Sharp Beak is the beak of a non-anthropomorphic bird, which was removed and imbued with the potential to increase the power of Wind-type moves.


The Sharp Beak is just that - a long, sharpened beak from a bird, often strung and put onto a necklace like a trophy, or kept in a pocket like a lucky charm. To most, these beaks are quite odd, and while some may carry the beak, not realizing just how rare and important these beaks are. Others find them disgusting, and often attempt to destroy the items.

However, the beaks are extremely useful to any being who wields the element of wind - the beak itself is imbued with enough Wind magic to increase the power of any Aerokinetic or Aeromance technique used by the owner by twenty percent. As long as the sharp beak is kept on their person, it's effects can be felt by all they fight.


Locations to Acquire

These items are rare, with the majority produced back during the Demon-Celestial War, millennia ago. However, there are still a number of people producing these items, and a number of places where they are known to be sold. Some are even known to show up in junk shops, while many thousands of millennia-old examples are buried underground.

  • Members of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus have been known to make these items from the beaks of the unusual and over-powered Pokemon that appear within the Transitory Mists, and due to that, have been known to sell them through an undercover member at swap-meets and markets, where they are emphasized as their true use.
  • The Pickup Merchants typically have a large number of these items on stock for people interested in purchasing them, as long as the person contacts the semi-legitimate company in person.
  • The beaks are commonly found in markets at Sky City, were they are produced by artisans, due to the omnikinetic population and large number of birds.
  • The only other place certain to possess some of these wings is a small shack, at the bottom of the mountain that holds up Devil's Gulag. Within this shack, only one of these items shows up at a time, before a mysterious figure replenishes the beak after a few weeks.
  • As well as all of these methods, the vast majority of modern beaks are carried by unsuspecting beings, who don't realize what the item they carry can do. It is not unheard of for people, after being mugged or having something stolen from their person, to find that one of the first things stolen was the beak, either for sale or for use by the thief.