Shadow The Hedgehog: Return of Maria Robotnik

Chapter 1

(In tails workshop)

Shadow:*Leaning on the Wall* so what did you want me here for Tails?

Tails:I found a rift in time, it lead's to 50 year's in the past on the Ark

Shadow:*Eyes Open* did you say the Ark?

Tails:Yes, I did shadow

Destiney: *teleports out of nowhere* HELLO!

Tails:Hi Destiney

Shadow:Hey Destiney

Destiney: What's up?

Tails:A rift in time has shown up, and it lead's to 50 year's in the past, and the rift leads to the Ark

Destiney: *she jumps up onto the cealing fan in shock* THE ARK!?

Shadow:I think this give's me a chance to save Maria

Destiney: okay... Sorry but that shocked me when you brought up the ARK, Thats me and Shadow's creation place.

Shadow:Then we both can go

Destiney: uh... Ok.... if you say so... *jumps down*

???:Hey, don't count me out'

Destiney: ?

Nero:Besides I got my DNA on the Ark


Nero:Sorry, I forgot to tell you my name Destiney. I'm Nero, Nero the Hedgehog

Destiney: okay....

Shadow:So when can we leave?

Tails:Right Now if you want.

Shadow:Then we leave now

Destiney: very well, it will be nice to see her again.

Nero:I never knew Maria

Destiney: I did...

Nero:Wait, if we save her from death, then what will happen to Professor Gerald?

Destiney: well if I'm right, he will most likely think that maria still died.

Shadow:Is there a Chance we can save him too?

Tails:Maybe, but it could be risky.

Destiney: Shadow he is old, we won't live here, he will age intil he turns to dust.

Shadow:Don't worry we will find a Way

Destiney: ok shadow

Tails: The Rift is Opening but you will only have one chance to get in there and get out

Destiney: Alright lets go...

Shadow:Let's Go *Jump through the rift*

Destiney: *Follows Shadow*

Nero:Be back soon tails, and if Ralico come's here tell him not to come with us.

Tails:OK Nero

Nero:*Jump's in*

Tails:Good Luck Guys

Chapter 2

Shadow:*Land's on the Ark* Were Here

Destiney: Where it all started

Shadow (Past):*Running with Maria* Go Maria

Destiney: Shadow grab her i'll stop time around the rift

Shadow:OK Des *Grab's Maria* come on Maria we have to get the Professor

Maria:Why Shadow?

Shadow:we are going to the future


Nero:*Appear's* Shadow,!!!!

Shadow (Past):Who are you *Fighting GUN*

Nero:Oh your that Shadow

Destiney: *she is straining herself while holding the time freeze* if i'm right my past self should come throuhg throwing Chaos bombs

Destiney (past): *she runs through throwing Chaos bombs at soldiers*

(The Rift Closes)

(WTH?! Destiney froze time around it!)
(Nero: The Rift is going to appear in the room that Maria sent shadow to earth when she died)

Destiney: huh?

Nero:OH Shoot the rift closed!!

Destiney: Hold on olet me see if it will appear again. *hey eyes flash to nothing and then back to normal* COME ON! *she skates off*

Nero:Right *Skate's off with Destiney*

Destiney: *comes up to a room* keep quiet, and stay here.

Nero:Yeah Right, I'm going to go look for the Professor

Destiney: Very well...

Nero:*Skate's off*

Destiney: Whens Shadow getting here?

Nero:I don't know, but hopefully soon, we only have 15 minute's before we are stuck here for good

Destiney: Hmmm.... I know! *she sends out a energy wave that Shadow can sense* I'm so handy ^^

Nero:Yes you are, but we have to get to the Professor before GUN

Destiney: Shadow and Maria are doing that.

(hey I put a Sprite in your Maria the Hedgehog gallery, go look)
(It's Awesome, Thanks ^_^)

Nero:yes but in his diary, he said that he was captured by GUN

Destiney: *she isnt paying attention to him*

Nero:*Skate's off*

(Nero:You want to use Maria for a bit?)
(um, not sure)

Destiney: oh Snap GUN soldier, and they don't have anyone chasing them.


