeth chaos control,which she used to send him to a rebuilt Westopolis.

Will the Echidna storyline

Book One: The Beginnings

Shadow is married to Rouge the Bat and has four kids, ShadeBiancaMaria and Cade. He was found by Knuckles the Echidna and Sonic the Hedgehogasleep outside the room where Amy Rose had given birth to Maddy. After being woken by Sonic, he flew straight up and got stuck on the roof. Later on, he was found at home with Shade (while Rouge was having the twin girls) when he gave Will and Maddy each a necklace with a Chaos Emerald shard attached, accidentally causing the two of them to Chaos Control into Vector's diner. He later was home with Rouge and the kids when Dawn, his sister, found the family and told them her story. Later he went to Big's family reunion. He witnessed the fight between Will and Leon, the school bully, which resulted in Will, Maddy and Kyle Chaos Controlling away.

Book Two: The Sickness

He is planned to be part of the group who defend Will and Mobotropolis from Jacob's armies.

Random Fight

Shadow plays a major role in Random Fight. He first appears in Random Fight 1 in his Ultra form. He battles Sonic also in Ultra and wins, but deforms after the Chaos Emeralds lose power. He attempts to charge them up again, but overdoes it and ends up in his Hell Reaper form. He then hears an explosion and flies over to find Hazaridius has defeated several characters. The two then do battle ending with Shadow seeing a sign and disappearing. It turns out he watches a movie (a DBZ fanfic from youtube called DBAX) and he flies off to find Sonic again. Shadow tells Sonic the movie is awesome and tells him to watch it. After a large discussion about this movie with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy (all Super) Knuckles and Amy go to see the movie (they're lying) before Shadow and Tails.

He then reappears in RF3 fighting Sonic in his Chaos Kaioken form. He wins easily after going Super Chaos Kaioken halfway through the battle. He escapes a blast from GigaShadella and is about to fight her on the moon when Kevin intervenes. Joineth, Vicious, Blood, Giga Shadow and Sonic come in and the eight race. No-one wins. He doesn't appear again until RF5 when he sees his future self and goes Insane seeing mainly pixies and fairies. In his delirium, he attempts to blow up a city, but is stopped by Will. he then unleashes a new move - Chaos Poop where he drops a exploding poop. He then gets a secret base which has a stereo and a room with changing colours. Later, he is attacked by Will, but Sonic teleports him to his location along with Silver and the three fuse. In the fusion, Shadow regains his sanity. In RF6, the three way fusion is split into four parts - Shadow, Silver, Sonic and Kitt. Shadow isn't seen again until Dark Sonic and Demon Shadow destroy Chrome City and Shadow in his LSSJ form enters the fray with LSSJ Sonic. Shadow defeats his evil side. He then disappears until the end where he is looking at a wall in Green Hill Zone listening to Sonic rabble on about how bored he is. Sonic hears a few sounds and turns around to see Shadow replaced with Larradonic. Shadow is then seen at Eggman's space base unconscious in a tube. After being rescued by Darkspine Sonic in Fusion Saga 1, he then comes in after hearing that Blood had sex with Rouge. He transforms into a purple version of his Hell Pyrosis 2 form and attacks Blood. Blood summons his sword and takes Shadow down in one hit. Before the battle, it is revealed that Blood had sex with Rouge in the future. {C In Fusion Saga 2, Shadow is found still unconscious in Green Hill Zone by Nazo and Mephiles. Nazo dashes over to Shadow then refers to something being in (It isn't revealed in the series, but they put small earphones in Shadow's ears) and the two teleport away. Shadow then rises and transforms into a different version of Insane Shadow. He is later shown to attack Tonic in Chrome City and destroy the city after Nazo and Mephiles play the Numa Numa over their Insane Radio Show. He then disappears until Fusion Saga 3 where he attacks and knocks out Blood, Future Blood, CLSSJ Sonic, Giga Shadella, Raiden, Esmeralda and Plata. Blood, being the only one still up, gives the Sol Emeralds to Future Blood who teleports them all away. Shadow then chases Blood who runs away. Blood leads Shadow to SuperShadow124. Blood and SS124 transform and fight Shadow, however Shadow is only presumably defeated after a Super Spin Dash Blast from Vicious. It is then shown that Mephiles and Nazo are controlling SHadow to help the Trolls. At this point, Shadow mutters something about getting free and steals the Sol Emeralds. (A small continuity error as Blood gave them to Future Blood.) Ragiek then releases himself from Shadow and Shadow falls unconscious. {C After this point, Shadow appears in only 1 side-universe visited by Sigma in Fusion Saga 5 where he is shown fighting Sonic and Knuckles. Sigma shows up and the two team up, causing Knuckles to ascend to Hyper and knock both Shadow and Sigma away. Shadow Chaos Controls over to Sonic and Sigma and stand ready to team up on Knuckles - just as Sigma disappears. Shadow and Sonic seem in for it until Sonic brings up that not all of the Chaos Emeralds are around, meaning Knuckles couldn't have transformed. Knuckles reveals that he hacked the game part of the flash series (Confusing, I know, but I had to give some reason.) changing his colour palette and giving him the invincibility powerup from the Sonic gaming series. His hacks then suddenly die out, and Shadow and Sonic both get an idea. We aren't shown what this idea is as it goes back to showing the main story of Fusion Saga. (The events of Fusion Saga 6 have yet to be released)

