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This page is for Silver the Hedgehog (Shiruba za Hejjihoggu) from ANY person's continuity.


I <3 silver

Silver the Hedgehog
Biographical Information
  • 14 (Most fanfics)
  • 17 (Sonic Brawlers and X's universe)
  • -34/17 physically (Pianoverse/Pianime)
  • 16 (BlackthornVerse)
  • 15 (Z Studio Fanfiction)
  • 24 (Anime in Season 6)
  • 18 (Bita's Universe)
  • 17 (Sonic Unleashed 2)
  • 19 (Sonic Adventure XG)
  • 16(Shade234's timeline)
  • 14 (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)-Sonic Generations)
  • 15 (Sonic Adventure 3-present)
  • 10 (Only in SHADOW)


Cameron's Universe

Phoenix_Saturn's Fanfics  

Silver the hedgehog game series

Sunny's game universe

  • Sunny the Hedgehog

 According to DaliaMoo and her cousin

  • Kimberli Hedgehog (possible mother)

X's Universe

  • X (brother)

Silver and Gold Blood War Game Series #1 The Shining Moon (AmyPinkRose's Fanfics)

  • Iron The Hedgehog (Father)
  • Crystal The Hedgehog (Mother)
  • Sky The Hedgehog (Brother)
  • Moonlight The Hedgehog (Sister)
  • Jade The Hedgehog (Eternal Girlfriend, which means no one else can marry Silver except her)
  • Lunaris The Leopard (Sister, no one know how, but somehow one of Silver's ancient relatives are leopards, but no one knows how they are part of his family, the cause is unknown)

The Sonic Show

  • Future Wife- Blaze the Cat
  • Future Daughter- Dawn the HedgeCat


  • Shadow(Father)
  • Emerald the Hedgehog( Great x5 Grandfather)
  • Soina Acorn(Greatx5 Grandmother)
  • Amy Rose(Geatx6Grandmother)
  • Amber the Hedgehog(Greatx6Grandfather)

Z Studio Fanfics

Gwen's Fanfics

  • Thirza the Hedgehog (future wife)
  • Asher the Hedgehog (future child)
  • Sammy the Hedgehog (future child)
  • Darby the Hedgehog (future child) Sonic the Next Generation
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Great-great-great grandfather)
  • Amy Rose (great-great-great grandmother)
  • Aleena the Hedgehog (great-great grandmother)
  • Manik the Hedgehog (great-great grandfather)
  • Sonia the Hedgehog (great-great grandmother)

Jade The Hedgehog Stories

Aly Parris' fan universe

Joanna's fan universe

ArcherGirl2's Universe

  • D-loc the HedgeFox (father)
  • Amy Rose the Hedgehog (mother)
  • Blaze the Cat (girlfriend)

Gurahk's Universe

Silver The Hedgehogfan1's Universe

  • Blaze the Cat (wife)
  • Gold the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Bronze the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Sophie the cat (daughter)
  • Kevin the Hedgehog (son)
  • Silver Chao (pet)
  • Blaze Chao (pet)
  •  King Shadow  (father)
  • Queen Alina Hedgehog (mother)
  • Phyishic the Hedgehog (cousion)
  • Fire the Cat (cousion in law)
  • King Gerald the Cat (uncle)
  • Queen Sally  Cat (aunty)


Shadow the hedgehog(Father)

Amy Rose (Mother) 

Titanium's Universe

AlexTheUltimateInovator97's universe

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (ancestor)
  • Amy Rose the Hedgehog (ancestor)
  • Nicolis "Nicky" the Hedgehog (ancestor and son of Sonic and Amy)

Pianoteen's Universe


  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed Father
  • Gold the Echidna (Modern Day Brother)

True Future

  • Cream the Rabbit (Wife)
  • Missy the Rabbit (Daughter)
  • Boom the Hedgehog (Son)

False Future

  • Tikal the Echidna (Wife)
  • Hapshepsut the Echidna (Daughter)
  • Thutmose the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Radiation the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Cleopatra the Echidna (Daughter)
  • Lewis the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Layla the Hedgehog (Daughter)

Uncertain Future

  • Blaze the Cat (Wife)
  • May the Hedgehog (Daughter)
  • Dawn the Cat (Daughter)
  • Misty the Hedgehog (Daughter)

Fanon Future

  • Angelina the Hedgehog (Wife)
  • Holly the Cat (Daughter)

​Hyper C-man's Universe

   Shadow the hedgehog (brother)

Destiny X the hedgehog (brother)

Wolfia Tigernay's Universe

Blaze Sol's Fanfictions

  • Blaze the Cat (girlfriend/future wife)
  • Princess Violet the Hedgecat (Future daughter)
  • Prince James the Hedgecat (Future son)