Destiney: nero go ahead. *she whacks a soldeir in the back of his head*

Nero:OK, Meet Shadow and I in the Launch Room, *Skate's Off*

Destiney: *she has defeated all the GUN soldeirs, but one hits her hard where it hurts and she passes out, the soldier leaving her there*

With Shadow and Maria

Shadow:You OK Maria?

Maria: Yes, um who did you some with?


Nero:*Run's into the Room with the Professor* Where's Destiney?

Maria: I don't know.

Shadow:Nero, you stay here with the Professor and Maria, I am going to go look for Her


(In the Hallway)


(theres no answer)

Shadow:*See's Destiney on the Floor* Destiney!!! *Run's over to her*

(she is passed out)

Shadow:*Pick's her Up and Run's Off*

(In the Launch Room the Rift Open's)

Shadow:*Run's In* WE HAVE TO GO!!!!

Maria: ok

Nero:*Jump's Into the Rift*

DGR:*Goes into the Rift*

Shadow:*Jump's Into the Rift*

Maria: *goes into the rift*

Chapter 3

Tails:Where are they?

(The Rift Opens)



Shadow::*Appears with Destiney*

Maria: *appears*

DGR:*Feel's his Chest* Woah

Maria: Grandfather whats wrong?

DGR:*fall's Over*

Maria: Grandfather!

Tails:*Run's over to him* Oh Shoot,

Shadow:What's Wrong?!!

Tails:He can't survive!!!

Maria: no!

Tails:There is one way for him to Survive though

Maria: what?

(and if maria was as old as eggman in that time, how come she can't survive?)
(She died so the Future can't change which it is making her try and Die)

Tails: I can make an Artificial body for him, as a Hedgehog

Maria: very well...

Destiney: *she starts coming to*


Destiney: h-huh?

Tails:Shadow, Nero, can you help me move him over to the table over there

Shadow:Sure *Help's tails Pick of the Doctor*

Nero:*Help's tails Pick of the Doctor*


Shadow:Maria? you don't look good

Maria: i'm fine.

Destiney: you sure?

Shadow:Yeah, you really don't look good

Maria: i'm sure.


( nero expect that alot and ecpect it more from my fursona because I have high pain tolerance and Its what I normally do when people say, Are you ok?)


Nero:*Sit's Down and Start's thinking about the event's of Shadow the Hedgehog: Rise of Nero*

Destiney: *she jumps onto the ceiling fan*

(sorry nero its 1:00 in the morn i gotta go we shall continue tomorrow)


Destiney: Shadow i'm going out for a little bit *she skates off*

Shadow:OK Des,

(Nero:We Shall have Eggman Appear for the first time in this fanfic ^_^)
(Amy: oh gosh I got a bad feeling about that)

Destiney: *she jumps into a tree* man I love high places.

Eggman:*Flying around* Where is that dang chaos emerald!!!!

Destiney: *ear cocks* huh? oh great... *she jumps up high into the tree*

Eggman:*Does not See Destiney* Why would there be a power flux if there is no Chaos Emerald!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Destiney: *Quietly to herself* dangit

Eggman:Where woul.... *See's Destiney* Oh it's you

Destiney: Snap

(lol I had this weird idea he would capture her or something)

(Nero:OK that's work's ^_^)

Eggman:Where is the Chaos Emerald!?!?!?!?!

Destiney: *she skates off leaving a trail of chaos energy behind*

Eggman:Hey!!!!! *Goes After her*

Destiney: DRAT!

(a Metal Claw come's out of the Eggmobile)

Eggman:Haha *Grab's Destiney*

Destiney: dangit! *she trys to get free*

Eggman:If your not going to tell me where it is then I will torture it out of you *Fly's off with Destiney*

Destiney: snap!

(are you telling me he found fluxes from her?)

