Shadow The Hedgehog - Rise Of Nero

Chapter 1

The Black Arms:

Shadow The Hedgehog Saved the world from Dark Gaia And Dr Eggman But to Shadow something is wrong very wrong i know i stopped black Doom in the Past but it feels like he is coming back but i killed him Said Shadow All of a sudden a giant ship comes out of the sky and monsters come flying Whats This Said Shadow Attack black arms Said The Red Hedgehog Its the black arms Said Shadow Hahahahahahahahahaha Laughed The Red Hedgehog Who are you Said Shadow My Name is Nero, Nero The Hedgehog Said Nero, Nero Eh Said Shadow Remember Solaris Said Nero Yes I do but what does Solaris have to do with you Said Shadow During The Time of Solaris I was being created Said Nero But by who Nero Does your creator have anything to do with the black Arms Said Shadow Yes Yes he does Brother Said Nero Huh Brother Said Shadow Shadow Look how I am Red And Black Yet You Are Black And Red Said Nero Black Doom But how are you me but instead of your body being black it is red but my body is black and not red Why Would you be a complete opposite of me instead of me Said Shadow Because Shadow to some people I am The Anti Shadow and I would love to avenge black doom's death Said Nero So let the fight begin Said Shadow

Chapter 2

Hedgehog's Dual:

As The Fight Begins Shadow and Nero Go Head To Head Blow for Blow as the fight get more violent both hedgehog's are out of breath this has to Stop Nero Said Shadow No I am going to keep going in till one of us is dead shadow Said Nero So be it Said Shadow Yet again another fight begins Nero I am going to End this even if it takes me forever Said Shadow So be it shadow Said Nero Chaos Control Yelled Shadow As shadow used chaos control shadow pop behind Nero and grabbed his Neck Nero this is going to end now Said Shadow hahahahahahahaha Chaos Control Yelled Nero As Nero pops back up to get out of shadow grip Sonic Runs in hey Shadow I came to help Said Sonic No Sonic Leave Yelled Shadow huh why Shadow Said Sonic just at that moment Nero Snaps his finger to use Chaos Control Who's that Said Sonic just then Nero Pop's Up right in front of Sonic bring it Said Sonic OK Said Nero Nero Grabs Sonic's Neck and trows Sonic No Sonic Yelled Shadow Well that takes care of him Said Nero Your going to pay for that Said Shadow OK bring it Said Nero

Chapter 3

Super Hedgehog's:

With Sonic knocked out it is up to shadow to end this Nero I am going to end you Said Shadow Just then the Chaos Emeralds Start making a big circle around shadow Whats this Said Nero With The power of the Chaos Emeralds Shadow Goes Super Forming Super Shadow Its time to end you Nero Said Super Shadow Hahaha shadow you can't Stop me I am Nero The Hedgehog the most powerful being on the planet Said Nero Will See About that Said Super Shadow Fine Chaos Control Said Nero Using the Power of The Chaos Emeralds Nero is formed into Super Nero Die Shadow Yelled Super Nero Just then both hedgehog's used Chaos Blast Injuring The Hedgehog's Nero This has to end once and for All Yelled Super Shadow Yes it will end shadow starting with your Death Said Super Nero Just stop talking Nero I am going to end this even if it means both of us Said Super Shadow Fine Shadow Said Super Nero

Chapter 4

Nero's Defeat:

The Battle Between the two hedgehog's still rages on to follow Sonic waking up huh what is shadow doing in Super form I got to help him Said Sonic Nero This Has to End now Said Super Shadow I will do any thing to avenge Black Doom even if I have to destroy this planet Said Super Nero You will do no such thing Nero Said Super Shadow Try and stop me Shadow Said Super Nero Oh no IM running out of energy I have to end this now Said Super Shadow Ragggggggggg Yelled Super Nero I'm going to end this now Nero Yelled Super Shadow Just Then Shadow's Energy Run's out Ahhhh Yelled Shadow Hahahahahaha I am going to end you now shadow hahahaha Said Nero, Yeah right Nero, CHAOS CONTROL Said Shadow {Shadow Teleport's behind Nero} What!! Yelled Nero, It's OVER NERO Yelled Shadow. {Kick's Nero} Gahhh Yelled Nero, {Shadow Teleport's In front of Nero} No back away {Shadow throw's Nero into the ground} Gahhh Yelled Nero, like I said Nero it's over Said Shadow, I-it's not over until I say it's over, Said Nero, Nero, Black Doom is the one who is evil not me, Said Shadow, You mean that Black Doom tricked me, Said Nero, Yes he did Nero, Said Shadow, but he is my creator, Said Nero, that mean's nothing Nero, Professor Gerald is my creator but so is Black Doom, He tried to trick me into joining the Black Arm's but he failed, Said Shadow, so I could be good like you?, Said Nero, Yes Nero you can be good. Said Shadow, {Nero Stand's up} Maybe your right Shadow, Said Nero, I know I'm right Nero, come join GUN Nero, Said Shadow, I have to think about that but first I need to know my purpose, Said Nero, Well there will be a spot ready for you Nero, Said Shadow, Thanks Shadow, Said Nero {Nero Start's walking away} Nero I guess you really are my brother, Said Shadow, I know I am Shadow, Said Nero, Farewell Nero the Hedgehog, Said Shadow, Farewell Shadow the Hedgehog, Said Nero,

The End