This is the conflict between the 4 Shuzen sisters,

Lilith, Renée, Lucy and Ruth.
Shuzen Sisters

(Left to Right) Ruth, Lucy, Lilith and Renée.(Inner)


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Conflict (Only for Rosario Cross)

Past Life, in the Shuzen Mansion

(Bare in mind these 4 were about 8-10 years old at this time)

Lilith: Come on Renée! I want another training session!

Lucy: You'd lose again.

Lilith: Oh shut up! -she punches Lucy-

Lucy: You want a fight with me?! -she kicks Lilith in the chest back into a wall-

Ruth: I'm not getting involved...again..

Lucy: Ruth, you wuss -she throws Ruth into Lilith-

Ruth & Lilith: Ow!

Renée: Knock it off, Lucy -round house kicks Lucy to the ground-

Lucy: Oof!

Lilith: Nice one, now can we ple--Ruth knocks Lilith to the ground-

Ruth: Stop asking! -she gets tripped by Renée- Owch..

Renée: Lay off, both of you! -she bangs Lilith's and Lucy's heads together-

Lilith & Lucy: Ow! That hurt! Don't do that! -they dive onto Renée-

Ruth: Oh great..-she tries seperating the three but ends up being knocked to the ground-

Renée: -teleports out of the fight- Right, now I'm going to kick some ass! -she grabs one of Lilith's and Lucy's ear-

Lilith & Lucy: Ow! Ow ow ow ow.

Ruth: They learned their lesson. Let them go.

Renée: Kay, now both of you pack it i--she gets pulled to the ground by Lucy-

Lucy: Don't do that! I hate that! -she hits Renée in the back-

(Issa enters the room, seeing them all fighting)

Issa: Girls! Break it up! -he picks up Ruth and Renée, places them on a chair, then seperates Lilith and Lucy from each other-

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