This is an article about Solar the Hedgehog, a character created and owned by The Great Titanium.
Cquote1 I feel the great heat in my body, just feeling like I want to burst it out, but I think my parents will forbid me if I am in their presence. Cquote2
Solar when he is talking to himself

Solar the Hedgehog (ソーラー·ザ·ヘッジホッグ Sōrā· za· hejjihoggu which means Solar the Hedgehog) is created by Titanium the Hedgehog, he has the ability of fire from his father and some cosmic and some dark powers from his mother, Cosmic the Fox, he is a robot since he is created. He might release fire rings due to his name is "Solar".


Solar has orange fur and quills and at the the of the quills is a shade of blue, he has blue eyes, he wears his cool clothes to absorb some heat or light for his defense and attack, even though he is a robot, he is mainly a hedgehog, but without some robot parts, he cannot be formed today.


Solar is frisky due to his heat levels, he can be quite arrogant if he uses his powers that is fire, sometimes when he is left alone, he might have sorrow because his parents or anything to keep him in company. Rarely, Solar may become a hothead filled with rage because he has the power of fire, cosmic, and darkness.But some of his powers may vary in which kind of mood he is in.






Other Appearances



Solar has few powers inherited from his parents, they are, fire, darkness, and some space powers for his defense or to attack someone.


This move will grant Solar, more fire and more rage,it will make Solar's body full with fire,causing him to fire orbs and lasers at someone to burn into ashes,this attack has advantages in darkness and a place which is hot,this move can only be used once every 5 hours.

Fiery Orbs

When Solar has activated his fire powers, this move is usually his main attack, it will make someone when Solar use the orb on someone, the person will burn into ashes, the move can be only used when Solar has activated his fire powers, somehow this will cause more rage to him.

Cosmic Powerup

This move will make Solar have a cosmic aura around him, causing Solar to go into frenzy and attack someone with cosmic orbs and powers, the move is only granted when Solar sucked some power from thhis energy and any power source.

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