Terrible Luck Saga

Shadow makes a brief appearance in the Terrible Luck Saga, but is strangely never seen again after that for a few books after. He is voiced by Chuck Huber in the animation.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2

Shadow has been confirmed to appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2 manga.

Nova the Hedgehog's Universe

Main articleShadow the Hedgehog (Nova the Hedgehog's Universe) Shadow is now a Hero, not a Vigalante. He is happy and content with his life now because with the help of Tails and Nova, they brought back Maria from the dead (not only that, they made her a Hedgehog too). Shadow has given up guns (not realy, just when Maria is around) and now runs with normal shoes, not his air shoes. He is married to Maria and is currently trying to have a child to carry on his legacy.

Resident Evil 4: Sonic Style

Here, Shadow takes the role of Jack Krauser.

Sonic Tailtag: Dark Past

Shadow helps out Sonic,Kunai,and the others to take out Spirit and stop him from resurrecting his armada.

Starrdust Garamsythe's fanfics

Shadow Garamsythe (better known as Shadow the Hedgehog) is a black and red anthropomorphic hedgehog that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is featured in Starrdust Garamsythe's fanfictions as a very important protagonist. He currently works in the secret orginization known as the Vivex Darastrix, secretly fighting for good. His personality differs greatly from his Sonic game appearances.

Shadow had just given up hope on helping humankind as Maria wanted, and was staring out to sea. Just then, a dragon appeared and begged Shadow to help it, claiming to be his biological mother and if he didn't come with her, he would be captured by the darkness. However, he refused because he didn't believe her.

Days later, a dragon kidnapped Shadow and held him prisoner. Turns out, the dragon was Kresent Garamsythe, brother of the dragon he saw a few days earlier.

Shadow's Wrath

Shadow and Sonic go in search for Blaze in a nearby planet called "Ormia" where they find Orcus a wise old owl and Ovin a quirky young beaver who help the two find Blaze


Shadow appears in the second book of The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog, as he tries helps stop Dr. Eggman, still wanting to know who he is. He finds clones of himself in the book, and switches them all on, and creates an army of Shadows, attacking Dr. Eggman with them.

Fusion the Hedgehog Storyline

Shadow created Fusion aboard the ARK the same way Shadow was created. Shadow likes to refer to Fusion as his creation rather than his son. Shadow and Fusion have had many brawls with usualy Fusion turning out as the victor. But that wont stop Shadow from rying to kill Fusion any time he has an oppertunity.

Prince of the BlackArms

If you played Shadow the Hedgehog the videogame and went all the way dark you know how this story starts. When Shadow destroys and enslaves humanity he works with BlackDoom to grow the BlackArm empire and eventually gain the throne.

Shadow DragonKnight

When Sonic goes on to be come the King of Mobius, married to Sally Acorn, Shadow hasn't been seen for over 2 decades. Then he shows up in court. When Sonic sees him again he decides to make good use of Shadow's sentence by making Shadow work for him as his body guard. He gets used to working with Sonic and doesn't quit even though they do have trouble sometimes. Shadow soon then found out that when Maria was shot by that G.U.N. soldier that some how she ended up in the same liquid capsule that Shadow was in in the beggining of SoniHeroes and she became a Mobian Hedgehog. (for the rest of the story look at Shadow the Hedgehog: The Ultimate)

Sonic Boomhog

He has made some appearances in the story by Sonic boomhog.

