Shannon Hioshi Hedge is the cousin of Rob O' the Hedge. She mostly is more calmer and reasonable then her other cousin Amy Rose.



She wears a green ribbon with sparkles on it, while having a pink T-shirt and green pant's. Shannon has a yellow star on her cheek and a little necklace. Her skin is dark tan with white symboled stripes on each arm. Her hair is brown, yet her front bang is light cream with black stripes. She wears open fingered neon aqua gloves and neon violet shoes.


Shannon is a helpful, reasonable girl that loves being with people she knows. Not the person you'd call "welcoming" though. She hates visitors except for her family (although, she doesn't like welcoming Amy because she tends to be sneaky).

Background Story


She hasn't reached to her powers yet, but she's known for

  • Martial Arts - She learned from her Master Shanping. She herself is at expert level.
  • Ninja Skills - Honored to be taught by her former secret crush Espio the Chameleon




Weaknesses and Fears




See Also

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