Sihara Blitze
Meet sihara blitze by thealbtraumcitizen-d4tq1sw
Date of Birth
April 25
4'7 (139 cm)
89 lbs (39 kg)
Creating weapons with poison attributes, poisoning others
Running and track team, vanilla-flavored food, pop music
Thunderstorms, laziness, extreme weather
Accidentally killing someone with her poison

Sihara is a panda resident of Mobius/Future Earth, residing currently in a city in the western half of Mobius, despite her Eastern heritage. She has poison abilities, which relate to a childhood accident that shall be told down in the Early Life section.

Sihara is also a hard worker, and very outgoing, while mischevious. She barely gets down and will try to cheer up anyone depressed, sad, or help an angry person calm down.

Early Life

Sihara was a great and obedient child, but near the city where she lived, a nuclear reaction happened at the age of 4. After two years or so, she and a

friend decided to check out the site, still radioactive, and write a report on their findings, not knowing the place was radioactive still. Sadly, they both fell under effects, but Sihara got the better half. You do know about the mobians overcoming the bombing about the Xorda, right?

Anyways, Sihara and her friend both suffered effects, but Sihara getting the better part, like I said. She gained powers over poison when thinking about anything she disliked, while her friend became bedridden due to effects. Of course, Sihara wished she was the bedridden one, as anyone would. She also poisoned a few people, but thankfully only the level of food-poison.

Teen Years (Current life)

Sihara figured out how her poison abilites worked, thankfully. She decided to start fighting evil and left her childhood home. Her ability had evolved in her only poisoning when thinking about something she hated and willing it to poison someone, and also allowing her to fight with a poison weapon as long as she had liquid in her system or nearby for the poison to take form in.

She also lives currently in the western former United States, and in the south, as well. Her city's called Oasis City, due to the fact that the deserts in the modern-day Nevada/California area are still around, or I at least presume so.


Please roleplay with Sihara, as she lacks any friends, enemies, etc. with a wiki page.

Roleplaying Status

I roleplay as Sihara usually scripted-style and on a roleplay page, but I can also do it literate and first-person and on a private forum/message board/etc.

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