This Group of Characters belongs to the SSU.

The Solar System Family(also known as the Solar Organization) is a mentaly related family of demi-gods in the shape of anthropomorphic animals. They have different powers and have many purposes;the most important is to destroy the Neo-Eggman Empire (and the Nega-Empire, which serves under Eggman Nega). Their names are based off of moons in the galaxy;excluding their leader, and one of it's members.

Solar System Family Flag

The flag of the SSF. It is also the flag of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.


Name(left) and Team (right)
Moon the Hedgehog Sun
Sun the Hedgehog Sun
Ganymede the Echidna Speed
Titan the Chameleon Speed
Titania the Chameleon Speed
Miranda the Meerkat Spy
Charon the Hedgehog Sun
Sao the Wolf Spy

Rosalind the Wolf


*A new character (or characters) will be created for the SSF but unlike all the other characters, will be made by this guy.

Each character is unique and has their own teqniques in fighting.


Their theme is Organization XIII, from Kingdom Hearts II. Listen to the theme here (there will be a section that says theme;in the section, click the triangle to make it start playing their theme).

Character Info

Sun the Hedgehog


Honorary Title:

The Superior Leader of the Galaxy


Sun the Hedgehog is the master of the galaxy who, with the power of the Sun, can generate solar power and mend into any shape. She can also generate it into anythings spirit, heart, or flesh, giving her the power of possession. She rarely talks to Titan and Miranda only wants what is best for the galaxy. Still, what hidden emotions lie below this Demi-Godess' shell?

Group:Team Sun

Ability Type:Flying

Charon the Hedgehog

Rank:Coming soon

Honorary Title:

The Shining Chaotic Knight


Charon is nice, calm, and deadly. The reason he is called "The Shining Chaotic Knight," is because when he is at the full moon, let's just say that you should not anger him. He has secret motives, that only Charon knows of. Apart from that, Charon is very eager to have fun and acts like Axel from Organization XIII. He also secretly loves Sun.

Group:Team Sun

Ability Type:Power

Ganymede the Echidna


Honorary Title:

The Fighter of the Clouds


Ganymede, the strongest (hence named after the largest moon in our solar system of the same name), acts like Saix/Isa from Organization XIII(Kingdom Hearts games:II, 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep). As co-leader, he directs orders to the other members (excluding Moon and Sun). If someone wants to get to Moon, Sun, or Titania, they will have to go through Ganymede.

Group:Team Speed

Ability Type:Power

Titan the Chameleon

Rank:Assassin, Assassin

Honorary Title:

The Ninja of Saturn


Titan is kind of like Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II - He wants friends, and does not know how, when, or where he was born. He is good friends with Titania (his sister) and Miranda and always has a way of getting through this. He is Organization's assassin who unlike regular assassins, both kills and kidnaps targets. He has a grudge against Neo-Eggman and is always destroying his robots and killing badniks that have life and are loyal to the Eggman Empire.

Group:Team Speed

Ability Type:Speed

Titania the Chameleon


Honorary Title:

The Titanic Assassin


The Titanic Assassin of Science

Titania views Titan as a younger brother and like him, has no idea how she came to be. Unlike Titan, she does not hate Neo-Eggman and only views him as a human who is only trying to find his purpose. When he is sent to assinate a badnik, she gets mad for being sent on such a mission.

Group:Team Speed

Ability Type:Flying

Miranda Meerkat


Honorary Title

The Spy of Speed


As a spy, she is always accused of spying on other members of the Organization;only for important things. She specilizes in abilities such as invisibility. The only ones she likes to respect is Moon, Titania, Titan, and Sao. But she is annoyed when she hears a lot of talking and gets her quiet sense from reading books. But when she needs to protect the other members, villains better watch out!

Group:Team Spy

Sao the Wolf

Rank:Spy, Assassin

Honorary Title:

The Melodious Hunting Nocturne*


Sao the Wolf is a hunter, a spy, and an assassin. Sao, acting like Demyx from Kingdom Hearts II, likes music. His best friends are pretty much everyone in the Organization. He also has a grudge against a mysterious fursona that he found once while he was looking into the Egg Files that Titania hacked into: Wolfgang the Weasel. He met this mysterious mobian weasel in his past. Other than those things, he is young and carefree and loves nature as much as he loves himself.

