Sleutheila is the romantic relationship between Sleuth Dogg and Sheila the Dingo. It is featured exclusively in NAOSTH.


Sheila used to have a romantic relationship with Sleuth Dogg, a member of The Destructix. However, while Sheila did have feelings for Sleuth, he never really loved her; he had been using her in order to gain as much information as he could on the K-9 Patrol and the other Freedom Fighter groups (which were the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Downunda Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix and the Razorwind Freedom Fighters. Sheila never fully realized this until Titan, who had been spying on Sleuth out of suspicion, revealed Sleuth's true intentions to his sister. Confused and angry, Sheila at first denied Titan's claims, until she began to spy on Sleuth herself.

Upon realizing for herself Sleuth Dogg's true intentions (by overhearing a conversation between Sleuth and Snively) she became very heartbroken. Later, upon being approached by Sleuth Dogg, she asked him if he really loved her. Startled at this question, he promptly lied and said yes.

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