Shrinking Adventures is a fanfic starring alot of Sonic Characters and my Fan Characters as well.


Fanon Heroes

  • Burner The Hedgehog/Flaming Burner
  • Jask The Bat/Hyper Jask
  • Wack The Chameleon/Sensei Wack
  • Samantha The Squirrel
  • Kyla The Fox
  • Nigel The Fox
  • Acord The Hedgehog
  • Jinks The Echidna

SEGA Heroes

  • Sonic The Hedgehog/Sonic The Merhog/Super Sonic
  • Tails Prower/Blazing Tails
  • Knuckles The Echidna/Hyper Knuckles
  • Sliver The Hedgehog/Super Sliver
  • Shadow The Hedgehog/Super Shadow/Shadic
  • Amy Rose
  • Blaze The Cat/Burning Blaze
  • Espio The Chameleon
  • Mighty The Armadillo
  • Vector The Crocodile

Fanon Villans

  • Dr.Chaosman
  • C-3212 High
  • C-0291 Shrink
  • C-2013 Game
  • C-1203 K.O

SEGA Villans

  • Dr.Eggman
  • Bocoe
  • Docoe
  • Bokkun
  • E-101 Gamma
  • E-123 Omega
  • E-100 Zeta
  • Buzzbombers
  • Caterkillers
  • Motobugs
  • Egg Pawns

Chapter 1:Shrunk Down!

Sonic and his friends entered the main interoir of the Egg Carrier to sneak in on Eggman again."Guys,we gotta be quick and sleathy like Espio,"said Sonic,"Or else Egghead will get us." The large team saw Eggman and his new partner,Dr.Chaosman fixing a shrink ray. They all raced out to attack them unoticed. "Boss,Team Heroes has arrived,"said Dr.Chaosman to Dr.Eggman."Give it up!"shouted Jask,Nigel,Wack,and Burner. "Oh,I've got a surprise for you!" grinned Eggman as he started firing the shrink ray at the team. "AAAHH!!!!!"shrieked the shrinking team of heroes.The heroes fell on the floor of the Egg Carrier."Send these nimrods away Dr.Chaosman!" said Dr.Eggman. "Right away sir!" replied Dr.Chaosman. He flung the heroes to Central City.

Chapter 2:Welcome To The Hugest City Around.

The heroes landed in a park. They got up and looked around at the now huge world. "Now Egghead's done it,huh Sonic?" said Tails. "He has gone way past far this time,"answered Sonic,"And we're micro-size." The team decided that they would need to find Eggman using all their forms and wits. Little did they know that Dr.Eggman and Dr.Chaosman had sent their henchmen to get rid of the heroes for good. Sonic swam across the ocean in his merhog form,Tails and Nigel looked for the Egg Carrier over the ocean using the now small X Tornado along with Kyla,Samantha,Wack,Acord,Jinks,and Jask. The Chaotix used their Extreme Gears to get across the city. Blaze,Sliver,Shadow and Amy flew across the rooftops in their super forms,but Amy was held by Sliver's aura.Last,Knuckles checked the city as well.