Cloverfang's Storyline

The Sonic Show

Episode #1
Golden texts Shadow to come to play Truth or Dare with the SS cast, to which he comes. He attacks Sonic when he says all he has ever loved was Maria.
Episode #2
Clover states that Shadow now has a councilor because of his previous attack on Sonic. He dares Hawkshadow to pick fleas off of Sonic's butt with her teeth, to which Sonic replies "I don't have fleas! Oh wait, is that a louse?". Hawkshadow begs Shadow to let her do a different dare, and he replies that his councilor told him peace was his best friend. He then dares Hawkshadow to do the Macarena with Dequalia.
Episode #4
When Clover hugs Shadow, it's stated that he laughs like a crackhead, but that's apparently Cream's fault! She turned into a 17-year-old witch (literally) so when everytime she breathed, the SS cast laughs like crackheads, as it's said.

Feel The Rain

Shadow meets Lacey the Cat, and they become great friends. See Lacey the Cat.

Sonic Gx(Tailsman67)

Shadow will appear in the upcoming show Sonic Gx.

Fast the hedgehog series

there isnt really much tosay about this one. but in the short "SAWNEEK SUX111111 LOLOL" shadow realises he is part of the sonic series, and chaos blasts the webpage.

06civic68pa's Universe

Shadow is Sonic's rival in 06civic68pa's universe. He often rivals Marsha in ultimate power. Shadow will mainly focus on two things:

  • He often holds onto the fourth Chaos Emerald (the green one) and frequently uses Chaos Control. However, when the emerald is taken out of his hand, he starts searching for it, stating "Where's that DARN fourth chaos emerald?"
  • He also focuses on avenging his dead friend, Maria. Sometimes, he will speak her name out loud, shouting "Maria!"

In the future, Shadow ends up never marrying, nor having kids. It is Marsha who creates a child for him by using his blood and her blood combined.

Shadowtoast102's Fan Fiction Universe

In my fan fiction series on YouTube, Shadow, along with every other character, is about 80% the same as the real Sonic Franchise. Shadow, being one of my favorite characters, is 98% exactly the same, the number could change later in my series, Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Heroes Episode 3: Knuckles sees Shadow walking down the street and says Hello. Shadow tells Knuckles that he was on a top secret G.U.N. mission. Seeing that I said "top secret" mission, the only reason Shadow thought Knuckles should be involved was because Dr. Robotnik was stealing tiny shards of the Master Emerald day by day, one by one, and replacing them with green glass. Then Knuckles, being Knuckles, becomes uncontrollably enraged and takes over the entire mission for Shadow, thats when Shadow snickers thankfully and walks off to the local bar.

Jade The Hedgehog Stories

In the Jade The Hedgehog Stories, Shadow is Jade'ssecret boyfriend. The only ones who know about her relationship with Shadow and their daughterShadade, is Sprinkle the Hedgehog, her husband Night the Hedgehog, and their daughter and Shadade's best friend, Twilight the Hedgehog.

Sonic Adventure GT (Goji64)


Super Shadow 1-7

Dark Shadow 1-3

Hell Shadow

Hell Specter Shadow

Hell reaper Shadow 1-3 Hell Pyrosis Shadow 1-2

Chaos Shadow (After absorbing the master emerald shards)

True Super Shadow

True Hyper Shadow

Hyper Shadow 1-3

Fleetway Shadow 1-3

Erica Sakura's Continuity

Shadow the Hedgehog is a prototype for the ultimate lifeform. His love interest is Rouge the Bat.

Shadow used to have a rivalry with Buddy, but the have settled their differences.

Pianoteen's Universe

Main Article: Shadow the Hedgehog (Pianoteen's Universe) Shadow is one of the main protagoinsts in the DRA Series. For unknown reasons, he calls Louis his "nephew" which in turn makes Louis have tantrums about it. 

He is a bit more cooprative in the series as well. He also said that Louis and Amy were the only two people in the world he could depend on after the death of Maria.

Also in the other anime, he is said to be bisexual dating Silver and Amy, but hiding it from Louis.

Domestic Radical Adventures Series

In the main series, Shadow debuted when Louis was in the game "Shadow the Hedgehog". Shadow and Louis became good friends after that.

