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The main character of Shoot 'Em Up, Fang the Sniper (A.K.A. Nack the Weasel.) Art by Tee-J of DeviantArt

Shoot 'Em Up (C) Blank the Nobody

SEU was created on January 18th of 2010 by the illusive and confusing Blank The Nobody (Who also goes by many other monikers) on the site for the sake of pure enjoyment and to inform many of the younger Sonic lovers who 'Nack the Weasel ' is along with ther characters SEGA so cruelly 'scrapped' as well as give them a glimpse of what he thinks Fang would act like. During the time, the author Blank was going through a rambunctous action phase of his life and was fascinated with many action movies which ended up inspiring many of the scenes from Shoot 'Em Up like the movies "Wanted", the real movie "Shoot 'Em Up", "Mission Impossible", "The Matrix", "Kung Fu Hustle" and many more.


In the beginning SEU had a very rough start due to the author's tendency to have massive amounts of writer's block and severe depression for reason he will not disclose. Prior to the actual 'publication' of SEU on, there was an older Fang based story that failed to get passed Chapter One due to lack in motivation from Blank and other reasons. Once Blank was able to get his head straight after numerous other attempts at writing he started Shoot 'Em Up at the same time he was doing another story. Shoot 'Em Up quickly became priority however and Blank shut down his previous story to work solely on SEU.

Creation of Shoot 'Em Up was solely to do something different because Blank found that most Sonic Fanfic writers wrote mostly about Sonic and the main cast or fancharacters and he wanted to break that trend. Since Fang is in fact Blank's favorite character he decided to give him some of the limelight for once and he has absolutely no regrets.


At first the author Blank really had no idea what direction to take Shoot 'Em Up in and decided on a simple and easy deceptive, mystery, action drama genre but after much consideration he changed it to the fast-paced run-and-gun action that it is today. Using inspiration from movies and books Blank quickly got to work with character development and a sort of style that would define the story as his own.

In an attempt to mix Third-Person storytelling with First-Person, Blank developed a simple system which consisted of minor internal dialogue from the character contained within marks so the reader would be able to identify who those thoughts belonged to. These thoughts from the character were Blank's attempt to add depth to the storyline and allow the readers to feel how the character felt during situations.


-Well, when you make your way to the lab of Mobius' Most Wanted, you can't help but get excited. Not that I was scared, but I was just happy to see that bastard.- (Excerpt from Chapter Two)

As you can see the dialogue is contained within '-' which is Fang's personal thought notation. A majority of the characters that the story also revolves around have specific notation marks as well so the reader can properly distinguish who the chapter is focusing on at the beginning of the chapter. A handful of points of views are added to the story as it progresses and allows many different opinions on things along with how the character's personality really is.


Fang the Sniper is your run of the mill hired gun with absolutely no future. He takes jobs without a second thought, gets them done and then spends the money on booze and other things to drown his sorrows. Other than his snarky, back-talk and lack of humility Fang is merely armed with a sniper rifle and his own vintage revolver and despite having superior accuracy, he lacks in physical strength and other attributes that make him outstanding. Also because of his lack 'super powers' Fang is helpless against his rival Sonic the Hedgehog which he claims is impossible to shoot since he "runs faster than my own damn bullets."

After taking out the CEO of a powerful repo company Fang is contacted by quiet obese Dr. Eggman and is told that there is a job for him. Fang had previously dealt with the 'fat man' before since he always payed well and always in full so the Sniper didn't have much of a choice and decided to meet him. Turns out however that the Doctor wants Fang to find and eliminate the group called C.A.R.D. or 'Covert Assassin Regiment Delta' which is basically a government agency of highly talented assassins who are trained in different specialities. Fang takes the job unaware of the danger he's in and goes home.

Once home Fang is attacked by an unknown figure which soon turns out to be his sister Nic the Weasel who goes by the nickname Bayonet the Gunner for reasons unknown. She explains to him that she had also been contracted by another group to take down C.A.R.D. and after receiving information that her brother was on the same job as well she decided to enlist in his help despite their shaky relationship from birth. After agreeing to help each other Fang is then taken to Nic's base where other assassins dwell.

Turns out that Nic had been doing quiet well and was becoming a very good assassin unlike Fang. She also turns out to be much more skilled than him as well in other things like hand to hand combat, more advanced gunplay and even and understanding of a technique called 'Warp' which allows the user to focus their energy to slow down time around him/her to allow them easier shots. Fang is taken aback by all this and is also jealous of his sister seeing as she is living such a great life while he has to undergo a state of crisis day by day. Nic then becomes Fang's mentor and begins to teach him more fighting techniques that'd give him an edge in the coming battles.

Not only does Fang have his sister helping him but a few familiar faces as well likeBean the Duck and Bark the Polar Bear who he had worked with previously as a team of assassins which had a falling out. After seeing his friends after such a long time Fang discovers that they had learned many things as well along with becoming stronger which makes the Sniper feel left out and week. This only seems to push Fang forward in his training so he could become the strongest assassin and take out C.A.R.D.


Main Characters

Fang the Sniper

Thought Quotation: - The main character of the story, Fang is first presented to the reader as an uncaring, sadistic, joking hired gun who kills without purpose. After receiving his new job of taking out the government group C.A.R.D. Fang is thrown into an entirely new game of assassins as he begins to realize that his meagre superiority with guns is not enough to survive. As the story progresses Fang takes on new traits and begins to change as moral choices are given to him along with a sense of camraderie that comes from working with different people and learning more about them. As his name states Fang is an excellent sniper and along with that he's great with his vintage revolver which he always carries around. He also excels in using 'Warp' powers which allows him to slow down time around him, put more power in his shots and curve bullets.

