Shadow once again meets Black Doom,this time knowing that he is behind the PureDark emerald starting to make people puredark,this time making them truly evil.He is infected by a virus eggman made,the werewolf virus,that unlike Sonic's werehog form,can be used anytime.He makes a team,whose members are:Rouge the bat,Omega,Metal Sonic,and him,to defeat Black Doom once and for all!

Playable characters:

Rouge the bat E-123 Omega Shadow Metal Sonic Godzilla


Devil Doom has merged with Diablon 2.0. to become Mecha-Doom.You first play with Hyper Rouge the Werebat,later as Super Omega Madness Overlord,then as Super Metal Madness Overlord,then as Hyper Godzilla the Werehog and finally, as Hyper Shadow the Werehog.Shadow,enraged because of the death of his only friends,uses an entirely new attack:Chaos Onslaught.Later,he uses Chaos Control to revive his friends.


  • Toxic Shock:Egg Overlord (Eggman Nega)
  • Test of strenght:Mecha-Devil Bull
  • Revenge in the ARK: Hyper Spacegodzilla the Werehog & Metal Shadow Overload (This is dificult,even with easy mode,but you use 4 characters at once)
  • Out of control hazard:Final Hazard
  • Facing the Ex-hero:PureDark Sonic
  • Crazy Rosy:PureDark Amy Rosy The Rascal
  • Strongest Versus Strongest:PureDark Knuckles the Echidna
  • Mortal Enemy:Mecha-Doom

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