(Nero:No. he think's she has the emerald LOL)


Shadow:I'm going to check on Destiney, *Walk's out*

Maria: Alright


Shadow:Des, where are you???

Theres no one out der*

Shadow:*Catch's a Glimp's of Eggman with Des* Oh Shoot *Run's inside*

Maria: Shadow whats wrong?

Shadow:Destiney's been taken by Eggman

(Nero:She does not know who Eggman is)
(i know)

Maria: Who's Eggman?

Shadow:Uh, he's your cousin

Maria: Why would he take Destiney?

Tails:My guess is, he thought there was a Chaos Emerald around here when I activated the rift, and thought Destiney had it.

Maria: But then again she actually is an emerald.

Shadow:We have to save her

Nero:I agree

Maria: ok

(How bout Maria, start's to feel the same as DGR now)
(then you would have to act her out because i'm not the type for that stuff unless it's MY BLUEBIRD STUDIOS CHAR)
(OK That's fine)

Maria:*Fall's over*


Tails:oh man

Shadow:Is the same thing happening to her?

Tails: Yes

Shadow:*Pick's her up and put's her on the table* we have to save destiney!!

Tails:Then Go, I can handle thing's here

Shadow:Ok, Nero.

Nero:Right, *Skate's off*

Shadow:Make sure they stay alive!!!


Shadow:*Skate's off*

Chapter 4

(In Eggman's Base)

Destiney: *she is struggling to free herself from something*

Eggman:That's not going to help, I got E-20000 to watch you

E-20000:Yes Doctor

Destiney: *growls* I am going to get free.

Eggman:I made this area to deactivate, all chaos power's, so you won't be getting free anytime soon.

Destiney: darnit -_-

???:Plus you will be watched by me

Destiney: huh?

Hex:I'm Hex, Hex the Hedgehog. And I can use my power's on you!!

Destiney: I hate this -_-

???:So do I

Destiney: huh?

Cryo:I'm Cryo,

Hex:Shut it Fool *Smack's him in the head*

Destiney: so what do you think your going to do to me?

???:He's going to do nothing to you *Reviles him self to be Pyro the Hedgehog*


Exo:*Spin Dashes Hex in the Head*

Destiney: *she just keeps struggling herself free*

Pyro:*Burn's the Metal and Free's Destiney*

Destiney: hmmph *she skates off*

(jet skates, don't ask, their the same as shadows, different design*

Exo:We need to follow her

Cryo:OK *Skate's off*

Exo:*Run's off*

Pyro:*Run's Off*

Destiney: Oh man this isnt good, when I leave off a trail of chaos energy theres usually a burst of it next.

Cryo:Where's Nero?!?!?!?!

Destiney: SNAP! *she gives of a huge burst of Chaos energy*

Cryo:What is it?

Destiney: nothing.

(shouldn't Eggman tell that there was a burst of energy or a power blast?)

(Nero:Heh I forgot that)

Eggman:*In front of them* and where do you think you going?

Destiney: uhh...

Eggman:Egg Spider, GO!!!

Destiney: *jumps back so she dosnt get hit*

Cryo:*Freezes the Tentacles*

Destiney: okay...

  • hey nero, can we have his computer make some sort of lock on Destiney and say something?)

Egg Spider:Target Locked, Destiney the Hedgehog *Attack's her*

Destiney: Yikes! *she jumps back and releases another burst of chaos energy*

Nero:Hey Blubber butt!!!

Eggman:Huh, Egg Spider, Attack Nero the Hedgehog,

Egg Spider:New Targer, Nero the Hedgehog, *Attack's Him*

Nero:Whoa *Jump's out of the Way*


Nero:Nope, *Use's Chaos Spear on the Robot*

His chaos spear is tripled in strength*

Destiney: hey Nero, I forgot to tell ya, use chaos powers near me they are stronger.

Nero:Sweet, *Use's Chaos Blast*

Destiney: CHAOS DEATH! *she fineshes off the robot*

(lol I sence suspision from Egghead)

Eggman:No I can believe this!!!!

