Slide DE

Slide bored

Slide is a white hedgehog from the future. He is one a Nicos closes friends.


Name: Slide The Hedgehog

Species: Hedgehog

Height: 3ft 3in

Age: 15

Birthplace: unknown

Eyes: very light blue

Family: Tulip The Hedgehog (Mother),

Likes: Video Games, hanging with friends,

Dislikes: Slade, mean people,

Ability Type: Speed


Silde has a laid back personality. He tries not to worry about anything and just go around and have fun. He is very naive and dosnt really care about consequences. Slade and Carlos sometimes make fun of him because they think hes stupid. Slide hangs out with Nicos a lot and the two have become very close friends.


Runs at quick speeds

Can turn into super form with the seven chaos emeralds (hasnt done it yet)


Nicos The Hedgehog (Very close friend)

Platnium The Cat

Sunday The Rabbit

Al The Hedgehog

Bella The Bat

Tulip The Hedgehog (mother)


Slade The Hedgehog (Also a Rival)

Carlos The Hedgehog


Boss of me by They Might Be Giants

Boss of me TMBG with lyrics00:00

Boss of me TMBG with lyrics

Slide's Theme


Slide has a crush on Nicos The Hedgehog but hasn't told anyone

He is one of the persons the really gets confused with Lu and Su. He can never remember which ones which

more trivia stuff later


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