In Domestic Radical Adventures Forever, Shadow and Louis became best friends. They sometimes would have coffee hangouts. Shadow also meets Marmalade, Dawn, and Emma. He also starts to take intrest in Figure Skating for some reason.

In Domestic Radical Pokemon, Shadow is making minor appearnces. He does not have any pokemon on hand. Therefore, he cannot be conisdered a major character. Shadow also starts to start a rivalry with Silver.

In Domestic Radical Adventures: Victory Streak, Shadow is now one of Louis' many traveling partners. Also he has set off from the crew and returned with 5 unknown ribbons for the Figure Skating Cups. Shadow also reunites with the "new" Bokkun and start to fear him. In "There's 2 Shadows?", Shadow entered the Dark Angel Academy Competition. and places in the top 16.

In Domestic Radical Adventures: Intergalatic Missions, he enters the Worldwide Senior Cup and loses to Marmalade. Many episodes later, Shadow enters the Figure Skating Grand Festival. He places in the top 32 losing to Amy. After Amy decided to finally lose her obbsession over Sonic, they torn apart. All Amy had to look up to was Shadow. So from that day on, ShadAmy was an official DRA Couple. Also Shadow reunites with Maria after Professor Juniper and May revive her. Shadow hugged Louis as he said his farewells and headed off to Danville to Officially close the DRA Series.....

Mariala Anime

Shadow makes appearances as a recurring character throughout all of the series. He and Christina the Hedgehog used to be dating, but then broke up.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Main article: Shadow the Hedgehog (BearfootTruck's Universe)

Shadow the Hedgehog is a lone crusader in a dangerous world...a world where an entire country has been taken over by a mad doctor and one of the few people who can stop an impending wave of darkness is somebody he really hates.


Ultimate Sonic

He appears in Ultimate Sonic to assist Sonic now and again, however during the game he has his own story which is playable after an expansion is downloaded where he, Rouge and Amy become playable. His gameplay will be a clone of Sonic's being the speed character of the expansion.

His story starts on board Space Colony ARK where he is aware of an intruder. The intruder being Dr. Eggman stealing data of the Eclipse Cannon and escapes back to Earth. Throughout his story, Shadow follows Dr. Eggman trying to find out what he needs the data for.

Other ideas

Possibly a sequal, another story can be shadow has been giving off involuntary Chaos Blasts, the next more destructive than the last. Tails believes that despite being made as "The Ultimate Lifeform", his DNA has become instable. Throughout his story he is haunted by Black Doom who resides in his DNA and Maria who resides in his heart.

scrapped idea for a fan-sequal to the gameShadow the Hedgehog that is based on an alternate timeline after Mephiles kills Sonic in SONIC '06. Shadow is released from his prison in Flame Core in hopes to stop Iblis. He is assisted by various freedom fighters as well as an E-1000 who is the "reincarnation" of Gamma.

Super Sonic Smackdown

Shadow is an unlockable character in this game.

Sonic Battle Arena

Shadow is playable in Sonic Battle Universe. He tried to steal the Master Emerald, but failed.

Sonic and the Knights of Avalon

Shadow again takes the role of Sir Lancelot in this game. As Lancelot, he is the only Knight of the Round Table to not have turned to Galahad's side, and is on the run when he sees Merlina killed by Lamorak's attack. He summons Sonic to the Grand Kingdom once again, and helps him find Caliburn again. He wields the sacred sword Arondight, and his Soul Surge attack, Chaos Punishment, involves him teleporting to the opponent and freezing time with Chaos Control, then slashing the opponent while time is still immobile.

With his final sword, Ddraig Goch, he can launch Chaos Spears by simply slashing his sword. His Chaos Punishment also unleashes a Chaos Blast as he slashes while holding this blade.

Sonic and Eggman: Dynamic Duo

Shadow is shown as one of Sonic's "guests". He is pictured holding a gun, which is pointing towards Sonic.

Anti-Eggman Squad Universe

Ever since the creation of his half-DNA duplicate Shadon three years before the current events of the continuity, Shadow has been plagued by lapses where Shadon takes over his body for anywhere from three seconds to about 12 hours, although the longer lapses are very rare and usually only occur if Shadon wishes them to be longer. This is due to a glitch in the machine that created Shadon. Neither him nor Shadon want this to occur, but so far no one has figured out how to prevent these lapses.

