Sickly is Rinku's extreme gear.


Sickly was made for Rinku by person. it was designed to fit Rinku in every way (which is nothing special as it is made to fit anyone). this was also the first Extreme gear to have the improvement of combat which was later implanted in others. at the first glance it seems somewhat intimidating. people will also think that it will be the perfect extreme gear but it has many flaws and it's major weakness is turning.


Rinkus is a midnight black board with lines of Poison purple, Blood red, and Sickly green.


Person, the creator of the board, had a skilled mage and lay a curse on whoever stole the board from his home. Rinku took it as it was the first among a machine gun, a chainsaw, a lightsaber, and some dynomite that he saw. he is now cursed with turning and the board will call him "Princess".


Sickly has a mind of its own according to Rinku. It talks to him and will sometimes turn the wrong way. the only account of it actually being living is many people can hear it call Rinku "Princess".


  • SICKLY IS PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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