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Sir Makadius the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Relatives None (although Sonic is possibly his godchild)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Terra Cotta w/ peach muzzle and chest
  • Eyes: Yellow-orange
  • Left side of face is disfigured
  • Brown cloak
  • Gray undershirt
  • Black pants
  • Brown boots
  • Greaves
  • Shoulder armor
  • Shoulder belt
  • Earrings
  • Brown fingerless gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Lawful Good
AffiliationsKingdom of Acorn (Knight)
Weaponry Battle Axe
  • Skilled w/ battleaxe
  • Advanced combat
  • High level of physical strength
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorRyushusupercat

Sir Makadius the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Ryushusupercat. He is a knight in the service of the Kingdom of Acorn and was friends with Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog through Sir Charles Hedgehog, Sonic's mother, father and uncle respectively, possibly making Makadius godfather to Sonic.

Physical Appearance

Makadius has terra-cotta colored fur with a peach muzzle and chest, and yellow-orange eyes. The left side of his face is disfigured thanks to the poisonous dagger that Venomagos cut him with. He is roughly 8 inches taller than most Mobians, with a lean musculature.

He wears a brown cloak with a Gray undershirt, brown boots and black pants. He has a few earrings on his ears, and also wears greaves, shoulder armor, a shoulder belt and brown fingerless gloves.



Little is known about Makadius's childhood.

Knight of the Kingdom of Acorn

As a knight, Sir Makadius's three allies and friends were General Argoroth the Kuwagata, Sir Connery the Horse, and Sir Lancaster the Elk. During a battle against the troops of Venomagos the Rattlesnake, the Mobian rattlesnake sorcerer slashed Makadius across the left side of his face with a poisonous dagger. However, he was saved by Sir Connery, who delivered the fatal blow to Venomagos and dragged Makadius to safety.

Back inside the castle, Dr. Horatio Quack had been summoned from Julayla Memorial Hospital to see what he could do about Makadius's wound. The slash had instantly blinded Makadius in the left eye, and had also disfigured the left side of his face. However, Dr. Quack discovered that the poison from the dagger had reached into Makadius's brain, and it seemed to be causing an insanity effect upon the hedgehog. As a result, Makadius was taken back to the hospital for treatment.

Five Year Insanity

Back at Julayla Memorial Hospital, Makadius was placed into what he called the "Ward for Crazy Mobians". He would attack anyone he saw, so he was kept in his room, sedated and under constant supervision. His room door was also guarded by Dr. Quack's pet Rhyperior, so the hedgehog couldn't escape. Eventually, he quit attacking everyone (or at least the people he knew very well, like Dr. Quack) and no longer needed his room guarded, but he still wasn't all there.

When the Knothole Freedom Fighters visited Julayla Memorial Hospital, while Knuckles was being treated for wounds inflicted by Chuki Fu-Fu while she was under Bloodwrath, Sonic could hear someone rather far away yelling "GET OUT!" (this was Makadius; he had an unusual habit of "kicking invisible people out of his room" after he had stopped attacking everyone in sight and calmed down a bit). Sonic went to investigate the source of the obviously angered command and found Makadius's room, in the psyche ward. Upon entering the room, Sonic quickly found himself pinned against the wall by Makadius, who would have most likely attacked the blue hedgehog had Dr. Quack not interfered.

After calming down, Makadius explained how he had lost sight in his left eye and of how he had suddenly "felt so unreasonably insane", and how he had learned that the poison from his assailant's dagger had caused the insanity. Most of it had disappeared but there was still some left. Dr. Quack then announced that he had found a way to remove the last traces of poison from Makadius's brain, but the hedgehog knight felt that it wouldn't work, and would only make the insanity worse. Sonic managed to convince Makadius to go along with the procedure, and lo and behold, it worked.

Freed from Insanity

After being freed from the grip of insanity, Makadius was able to return to Mobotropolis and Castle Acorn and continue his role as knight. Much later, when Robotnik attacks Mobotropolis, Makadius, General Argoroth, Sir Connery the Horse, Sir Lancaster the Elk, Ian St. John, Cocoa the Cat, and the young knights in training, Ari the Ram, Tarlano the Kuwagata, Mirrana the Kuwagata, Leon the Elk, Yoshi the Chameleon and Gwendolyn Grison help the Knothole Freedom Fighters fight off Robotnik.


Makadius excels in hand-to-hand combat, and is skilled with the battleaxe. He has great physical strength; not as strong as the likes of Knuckles, but still quite powerful.

Friends and Foes






During Insanity

While the poison from Venomagos the Rattlesnake's dagger was still in his brain, Makadius would lash out and attack without warning, making him a danger to everyone. He was kept in the psyche ward of Julayla Memorial Hospital until Dr. Quack managed to successfully remove all traces of poison, with some persuasion from Sonic.

After Insanity

After having the poison in his brain removed, Makadius returned to his normal temperment; bold and fearless, but sometimes reckless.


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