Shooter The Eagle is a young eagle who has a dream to marry Irina Gosform Nalar. He pictures himself with Irina in hiss dreams and everyday.

Shooter The Eagle

Biographical Information
Age 16
RelativesMike Naqi (father)

Bird brain

Little one



Romantic InterestsNot yet
Physical Description
Species Eagle
Gender Male
  • Fur: Green
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Purple

Wears racer pants

Brown socks

Blue shoes

Gray gloves with blue gems on them

Black Ninja headband

Skull belt

Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsTiao Group
WeaponryNone yet
AbilitiesNone yet
Other Information
American V.A.User:Sonicsmansion97
Japanese V.A. None
Theme Song(s)None yet
AppearancesNone yet
Original CreatorLightning2315
Adopted BySonicsmansion97

Cquote1 All I want is to see her beautiful face... then... sooner or later... she shall be mine. Cquote2


Shooter's personality is really more like Amy's but worse. He is over-obessed with Irina on Skyloft and he tends to get very fiesty when others touch her. The 2 rarely talk but he tends to stalk Irina where-ever she goes. He also hangs a ton of picture of Irina in his bedroom and sleeps with a plush he made of Irina.


In Roleplays

Roleplay: The Goddess's Maiden (Trys to hurt everyone's feelings)

In Couples

Josina (Trys to take Irina away from Joseph)

In Teams

Team Apoclose (Helps the Tiao Group escape)

Background Story


Shooter is Mike's son and a young knight like Irina. In Skyloft, he enjoys to follow Irina everywhere so he can make sure that she likes him. When just one person bugs Irina, Shooter jumps into action and yells random things like, "She's being raped!" or "This person is abusing her!". Shooter loves to run to Mike and tell him tons of lies just to get alone with Irina.


On Mobius, Shooter is a little more lay-back but he still follows Irina. When he sees Sonic with Irina, Shooter completely freaks out and pretends to get hurt so Irina can help him.


The only abitlity Shooter has is his thieving skill. He usually steals expensive items like jewelery for Irina to show his love for her. Shooter gets out of hand when others are talking or touching "his girlfriend".




  • Joseph the Wolf : Shooter hates that Joseph's hitting "on his girlfriend"







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