06civc68pa's Universe

  • Unamed mother and father (parents;deceased)
  • Blaze the Cat (future wife;soulmate)
  • Sundaze the HedgeCat (daughter)
  • Irony the HedgeCat (son)
  • Psycho Burn (daughter)
  • my silver boy by Ashley the hedgehog
  • Silver Boy
  • Silver Hedgehog
  • Silver Babe
  • Silver-Psycho (Statyx Only)
  • Silvy/Silly Silvy (Stacie)
  • Silvz (Thirza)
  • Little Kid (by Iris and Dawn)
  • Pathetic Weakling (by Danny)
  • Cracker (by Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow and Eggman)
  • Crackerjack(by Shadow and Rouge)
  • That scrawny white boy(by various characters in Sonic Angels)
  • Silvy (used by Melissa)
  • Prince Silver ( by Queen Alina before married)
  • King Silver (by King Shadow and Queen Alina)
  • White Teleporting Freak ( by Louis)
  • Jewel of the Sea (By Angelina)
  • Massive Bestie (By Bokkun)
  • Sir (By Choro, once)
  • Sweetheart (By Constable/Abby only when he was 10)
  • Buddy (By Luna only when he was 10)
  • Kid(Used by Rouge )
  • Silver (Marsha)
  • Weedplant (by Xavier Cryro the Bat when annoyed)
  • Mr. High-Five dude (by Rosalie the Hedgebat)
  • Idiot (by Marsha when annoyed with his stupidness
  • Silv (by Wreck-it Rachel)
Romantic Interests
  • Blaze the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2; has a crush on her but is too shy to admit it.),(Titanium's Universe), (06civic68pa's universe)
  • Ashley the Hedgehog sometimes
  • Psyche The Hedgehog (Parallel Sonic 06, Death Rampant, Shadow: Genesis, I Am the Queen, or crush in all of these)
  • Sunny the Hedgehog (in User:Sunny the Hedgehog's Fanfics)
  • Jade The Hedgehog (She is the queen of Babylon and Egypt, she is also Silver's eternal girlfriend, and is also telekinetic, pyrokinetic, and physic, she is also the most powerful girl hedgehog in the World [AmyPinkRose's fanfics only])
  • Princess Uni ( first has a huge crush on her, but doesn't wanna admit it, then marries her after he confesses he love her for who she is (in her reivied parnets)[[[User:Uni715|Uni715]] 22:13, February 27, 2012 (UTC)'s universe])

Sonicpower's Universe


  • Athena the Echidna

Jade The Hedgehog Stories

Aly Parris' fan universe

Joanna's fan universe

PeaceGrrl's Universe

Pianoteen's Universe

NikkiKaji123"s Universe

Cyclonestar's Universe

  • Blaze the Cat(Crush)
  • Amy Rose(Slight crush,Best friend)

Frozen Keyblade Master's Universe

  • Wreck-it Rachel (best friend)

Wolfia Tigernay's Universe

  • Blaze the cat (wife)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Silver (often mistaked for grey) and white chest fur
  • Eyes: Gold
  • White, navy, aqua, and gold boots
  • White gloves with gold cuffs and circular aqua symbols (they might possibly be used to help control is physcokinesis and telekinesis)
Political Alignment and Abilities

  • Team Marsha
  • Wasteland Rebellion (Wasteland Ooo future)
Super Forms


Examples of fanfictions the character has appeared in.

In Grinder The Hedgehog: 25 Years Later, he warns Ripper the Fox (twice) that The New Gremlin Empire|Gizmo the Mogwai will get wet, and thus eat after midnight, going on to rule 99% of Mobius. In the destroyed future, he was electrocuted by some Gremlins, and limped off into the night, screaming in pain. Blaze later finds out a body found on a mission is Silver's, and The Freedom Fighters hold a service for him.

X the Hedgehog

He is X's twin brother who got seperated at 6 years when Nega kidnapped him as a test subject for his teleporter. It gave Silver his abilities but it teleported X into Eclipse Valley. Which made him enemies with Nega ever since. After being reunited after 13 years they now lives in a small house in Ultimate City.  

The Sonic Show

Episdode #10
Silver's first appearance in a fanfic by Cloverfang is here. His and Blaze's future daughter comes from the future (Dawn the HedgeCat). Breanna the Cat says a preacher told them that in the past either (A. one of their parents were falling in love with the wrong purpose, or (B. their parents were arguing. It's odd, because neither Blaze nor Silver appear until this episode.

Jade The Hedgehog Stories

In the Jade The Hedgehog Stories, Silver thinks Jade is cute, but doesn't return the romantic feelings Jade feels to him. Jade made up a fake relationship team called "Team Silvade". He later reunites with Blaze the Cat, and marries her after they rebuild their timeline.


He is the other free-loader in Shadow's house. He acts like he was made, but he acts more innocent and boy lolita type (DEBAUCHERY!!). He acts like Sonic and Shadow's annoying little brother.

Domestic Radical Adventures

Silver plays as Louis' biggest threat. According to Silver, he is not jealous of Louis. (Which is true). He has lost to Louis many times as well as won some matches against him. For instance the Junior Cup he won the cup against Louis.

Before the competition started, Silver attempted to injure Louis using his psychokinesis to pick up the Pillars of a Crustle's Rock Slide. Although Silver can use that, Louis can either dodge by his Dark Pulse engineered wings or use them to create a telekinesis and intercept the attack.