Group:Team Spy

Rosalind the Wolf

Rank:Spy, Assassin

Honorary Title:

The Inner Hunter


Mix Miranda's love for Sao with Sao's love for music, you get Rosalind the Wolf. This cunning, yet lovable wolf is yet a member who, unlike all the other members, questions Sun. She, like Miranda, loves Sao and often competes with Miranda for Sao's affection, though he's confirmed that he doesn't know which he should choose. Aside from that, her passion is playing her Wolf Flute, an item she was born with, which she uses as a weapon.

Group:Team Spy

Special Abilities


Lunar Manipulation


Solar Manipulation


Fire Punch




Sono-kinetic Scream


Twin Scream


Nighttime Howl


Dew Claw Swords


Tall Stomp


Since her creation, Titania has been making robots to match those of Eggman's. Her first series of Robots was called the T-10 series. The only succesful of these was T-10 and T-18, Which were codenamed Alpha and Omega, respectively. In one battle that Spike had with a 2.0 version of Rocket Metal Sonic, the two robots were destroyed, but their memory and weapon systems and data exists in 2 chips that Titania hid in her lab. This is the list of robots Titania has created:

  • T- 10 Alpha
  • T-11 Beta
  • T-12 Gamma
  • T-13 Delta
  • T-14 Epsilon
  • T-15 Zeta
  • T-16 Theta
  • T-17 Phi
  • T-18 Omega

Titania's remakes are these:

  • S-10 Alpha
  • S-11 Beta
  • S-12 Gamma
  • S-13 Delta
  • S-14 Epsilon
  • S-15 Zeta
  • S-16 Theta
  • S-17 Phi
  • S-18 Omega


Moon the Hedgehog & Charon the Hedgehog

Moon the Hedgehog and Charon the Hedgehog's story begins when Sun the Hedgehog created the two. Moon and Charon began a life-long unbreakable bond as both brothers and friends. They visited each other every day and loved each other like Sonic and Tails. One day, February 20, 2010, after Moon went back his home (the Moon, obviously), he was shocked to get a note. The said,

"Dear Moon, you and Charon are powerful brothers who have not yet found their purpose. Tomorrow, you will find both your purpose and a new hatred for a new enemy. He's on Earth.



Moon did not know who Sun was, if this was true, or if he should tell Charon. Then, he looked backed at the note and saw one more message:

"P.S. Tell your brother!"

The next day, Moon teleported right over to Charon's moon and told him about the letter. At first, Charon didn't believe him. But luckily, Moon brought the letter with him and showed it to Charon. They immediately teleported to Mobius and found an industrial factory. They went in and was immediately attacked by robots. "Well look what dragged themselves in! And what would I need to do for you, Porcupine Brothers?" They turned around to see a fat, egg-shaped, humanoid, circle-headed, scientist with a red moustache. Moon replied,"We're not porcupines! We're---" Charon covered Moon's mouth and whispered,"Are you crazy! Don't you dare tell that (obviously) evil scientist our species! I can tell that he has an IQ of 300 or too! He could capture us and use us as lab rats using is bots!" Moon then said,"We're hedgehogs einstein! Now what are you doing with these air-polluting factories! I've seen them all over Mobius!" "I don't care what you say, you are intruders! Bye-Bye!" replied the scientist. I forgot my manners! My name's Dr. Neo!" said the scientist before pulling out a remote and pressing the button. Moon & Charon were launched threw a large hole in the ceiling and over to a local park. They saw Sun right in front of them (after painfully landing). Sun held out her hand. Moon held her hand and so did Charon. As quickly as Sun appeared, she teleported them away from Mobius and, that day, Moon & Charon became members of the modern-day Solar System Family.

Sun the Hedgehog

Ganymede the Echidna

Titan the Chameleon

Titania the Chameleon

Miranda Meerkat & Sao the Wolf

Sao and Miranda were created at the same time. Even though they didn't know each other, he knew that she was immortal, and was in the shape of a meerkat. So he decided to go to Miranda (the moon that she is named after) and saw her being led to by a mysterious red presence into a mysterious portal. Immediately, he thought she was being kidnapped because of the puzzled look on her face. But he lunged to grab the red presence, but went through like she was never there. The red presence said,"Come or you will be led astray, Sao." He then exchanged faces with Miranda and was puzzled. Miranda grew angry for him interrupting their conversation.

