Soach (pronounced Soh-ahk) the Chao is the pet Chao and Chao friend of Wen the Hedgehog.

History with Wen

Wen found Soach when he wandering around Mobius, he had stumbled upon a stranded Chao that looked sick, he immeadtiately rushed him back to the Chao garden to put him in the Chao Garden water (which is said to heal Chao).

When Wen put him in the Chao Garden water, he bagan to leave, but the Chao wanted to stay with him. Wen, somehow, could understand every word that the Chao said. So Wen let him stay with him and he named him Soach. The two instantly became best friends from the day they met.

Roleplays He Has Appeared In

Roleplay:Gender Switch

He has not and probably will not have an effect on the plot of the roleplay. He is merely Wen's pet Chao and Chao friend.


Soach has all the abilities of other Chao, plus he can use Chaos Control, Blast, Spear, and other chaos powers. However, he has low defense and raw strength.


  • His name is Chaos, just with the letters switched. This indicates that he could be a direct child of Chaos (a mutated Chao)
  • He usually talks without using any formal language.
  • Soach has only appeared in RP which is, Roleplay:Gender Switch
  • Despite the way he talks, he is very intelligent.
  • He has poor Defense and Attack power, but his Magic and Chaos power is curently at 10.
  • He and Wen have special bond that is not uncommon in Chao and owner.

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