Sonic Chronicles 3:The Wings of Chaos

He is a playable character in the game.All of his attacks are copies of Sonic's.Now,he wears skates that can turn into rocket boots.

Sonic the Hedgehog 24

Shadow is a playable character there, which appears in the middle of the story when he fights Dr Eggman's newest creation, Roboter 3000. He tried to fight it, but failed, and ran away, desperatly trying to loose him. Shadia the Cat comes to help, destroying the robot using her Cat Cick attack.

After the battle, Shadia said she could tell Shadow's future. Shadow, wondering what it might be, agreed and followed her to Typhorn River, where on the rocks, she showed up some blurry pictures.

It was Shadia and Shadow holding hands, smiling. Shadow immidietly ordered to stop it; Shadia grinned and said she never lied and that they're going to be a couple. Shadow frowned, and skated away.

The attacks he can use are only Chaos Blast, Chaos Control and Spindash. There's also a new powerful attack called Soundpower, which he can only access to if he has Shadia's headphones.

Later on, he's developed a love for Shadia, and in Mobius Future they even married.


shadow takes a role in sonic rpg in 3 boss battles and a playable character, he wants all the chaos emeralds and he wont egt anyone in his way

Sonic Advance X

Shadow appears as a playable character in the fourth installment of the Sonic Advance series. He teams up with Omega to rescue the captured Chao from Dr. Eggman and his nephew Snively.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Shadow appears in the game as one of the main protagonists of the game. He is a starter, Speed-Type character. He also appears in the Story of the game. Shadow teams up with his past allies Rouge, Omega and the G.U.N. Forces in order to stop the alien invaders and save humanity.

Sonic Doom 3DS


Sonic Fanon Party

In this game, Shadow is a non-playable character. He is found at Pleasure Castle, and is accused of stealing Lumina's stuffed animal.

Marsha the Fox Series

Marsha the Fox

Shadow is an ally to Marsha in Marsha the Fox, where he assits her on the Ark. Her gives her the green Chaos Emerald, much to his dismay.

Marsha the fox 2

In Marsha the Fox 2, he assits her in combat, often grabbing her and transferring chaos energy from his body to hers.

Marsha Unleashed

Shadow appears in his werhog form in Marsha Unleashed. He loses his super spped, but gains more
Shadow the Werehog

Shadow as a Werehog

strength and can strech out his arms.

Marsha's Colors

He can also be found in the 3DS and Playstation 4 version of Marsha's Colors as a non-playable character, making sure Marsha would be able to take on Anti-Gunner. He also discovers that a "giant wisp" had escaped.

Marsha Generations

Shadow appears as a rival boss in the game Marsha Generations. Like all the other characters in the game, Shadow is sucked into the White Space by the Dark Time. Shadow can be found in the Marceline's Cave. When found, he is waiting for Marsha, stating that he neither knows nor cares where they are. He is fought in Nightosphere City.

Shadow appears later on in the Center of Time, motivating both Marshas. After the Dark Time is defeated, Shadow shows up at Marsha's birthday party along with all the other characters. He does not wave goodbye to the classics in the end.

Shadow vs Black Metal Sonic

When Black Darkness takes over Metal Sonic's Circuts he attacks Dr. Eggman. Shadow his watching the whole thing and feels the Doctor should not die, Shadow jumps in and fights Metal Sonic. Shadow defeats him, gets the chaos emerald and grabs Dr. Eggman.

Power Rangers

He is the main antagonist on Power Rangers and his major enemy Samuel Joo. After Chris is injured, Samuel threaten Shadow who cost his help. Shadow tried to kill him when Samuel yelled at him Maria killed. As Shadow's death, he resurrected later afterwards. With his former friend Lelouch is killed except Eustace and Mandy, they joined as the Death Lord. He finally destroyed by Samuel with his Hawkzord and killing for extinction. However, he not destroyed yet, he revived as the dark knight and revealed he lost his body and take away from his soul and transplant into dark knight. He kills Samuel by his Virus Zero in RPM, enraged by Eureka. He is almost beaten by Eureka, but still with her anger and defeated within Eureka's witness. As Samuel revived, he was finally killed by Samuel with Super Road Strike Attack for good within Eureka's happiness and glad he revived. As Shadow was finally killed after destroying Venjix, Renten's last words what ever Shadow is alive or not. Unfortunately, Shadow was still alive.

