Slayer the Hedgehog is Spike the Hedgehog (LuckytheHedgehog900's Fc) possessed by the spirit called Zelomous. He has little weakness's due to not being able to feel pain, however, he is weak to Balance, Light, and Holy Water-elemental attacks.


Slayer possesses the same forms as spike, however, they are much different. His Super Form is now called his Ultra Form, where he turns dark marine and his pupils disappear. He also gains a blue aura. During this time he gains weak chaos powers, SuperSonic strength, and speed slightly above that of Sonic. His Hyper Form is now called his Mega Form. During this form, he turns Blood Red and his eyes turn grey. He also gains a red aura. He now has moderate chaos powers, strength equal to SuperKnuckles, and speed equal to SuperKnuckles. He can also fly limitlessly. His Dark Form is now called Vengence Form, in which he turns dark purple, has brown eyes, and a yellow aura. During this form, he has mastery over chaos powers, moderate pyromancy, and weak shadowkinesis. He also has speed equal to Tails, strength equal to SuperAmy, and he can hover 10 ft. above the ground for up to 2 hours.


Slayer is slightly stronger than Spike in his normal form. He has no special powers, however, he can use any attacks that are in the forms of spikes or spears (aside from signature attacks). He also has strength and speed equal to Knuckles. His attacks are as follow:


Spike Toss

Spike Shield

Spike Trap

Arctic Javelin

Gyro Drill


Dynamic Punch

Focus Punch

Jump Kick


Mega Punch

Nasty Plot

Quill Thrust



Slayer is extremely aggressive and sociopathic, as well as sadistic. He loves seeing others in any kind of pain. He also loves large-scale destruction and always leave a path of destruction. Slayer has shown sides of him that suggest he is not all about destruction and death, as he will occassionally flirt with a girl he encounters. Wether or not he is rejected, he never destroys the town/area he finds the girl in. There was one occassion where Slayer showed a small amount of heroism when Zelfilesaga nearly killed Share, but Slayer saved her, then fought Zelfilesaga with no amount of success. Despite this, it gave Share time to escape.


Slayer looks like Spike, however, he is completely black with black eyes. He wears spikes shoes and gloves as well.


Zelomous first possessed Spike when he was 7, causing him to knock out several of his classmates and attack his teacher. However, due to his father arriving, he failed to do so. Eventually, Spike was depossessed and became scared of himself upon discovering he went on a rampage. Zelomous then possessed Spike again when he was 12 and training to be a bodygaurd, he then made spike kill practically everyone there, including his teacher. He then fled. It wasn't for 2 more years that Spike became depossessed thanks to Lucky the Hedgehog, whom fought him and barely won. However, this time, Zelomous didn't depossess spike, instead, he was sealed in Spike's soul. As a result, Slayer now acts as a "Dark" form that activates exactly like a Dark Form, only, it requires calming him down for the transformation to revert.


Expect Slayer to show up occassionally, as he isn't overpowered. However, he may also not appear. It really depends how the Roleplay that Spike is in flows that will determine if he appears or not.

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