At the Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Silver entered the festival and went to see the teams. Suprisingly,Vannessa Doofenshmirtz appeared to sing Silver's grand entrance theme "Silver Bells" but once Vannessa spotted Silver she told the camera to cut and said "I can't sing for this Hedgehog! Who does he think he is, back to my dad's evil inc. company, unless I can hook up with someone who can 'sing', not effortlessly appeal."

A very unusual creature appeared on that same day who can morph into anyone he chooses to make a very big illusion, he morphed into Silver and used psychic to make a barrel appear, then Louis appeared out of no where and saved him by using wings to knock back the barrels. The figure was none other than Bokkun, the crazy.

Silver lost to Louis at the Figure Skating Grand Festival in the top 32 by only 5 points. As unfortunate as Louis would be he thanked Silver for a good match. Silver gladly accepted. Holding Back Tears Silver walked away from the arena into the Robinson Villa. Louis came in and told him there's no need to worry.

Later on in the fifth series, Louis and Silver seemed to have gotten used to each other and finally became friends. They were also rivals but they still had a great friendship between each other. Silver was actually a little upset about when he heard that Louis was leaving everyone to go to Danville. Silver is now an official friend of the gang and no longer the threat that he was. Unfortunately Vanessa still hates him, as well as many others.


Super Sonic Smackdown

Silver is an unlockable character in this game.

Sonic and the Head Vampire

Silver plays the role of Dr. Jack Seward in this game. He's one of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen members that help Banjo and Kazooie . What is known is that he seems too trusting toward "M" due to his lack of judgment. He also has a huge noticable crush on that world's Captain Nemo. He, like Banjo and Kazooie, can perform dodge roll, but he, unlike his five partners during Banjo-Kazooie's story, uses telekinesis to solve harder puzzles in the game. He also flies short distances, though lacks some speed in certain areas. Both his League form and original form can be unlocked for Multiplayer.

Sonic and the Knights of Avalon

Silver again takes the role of Sir Galahad in this game. As Galahad, he is the leader of the Knights of Avalon, and the bearer of the Scabbard of Excalibur. Galahad wields Psychon, the psychic blade, and does not hold it, but rather wields it with his psychokenesis, his hands at his sides. His Soul Surge attack, ExtraSensory Blade, has him throw his blade with his kenesis, then rush to it.

Galahad is the reason the DuskDawn Dragon rises, him trying to unleash the scabbard's full power. For most of the second story, he is seen fighting the Dragon with his blade. Eventually, the Dragon overcomes him, and away from the Scabbard, he again falls limp.

With his final sword, Dendio Chledd, he can paralyze his opponents with his psychokenesis by simply using his Homing Attack on them. His ExtraSensory Blade is also changed to a spin slash.  

Sonic and Eggman: Dynamic Duo

Silver is one of the "guests" in Sonic's birthday party. He is pictured blowing a birthday whistle.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Main article: Silver the Hedgehog (BearfootTruck's Universe)

Silver is a secondary character in BearfootTruck's stories, ready to help out in case the future is in immediate danger.

06civic68pa's Universe

Silver is the power member of Team Marsha and the most stupid character in the fanfictions. He's easily distracted by butterflies and seems to cry over Blaze frequently, even when she's standing right next to him. In the good Mobius future, he marries Blaze and has 3 children. In the Wasteland Ooo future, he is still married to Blaze but there is no recorded record of having kids. In this future, he has implants much like Luger, a former grandmaster of the Dark Legion.


The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Silver appears as a starter Fly-Type character and one of the three major characters in the game (Sonic and Shadow being the other two). In the Story of the game, Silver along with Blaze are seen confronting Eggman Nega in the future. When Nega escapes in the present, Silver along with Blaze follow him to Sonic's world, ending up in Sonic's side to defeat the Gravitus who have allied with Eggman Nega to conquer the world.

Sonic Brawlers

Silver is a secondary character in Sonic Brawlers.

Sonic Shockwave Riders

Silver appears as an unlockable character in the game. His extreme gear is called Psychic Wave.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver is the central character in this game, just as Shadow was in Shadow the Hedgehog. It focuses on Silver returning to the past to escape his horrid life after Sonic 2006, which leads to a hunt for a revived Mephiles. Silver is reunited with Blaze during the story, and they confess their love for each other. At the game's end, Silver and Blaze choose to remain in Sonic's time period, believing they can make a better future from that time.

Sonic Adventure 3: Evolution

Silver is set to appear in an upcoming fangame by TheDarkMantis15, which is a revised and improved version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2

Silver has been confirmed to appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2 manga.

Meeting JL the Hedgehog

In JL The Hedgehog he meets JL and mistakes him for Sonic due to JL's look and he calls him Sonic untill the end of the game. Silver meets him in Crisis City Returns and in which he is granted the power of returning JL to his original time. 

Theme Songs

  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), his theme is Dreams of Absolution.
  • In Sonic Crisis, his theme is the Captain America theme from Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • In Sonic vs. King of Fighters, his theme is a rendition of "Go Go Power Rangers!" from Top Fighter 2000 MK VII (Mega Drive version)

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