Slyther the Hedgehog
Old name: Taylor Ultimate Lifeform name: Slyther the Hedgehog (Project Slyther)
Artificial Hedgehog
Shadow and other Ultimate Lifeform prototypes would be referred as his siblings
Dr. Gerald Robotnik
On the ARK: Much like Shadow's Crash landing: The crash crazed him.
Pie, more pie, even more pie, Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct 2, Killer Instinct 3, music and boobs
No pie, no Killer Instinct and no boobs
Much like Shadow's except that they are slightly weaker

Slyther is one of the prototypes (near final) of the Ultimate Lifeform, this character is owned by Agent-Pudding

Background Story

Not much is known about Slyther's past.
He was once engaged and had a child but when they were killed, he Volunteered for the Slyther Project in an attempt to make his life mean something.
The Aim of Project Slyther was to find an infinite energy source for the Shadow/Ultimate Lifeform project.
But the Project went wrong and it resulted in Slyther being put into cryo sleep,
3 years later just after the death of Maria Robotnik and right before doctor gerald was captured, he programed Slyther's cryotank and rewrote his memory so that, if Shadow ever failed his mission, Slyther's tank would open and he would attempt Shadow's mission (but the crash screwed up his programming) but as Shadow fell from the ARK to earth, his memorys of maria and other friends of shadow (mainly amy) his memory implant failed and when his cryo pod was launched from the ark, he lost all memory and was found by Oskar the Bat.


None, now lives his life like a normal hedgehog.


As stated before, much like Shadow's but slightly weaker in every way.


Super Slyther

Slyther is now yellow instead of white, his 2 bottom quills are slightly tilted up and his stats are increased.

Hyper Slyther

Basically Super Slyther with flashing fur and increased stats.

Dark Hyper Slyther

Looks like his Super form, except that his fur is grey, his skin is grey and his eyes, streaks and shoes flash in rainbow colors.


Oskar the Bat, Prickle the Porcupine, Crystal the Cat, Gamist and more.


None, yet...

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