Sonic the Fighters 2

Profile: The Ultimate Lifeform is fast and powerful and with the Nova Ring He can contact his old friend Maria Robotnik.

Speed: Starts at 80

Power: Starts at 19

Dash: Starts at 11

HP: 144

DEF: 95

ATK: 35

Attacks: Chaos Spear, Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Spin Dash, Black Fire, Healing Capsule, Triple Kick, Falling Star Effect.

Costume: Sir Lancelot- Wii Exclusive

Stages: Lost Colony, Dr. Eggman's Base.

Theme Song: Chaos Control from Shadow the Hedgehog


I'll fight you, but I think we know who the true victor will be.

You should have listened to me.


Sonic vs. King of Fighters:

Theme: The Wlement (NOT Element!) of Water from Mortal Combat (NOT Kombat!) 5 (Mega Drive version)

Win quotes:

"You thought YOU could defeat the ultimate life form? We already went through this back in 2001!" (Vs. Sonic)

"I am the ultimate life form! NOT You!" (After deafeating Orochi)

Shadow's Real Past

Shadow the Hedgehog was born on Mobius (notice i said born not created) he spent some of his life on Mobius until one day when he was injured and was accidently sent out to space (due to Chaos Control) somwhere near to the moon and Space Colony ARK. As Shadow was severley injured he needed attending to but unfortunatley there were not a lot of people around. Eventually however he was found by one Professor Gerald Robotnik renowned scientist. As Shadow was badly hurt he took Shadow to the Space Colony ARK and tended to his wounds. Although the Professor tried his best he could not help him until his granddaughter Maria felt a very strong bond with Shadow and convinced him to keep trying but in order to save Shadow he would need some DNA and blood of someone very powerful, this would mean that his condition would improve. Shadow was actually 15-16 when he was injured (or slighlty younger to make the time elapsed on earth mean that she has grown to be 15 or 16 (time lapse will be explained after) but because of the time lapse between Mobius and Earth this meant that it took a good amount of Earth years to tally up to a Mobian year (as proven in Sonic X when Chris is an adult and only a few weeks have passed on Mobius) this meant that the Professor would have to find a donor and he did not want to give up due to the pressure of letting his granddaughter down for whom he would give the world. This resulted in him striking a deal with Black Doom which meant that he would offer some blood to help heal Shadow, Black Doom however being the person that he is would not do it for free and in return asked the Professor for Shadow to deliver him the Chaos Emeralds when he would return to Earth. The rest of the events in Shadow the Hedgehog's life are as depicted by SEGA.

Red shadows 11:23, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

Sonic ZXZ

Shadow makes minor appearances in Sonic ZXZ. He has hacked into everyone's Headbook profiles in one episode.

Marc The Hedghog The Video Game

He is one the characters from the game, he tries to destroy Dr. Vartox's robots and he almost killed Max The Echidna.

E-Man The Hedgehog The Game

He is cloned by Dr. Eggman to destroy the heroes in mobius and the real shadow became tired of Eggman.

Moonbeam's Adventurous Life

Shadow meets Moonbeam the Cat after finding her with a Chaos Emerald. Moonbeam then tags around after him, and when Shadow tries to abandon her the two get lost in a forest.

Moonbeam looks up to Shadow, almost as if he is her father(this is partly because her real father is dead).

Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog

After being revived by M.Bison after being killed by him in the prologue, M.Bison used his mind controlling powers to hypnotize Shadow into becoming one of his minions, thus Shadow goes from Antihero to Villain. Shadow is very loyal to his master M.Bison, but this is mostly due to his altered mind. Shadow is good friends with the other main 4 of M.Bisons minions, Balrog, Vega, Birdie and Sagat. Shadow has yet to learn any new fighting moves, if he were to do so, it would most likely be his master M.Bison.

Sonic R 2:Second Race

Shadow is a playable character.

See also

Sonic Adventure XG

Shadow is not quite his character in this series he is the same all around but to his aittuide is different to what it is in the Games. Shadow lives with Silver as a Gardian he is also the new comander of G.U.N. He is maried to Rouge the Bat in this series. Shadow's Powers are also the same in this series and he has the ability to fuse with Silver or Sonic (or both of them for a Triple Fusion). Shadow has a dark-side that returns to haunt him....

