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Character- Shadow the Hedgehog

I would HATE to catch him in a dark ally


This is Shadow in Nova the Hedgehog's universe. Shadow is now a Hero, not a Vigalante. He is happy and content with his life now because with the help of Tails and Nova, they brought back Maria from the dead (not only that, they made her a Hedgehog too). Shadow has given up guns (not realy, just when Maria is around) and now runs with normal shoes, not his air shoes. He is married to Maria and is currently trying to have a child to carry on his legacy.

Jr.s Connection

Shadow the Hedgehog Jr. is not Shadow's son, but Sonic's. Jr. was originaly the original Shadow reincarnated. Shadow came back in a new body and the other Shadow was dubbed "Jr." so no one will get the two confused with eachother.

Likes and dislikes

Shadow loves Pepsi, and also loves pepperoni pizza and Snickers candy bars. Shadow loves a good fight and hates being called Emo. Shadow loves his family and friends and will give his life (again) to protect them. When Shadow was actually in Heaven (yes he went to heaven before he got reincarnated) he said that he "loved the buffet there" and that "it was to die for".

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