Destiney: Can't believe what? That you just got beat by the living chaos emerald?

Eggman:L-living C-C-Chaos E-e-emerald!?!?!?!

Destiney: O_O snap I ran my mouth off to far! NERO COME ON WE GOTTA RUN!

Nero:Right *Skate's Off*

Destiney: *follows behind him and the others*

(At Tails WorkShop)

Shadow:How are they?

Tails:I almost got the body's ready

(back with Destiney and the others)

Destiney: *almost gets caught* SNAP! *she keeps skating*

Nero:*Blow's a Hole in the Wall* We Need to Jump!!!!

Destiney: go ahead i'll go last.

Nero:OK *Jump's out*




Destiney: *she was about to jump when something grabbed her* Huh? LET ME GO!

Eggman:Your Mine!!!

Destiney: *hits herself in the head* SO CLOSE!

Hex:*Smack's her so hard in the Head that she get's a bruise*

Destiney: *passes out*

(Nero:Be Right Back)
(Des: ok)

(On the Ground)

Nero:Where's Destiney?

Cryo:I don't know, she was right behind me

Nero:I'm going back up there, CHAOS CONTROL!!! *Teleport's back onto the Egg Fortress* Des? *See's Eggman with her* EGGMAN

Eggman:Gahh, it's you again

Nero:GIVE HER BACK *Kick's him and Catch's Destiney and Start's running to the hole and Jump's off*

(lol nero I can't really speak right now...)

Nero:*Land's on the Ground* Destiney *Put's her on the ground*

(hey nero we will have to continue tomorrow its 1:30 at night for me)

(Nero:OK Night Des)
(Nero:Your Turn Des)

Destiney: h-huh?

Nero:Your Awake

Destiney: what happened?

Nero:I don't know but you were passed out

Destiney: oh, lets get moving then

Nero:Right, *Skate's off*

Destiney: *follows*

(at Tails Workshop)

Tails:Almost Done with the Doctor

Shadow:That's Good

Destiney skids in and nearly hits the wall*

Destiney: hey!


Destiney: I was saying hi


Tails:No, No, No!!!!!

Destiney: wut?

Tails:I'm Sorry, but I chould not save Doctor Gerald

Destiney: oh, thats sad

Shadow:*Grab's Tails and Pushes him to the Wall*

Destiney: Please no hostility!

Tails:All we need to reawaken Maria is a Chaos Emerald

Destiney: Already done

Tails:and I forgot to mention, we need some of Shadow's Blood


Destiney: ok

Shadow:OK here *Stab's himself* is that good?


Destiney: okay...

Tails:But it would be better if I got some of Destiney's Blood

Destiney: *jumps onto the ceiling* w-why me?

Tails:Your a Girl, and She's a Girl, so I think it would be better

Destiney: yes but my D.N.A. was altered with Shadows an I'm still a girl!

Tails:Yes, but you got more DNA of a Girl then Shadow

Destiney: b-but...

Tails:Please, do it for Shadow

Destiney: fine... *jumps down*

Tails:*Hand's her the needle* all you need to do is stab yourself

Destiney: *she stabs herself*

Tails:*Pull's the Needle out* Sorry Destiney

Destiney: It's fine

Tails:Now, *Stab's Maria* that should do it

Destiney: ok


Maria:*Suddenly wake's up* Whoa W-what H-happend?

Destiney: uh... I don't really know...


Maria:Shadow *Hug's Him*

Destiney: ok...

Maria:*Walk's to a Sink and See's what she look's like* AHHHHHHHHHH

Destiney: WHAT?! *she jumps back onto the ceiling*

Maria:I-I-I'm a Hedgehog

Destiney: Oh thats no surprize to me


Destiney: I could see you before you saw yourself.

Maria:I-I'm scared

Destiney: Don't be! i'm going outside for a bit

Maria:*Follow's Destiney* I was a human before, and now I'm a Hedgehog, that make's me scared

Destiney: Maria, Ask tails and Shadow I wasnt really there so I don't have answers

Maria:Well, now I can do something I always wanted to do

Destiney: what?