Hero of Mobius

Shadow is suspected as the one, who is working for Yukon the robot emperor. He will make Soic realize, that this rumour is fake, after Sonic is almost killed by Darkman.

Shadow is also a boss of the Anti Hero of Mobius-called group

Hero of Mobius data CD

Quote: "I am the ultimate lifeform"

Good: Merciless

Bad: Self-absorbed

Likes: Solitude

Dislikes: Humanity(Excluding Gerald and Maria)

Toonking2 Fan Games

Super Pauline: When her Adventure Begins

In Mon Vegas , a town and state in Pokeball Federation , Pauline , Francis , Sara Draft , Thora Thunderbolts , She-R.O.B (Starblayz Sandriazz) andTatanga found the Ultimate Life Form in the square of the city that never sleeps, walking down the street whistling the "Fix-It Felix Jr." theme song. And when they meet him Pauline must have known him since she and her Husband Josh went to the Olympic Colosseum at Beijing, China, but before they found him in Mon Vegas, G.U.N. Agent Shadow has rescued Starblayz from the Black Warriorssurrounding her in the state and their sacred home after the Black Comet was destroyed called Black Canyon without knowing it. And she does call him "Mr. Robotnik."

Super Princess Peach: The Day Of Reckoning

It's a Prequel to Super Pauline: When her Adventure Begins and much more of nearly based off ofShadow the Hedgehog: The Game, only that also with Peach and her friends from the Mushroom Kingdom helping Shadow and not only Sonic and his friends. And it reveals that Sir Grodus , now with rocket launching crawley legs indstead of a cloaked body, Lord Crump , Dimentio and the X-Nauts have been working for Black Doom and hisBlack Armsthe whole time which explains the events in Paper Mario and a Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario . And that's the Fan Game when Shadow andRouge face Shadow's serious threat; Rouge's MotherClair Tasha Bat.

Super Princess Peach: Ally or Enemy?

After Peach and Toadsworth met G.U.N. Agent Shadow who helped them anhilate 50 Shadow Androids in the Death Egg , He, Toadsworth and Peach had to face a Boss Battle with Eggman's "Daughter" Shadaisy Robotnik who is controlling the Mecha version of Bowser she built Called the Egg Koopa when Shadaisy accuses them for anhilating her "brothers." Shadow currently uses Chaos SpearChaos Control , Chaos Illusion and Chaos Blast in that battle.

Cyclonestar's Universe

Shadow is a member of GUN who travels Mobius with Rouge.He is also interupted by Irma frequently which kind of annoys him.He does have a slight crush on Irma but couldn't care any less about it.Shadow has made a big role in Cyclonestar's universe.Cyclone and Shadow have a somewhat rivalry/friendship like Knuxouge but it's mainly Cyclone who hates him.Shadow is paired with Team Dark alot and is very independent.Rouge is the only person who he opens up to.

Toonking2 Fan Comics

Mario and Friends

Shadow did make an appearance in Amy Rose: The Comic in the scene where he and the Surge Protector try to catch Amy Rose red handed forGame Jumping when Amy moved in with Pauline at the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Smash Bros.: The Comic

I cannot tell what storyline lies Starblayz and Shadow in Episode Why Do Super Smash Brothers Fall In Love? because that storyline is too X-rated to explain. But in Angela O'Haru and the Royal Suspension , He with the rest of Team Dark have teamed up with the G.U.N. Commander , The Godmother , Detective Inspector Charon Daniels ,Pauline , Wreck-It Ralph and the Team Chaotix so they can thwart the Eggman Empire, who are planning to destroy Sarasaland in order to build NewEggmanland where Eggman rules everything, in order to Prove Princess Daisy's innocence under request of Princess Peach, Angela and Tails.

Futurethehedgehogs universe

In this universe shadow has a fairly major role... the parent of the twins jay and bonnie and 'the devil himself' Spike who everyone calls Spine for some reason. However he also gets some bro time with sonic and silver.

Soon to appear in

Voice Actors

  • David Humphries (2001-2004)
  • Jason Griffith (2005-2010)
  • Kirk Thorton (2010-Present)

Street Fighter X MegaMan

Scott Mcneil (The voice of ProtoMan from the MegaMan animated series and Ken masters from the Street Fighter animated series)

Sonic Adventure 3: Evolution

Shadow is set to appear in an upcoming fangame by TheDarkMantis15, which will be a revised and improved version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.


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