After explaining his mistake, Sao walked away and teleported back to Earth. He decided to take in the walk in the park to thing about the mysterious presence. But the next day would not be a walk in the park.

The next day, he took the walk in the park but stopped. He heard something running*. He paused. Then he jumped backwards and tackled the persona that was spying him (or should he say fursona). He then had a fight with him and the fursona introduced himself as Wolfgang the Weasel. But after Wolfgang was finished talking, Sao tackled the intruder and chased him away. But, Wolfgang came back with a gun and said,"If I zap myself with this gun, my strength will increase 10-fold!" Sao, barely listening, lunged at him right after he turned on the gun and grabbed it. But, Wolfgang took out his paralysis gun. Sao, in the blink of an eye, grabbed the paralysis gun and switched it with the strength gun. Wolfgang zapped Sao with it, and Sao became Sao the Werewolf. Wolfgang, realizing his mistake, zapped himself with gun and became Wolfgang the Wereweasel. The two lycanthropic entities battled until Sao won by grabbing the paralysis gun (or, PG) and saw a switch that said,"Takes away lycanthropy." He turned the switch and zapped Wolfgang, leaving him in fatique. Sao then used it on himself, but was not fatiqued, since he had the power of both light and darkness on his side. Then, he knew that he needed to go back to Miranda and find the red presence. But when he went there, he saw the same portal, the same mongoose, and the same presence. The red presence introduced herself as the Sun's spirit and went into the portal. Almost completely ignoring each other, Sao & Miranda lunged into the portal just as it was closing. And Sao & Miranda's duty as members of the Solar System Family began...

Rosalind the Wolf

Actually, Rosalind's backstory is a mystery even to Sun, who scanned Rosalind and saw that she was the same kind of entity as all the other members.


Dr. Ivo "Neo Nega" Robotik

Bio:Neo Nega is a so-much-more evil entity who came to be when Eggman was tossed by Dark Gaia (in Sonic Unleashed)**. His anger, greed, and evil part of his heart and his will to make the world his mixed and copied each other, then mixed again created the evil-est person in history-Neo Nega. Even when he is in life-threatening situations that could destroy the world, he would still refuse knowing there are other worlds. He was transported to another dimension where he took the place of another Eggman version.


Supernatural IQ of 3000

Teleporting (only when he is touching an N.E. stone, a stone that amplifies power into anyone who has the same DNA signature of Neo-Eggman (i.e. Eggman Nega)).

Robotisize with a touch

Wolfgang the Weasel

Bio:Wolfgang the Weasel is a thief and like Nack the Weasel (AKA Fang the Sniper), uses guns. But unlike Nack/Fang, his guns temporarily give paralysis to whoever he shoots. Other than that, Wolfgang is the arch-rival and arch-enemy of Sao and the two have been rivals for a long time, like cat and dog. Wolfgang met Sao in the his past.


  • Stealth
  • Gun Skills
  • Super Transformation

Super Forms

Sao the Werewolf


Sao when his power his brought to an extreme level in power. He basically grows stronger and his claws get sharper and longer. He also gets more canine teeth and is also called K-9 by Miranda (as a joke) when he is in this form. The only time he has transformed into Sao the Werewolf was when he was in his first encounter with Wolfgang the Weasel.

Rosalind the Werewolf


Same as Sao's bio.


  • Sao has many similarities with Demyx:
  1. They both like music
  2. Their titles are almost the same
  3. They are both almost always being cheerful
  4. They both like Espionage and Recon more than hunting attempts
  • All of their names are named after sattelites (moons) in our Solar System.
  • Sun is very cheerful despite being based off of Xemnas from Organization XIII.
  • I did not name Spike the Wolf after this guy. I just happened to name him Spike the Hedgehog then I realized that I had too many immortal hedgehogs and one wolf(I have a special love for wolves) so I turned him into a Wolf.Moon the Hedgehog 22:24, March 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Wolves can hear twice the sound that humans can. That's why Sao (formerly Spectre) knew that Wolfgang was behind him.
    • This happened with all versions of Dr. Eggman but Neo Nega was for some reason placed in the Prime Zone where he was sent to this zone..

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