Maria:This, Oh Shadow,

Shadow:*Walk's outside* Yes Maria

Maria:*Kisses Shadow*


Destiney: okay... *she skates off*

Nero:*See's Destiney skate off* Destiney?!?!?!?!

Destiney: *she turns into Melody Destiney*

Nero:You OK?

Destiney: I'm fine

Nero:You sure?

Melody Destiney: yes *she skates off*


Shadow:*Walk's over to Nero* Maria......... Just kissed me

Nero:Hm *Look's in the way of Destiney*

  • Destiney has turned back*

Destiney: what feels so wrong about being here?

???:what do you mean by that?

Destiney: I think im going to get into some sort of trouble, which isnt a surprize

Sandy:Sorry, I forgot to tell you my name, I'm Sandy, Nero's Girlfriend

Destiney: I'm Destiney (hey how do you make that 3D art?)

Sandy:You have a crush on Shadow, don't you

(Nero:All I do is recolor I don't remove any clothes so it does not suck)
(Des: ok)

Destiney: uh... (please and try to get her in trouble, it's a thing with her)

Sandy:Nero, asked me to ask you ^_^

Destiney: *she skates off and comes back* DON'T WANNA GO THAT WAY! (guess)

Sandy:You do have a crush on him, I can see it in your eyes

Destiney: ok, yes I admit it, but I have a problem (egghead :P)

Sandy:What is it?

Destiney: I'm being chased br Dr.Eggman

Sandy:Don't worry about him

Destiney: you don't understand he knows my biggest secret!

Sandy:what is that?

Destiney: I'm a living chaos emerald and since he knows that I could be in a whole lotta trouble!

Sandy:He is just a big, fat, lazy cubba bubba.


Destiney: Have you seen what he has done!? Dark gaia, Chaos, Shadow but shadow didnt cause that much damage.

Sandy:Yes I was in the middle of it all, when Chaos flooded station square I had to swim to safety, see I was homeless, my parent's died. and I lived by myself for 5 year's, and all I eat was bugs and rotten food.

Destiney: ok well...

Destiney becomes fooled when a shadow robot comes up and she thinks it is shadow*

Shadriod: Destiney come with me

Destiney: uh ok *she follows it*

Sandy:Hm *Follow's Destiney and the Shadow Android*

Destiney: um sandy, you don't have to come

Sandy:I don't trust Shadow right now

Destiney: ok... *she and the shaodw andriod disappear* (its teleportation)


(With the Android and Destiney)

Destiney: Where are we?

Eggman:*Grab's Destiney by the back of her shirt* Your with Me ahahaha

Destiney: WAH!?

Eggman:*Throw's her into his Robotizizer* Your Mine *Activates it*

Destiney: *growls* I can't be affected by this.

(Ya know I have done an RP with the vampire dude i was talking about and he tryed mind control O_o)

(Nero:OK well he will try mind control next ^_^ if the Robotizizer does not work)

Eggman:Who Care's

(Robotizizer Blow's up)

Destiney: HAH! *she is about to run away*

Eggman:*Grab's her* Let's try this *Puts a Mind Control Chip in her Ear*

Destiney: huh? *her eyes turn a whitish silver color*

Eggman:*Let's her down* Destroy that Wall over there *Point's to the Left Wall*

Destiney: *she walks over to it, uses chaos death, and it crumbles*

Eggman:Now Bow to me and Call me your Master

Destiney: *bows* master

(XD this reminds me of a archi comic issue)

Eggman:Now Bring me Shadow's most Possession

Destiney: Yes master *she skates off*

(With Tails, Shadow, Nero, Sandy, and Maria.)

Maria:Where's Destiney?

Sandy:She went some where with a Shadow Android

Destiney: *she comes up to them. she has somehow cloaked her eyes back to aky blue* Maria, come with me


Destiney: Please just come.