Nic the Weasel (a.k.a. Bayonet the Gunner in the story)

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Nic is Fang's biological sister and ever since they were kids they've had a fierce rivalry that carried on for years. After presenting herself to Fang after years of being apart she offers a helping hand with taking out C.A.R.D. and soon she begins to train him. Nic is playful and mannerful around friends but on the battlefield she's a real calculative demon that would do anything to get the job done. She specializes in many weapons, specifically dual weilding submachine guns and firing them in a violent tirade. As the story goes on the bond between herself and Fang grows stronger and instead of the 'I'll Kill You' hatred they had for each other they now have a 'I'll Kill You Honorfully' rivalry. Not much of an improvement, but it's better than nothing.

Bean the Duck

Thought Quotation: /

Bean is an old friend of Fang and to put it simply he is a total nutjob who lacks self control over well, anything. Always the random loud one of the group Bean is just out there with ideas and is hard to understand. His insanity could be taken as a sort of childish naivety or to be blunt, pure stupidity, but Bean could care less what other people say. Bean's specializes in a wide array of explosives ranging from grenades to C4. His method of deploying said explosives however is strange however since he tends to mix explosives with sports. For example he could throw a grenade in the air and hit it with a baseball bat so it hits someone square in the face. For a crazy duck his skills are quiet vast which is proven by his array of First Place sports trophies he has in different sports from baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer and even golf. No one knows how he got them and if anyone were to ask Bean his reply would simply be "I'm good at sports!"

Bark the Polar Bear

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Bark is a large burly bear with a cliche heart of gold. Despite his huge stature the bear is actually quite nice and polite to people when he's given the chance. The bear is also quiet insightful and udnerstanding as if he's been through so much in so little time (which one can argue due to his past). So far it is known that he's an assassin to pay for his aging grandmother's crazy escapades around the world so she could literally 'live life to the fullest.' Bark specializes in hand to hand combat which comes quite naturally due to his size. Along with this he also has power over Ice and can form it on command using the moisture in the air. He tends to form the ice as weapons though like gauntlets and bludgeons to aid him in battle.

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Supporting Characters

Ryu Kaynon the Doberman (Fancharacter owned by Blank the Nobody or any other moniker he ends up choosing)

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Where to begin with Ryu? Well I'll put it in simple terms, he's insane. His insanity is way more intense than Bean's to the point where he manages a state of coherency that allows him to sometimes communicate with people. Ryu's a generous, kind sort of guy his quirks are just how his insanity causes him to divulge in weird topics and random outbursts of hatred, humor, sadness or happiness. He's a bit overly enthusiastic but loves to meet new people so much to the point where in thirty seconds of introducing yourself to him he'll either be your best friend or worst best friend. He'll laugh with you, cry with you, laugh while you cry and cry while you're gone to the bathroom. Also, being an assassin, the insanity helps as well with coping with the monstrosities he's committed over the past since he does like a good bloodbath every now and then when his insanities getting too out of control. Ryu specializes in a variety of weapons but his tools of choice would be knives/daggers.

Digit Reever the Chihuahua (Fancharacter owned by Blank the Nobody)

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Without Digit there would be no shooting since he is the group's intelligent gunsmith. Digit specializes in weapons of mass destruction and was hired by Nic just in time since his family was lacking in the 'love' department. His weapons range from super powerful snipers, double barreled pistols and many more . Digit's a nice, skittish sort of guy who tends to avoid crowds due to his 'nerd-ish' appearance. He's learning to slowly overcome this however with the help of his friends. One of Digit's main pet peeves is being compared to a Miles 'Tails' Prower who he hates with a burning passion since he knows he could beat him whether it be power or inteligence. Most of Digit's friends don't think he's a fighter which is quite the since he does actually have a few tricks or two up his sleeve. Digit, in search of the perfect caffinated beverage to keep him up for many sleepless nights, had created a powerful energy he now calls 'DigiDrink.' But his tinkering actually caused some genetic mutation however since he tried to tailor the drink to increase his own workpower which gave him the power to control green electricity. He tried to tell his friends about his newfound abilities but no one seems to believe him, passing it off as 'comic book inspired daydreams' and he vows to one day show them all.

Dr. Eggman

The good Doctor is actually the enabler of the story since he is paying Fang's bill once the job is complete. He is however oblivious to the help is receiving from Fang's sister but doesn't really care at all. As Fang takes on each of the C.A.R.D. assassins Eggman menacingly comes up with something on the sidelines that could be the end of them all.

Character Cameos

Shadow the Hedgehog

Mighty the Armadillo

Vector the Crocodile

Espio the Chameleon

Charmy the Bee

Sonic the Hedgehog

(More to come)


  • Fang is in fact Blank the Nobody's favorite character above all the others since he thinks they're way too overused.
  • Fang, Bark and Bean's team in the Archie Comics is called Team Hooligan
  • The name Bayonet was given to Nic because the author felt it would be fitting for both brother and sister to have nicknames.
  • Fang power 'Warp' is used with Chaos Energy to increase the users senses so he/she can react faster but to the user it feels like time is slowing down.
  • Ryu Kaynon is one of Blank's oldest characters and is the insanest one he's ever created as well
  • The author Blank tends to come up with acronyms for many military related projects, C.A.R.D. is one of them, along with R.O.S.E. and S.P.A.R.T.A.N.
  • The author Blank the Nobody is so far thinking of creating further stories that relate to Shoot 'Em Up which he calls the 'Assassin Series.' These stories includes ones centering on Nic, Bark and a secret crossover.