Skyler the Rabbit

Skyler is the son of Noa the Hedgehog and Cynthia the Rabbit and his team is called Team Justice.

Location: House in Mobius

Age: 13

Items: None

Abillites: Axe Kick

Forms: Super Form,Iron Form

Friends and Family

Noa the Hedgehog (Dad)

Cynthia the Rabbit (Mom)

Ace the Bat (Friend)

Kyle the Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Jason the Hedgehog (Friend)

Samantha the Hedgehog (Friend)

About Friends

Noa & Cynthia: They are his parents and they teach him and his friends to fight and to be smart so they can be very good fighters and adventurers.Noa teaches the fighting and Cynthia teaches school skills and they both teach adventure.

Ace the Bat: These two met when they both tried to save the bank from being robbed from robbers and now they are both friends and he was part of Team Justice since they both met eachother that day.Ace can fly so he is the spy.

Kyle the Hedgehog: These two met when they both went to the park when they were both 10 years old and since then they have been friends and they created Team Justice when they turned 12 and they got more members since then.

Jason the Hedgehog: Jason was the third member to join Team Justice and they met when Jason was moving to Skyler's town and when Kyle and Skyler met him they have been friends and they trained together and now they are friends.

Samantha the Hedgehog: These two met when they went camping and she was in the same camping area as them.She is the fifth member to join Team Justice and now they all work together and fight crime and other evil people.


TV Show "Adventures of Skyler the Rabbit"

Season 1

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