Maria:OK *Walk's Outside*

Destiney: *she grabs maria and skates at the speed of light to egghead base*


(At Eggmans base) (and the archy comic was Eggman put something in sonics ear, and it gave him control over his body, thanks to metal sonic for the capture)

Destiney *her eyes revert back to the silvery color* calm down I stopped

Eggman:Perfect, Wait, I said Shadow's Favorite Possession!!!!

Destiney: This is Maria, She couldnt survive as a human, tails had to turn her into a hedgehog.

Eggman:Wait, this is M-Maria

Destiney: YES! I JUST EXPLAINED THAT! *growls*

Eggman:*Slap's Destiney* Hmph

Destiney: ow...

(Destineys temper is the one thing he can't get to XD)

Maria:Uh *Start's Running Away from them*

Destiney: *teleports, grabs her, and then puts her arms behind her back*


Destiney: Don't run.

Maria:*Thinking* Let's Try this, Chaos Control *Teleport's Away*

Destiney: heh *she manipulates it and maria comes back*

Maria:Oh Fooy

Destiney: Don't try that again or it will hurt


Destiney: hmmph *she is trying to fight Eggmans control over her*

Maria:*Look's over her Shoulder and See's the Chip in her Ear* Oh that's not good *Elbow's Destiney in the Stomach and Grab's the Chip in her Ear*

She gets shocked trying to pull it out*

Destiney: What was that for?

Maria:Gosh, my hand *Holding her hand*

Destiney: hmmph

Maria:*Punch's Destiney in the Face*

(The Chip fall's out)

Destiney: *her eyes revert to sky blue* huh? hey what was that for!?

Maria:*Pick's up the Chip* Because this was in your ear

Destiney: *confused look* what do you mean?

Maria:You were under the Doctor's Control

Destiney: okay...

Maria:Hm *Sneak's up behind Eggman* Hello *Put's the Chip on his Head* now Dance like a Chicken

Eggman:*Start's Dancing like a Chicken with it's head cut off*

Destiney: Maria take it out and lets run!

Maria:Nah, let him suffer *Starts running*

Destiney: okay... *she jet skates as fast as maria*

(Nero:Let's take a Break on this for tonight)
(Des: Ok, I got sprite requests anyways)
(Goldenguy511: ...I like turtles...)
(Nero:uh OK)


Destiney: *starts laughing to* That was pretty fun

Maria:I'm not used to this Hedgehog body yet but I will get used to it

Destiney: I'm sure you will


Destiney: Maria, did you know, that if Shadow and Nero didn't save you, you would have been killed?

Maria:Yeah, but what does Nero even have to do with Me?

Destiney: Er... I don't really know

Maria:*Sigh* oh well,

Sarina:Destiney!! *Run's up to her*

Destiney: Yo! Whats up?

Sarina:Nutin, you?

Destiney: I guess you could say the same, oh, meet Maria!



Destiney: Sarina, Maria is accually on old friend of mine, I really don't know how to explain it

Sarina:uh huh

Destiney: So would you like to come with us?

Runner:heys guys *is running toward them and ccrashes into maria*


(Im going to put my fc in there if thats okay?)

????:Hey guys,Ive heard of you before, Shadow.

Gold:I can help Maria out with this.Im a freedom fighter.Ive seen it all.Nice to meet you maria!Im Gold The Hedgehog. I have a trigger emreald in my body.

Shadow:You must be that tough girl eh?

(You may continue)

runner:ow,huh,oh sorry *helps maria up* ive never seen you around here,you new?

Gold:Nah...What do you thihnk we should do with her?

(Goldenguy511:Sorry for the stuff about turtles, I was bored, can I put my Fan Character here also?)


runner:what do you mean by that,im sure she'll be fine

Gold:k... Meh..

runner:but who is she

Gold: Maria, Shadows friend from the past. Since a rift in time opened up Shadow got her but she couldnt surive here so Tails made her a hedgehog body.

In the Los Dimension...

???:I must find Shadow soon...I am Kumori!

Kumori: And I will have my revenge on Shadow! I WILL NOT FAIL! (evil laugh)