Sonimina is a relationship between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mina Mongoose.

Being one of the lesser known Sonic pairings in the Sonic universe considering it's short time in past Archie Comics years ago, it has managed to find itself very few fans.


After Sonic saved Mina from Dr.Robotnik in the Archie comics, she held a high amount of respect for him, he then he helped her gain her mother back from robotization and soon after his heroic actions for her, she slowly grew a crush on Sonic.

Soon after Sonic began flirting with Mina even in public, and Mina became shy around him. Mina took this flirting as a hint that he liked her, but still held her feeling close to herself.

But soon Mina witnessed Sally and Sonic kissing in a heartbreaking scene, and even after that when she saw Nack aimng a bullet at Sally to kill her, Mina took the bullet for Sonic to make sure he was happy and proclaimed her love for him as she began to die.

When she later awoke in hospital, Sally asked if she'd be okay. Tearfully thinking of her heartbreak, Mina replied that she'd get over it.

Relationship Overview

The Rescue and Beginning

Mina was one of the many mobians Sonic had recused from robitzation. But at this point Mina had already lost her mother to Dr. Robotnik, and was in a state of mourning and depression. At this time, Sonic was the only one she could relate to, and he was the only one who she could confide in comfortably at the time.

He did not only rescue her, but her was able to give her more confidence and hope than anyone every really could.


Even with the idea of knowing she was safe and had someone to talk to, Mina was STILL depressed. Her mother was gone, and she even considered letting herself get robotized to be with her mother, (bravery?). She wandered off into a forest, hoping Robotnik would find and take her, but Sonic had run into her, and after scolding her for being outside of the Knothole, they were attacked.

Some point in the battle after everything had been destroyed, Sonic was knocked unconcious. Mina took it upon herself to rescue Sonic with her super speed (that she also has).


Soon after this entire situation, Mina's admiration for Sonic slowly grew into a deep love, after witnessing his heroics, his dedication towards his family and friends, and fully realizing what he did for her and how much it actually meant.


They started hanging out together more, slowly becoming close freinds, especially when they attended high school together once Knothole started becoming a city. Sonic also began flirting with Mina more in public fearlessly, and showed a sense of liking towards her aswell.




Sonic and Mina started working with each other to improve her super speed, as she continued to get better Sonic had told her that she actually had potential to be a Freedom Fighter. In excitment of actually being praised by her hero for actually being strong (Which Mina lacked in the past) she kissed Sonic, but it was quickly rejected by him and Mina was shocked.

Sally had witnessed the kiss of course and questioned if Sonic was in a relationship with Mina, which again he quickly rejected.


Mina by now was willing to do anything to make Sonic realize her love for him, she asked her mother for advice, (which she advised in wearing a fancy outfit, and while it impressed him he ran off to go and battle), and even went as far as to asking Sally how she dealt with Sonic. As much as Mina loved Sonic, she found it hard to figure him out and keep up with his personality. But she was willing to do anything for him.

In attempt to get closer to Sonic, Mina decided to join the Freedom Fighters, but in a situation when Dr. Eggman attacked the city, Mina couldn't do anything frozen in fear. Mina then realized her reasons for joining the Freedom Fighters was selfish and resigned.

But then, Sonic helped her realize what her true talent was and another thing he was his impressed by, her voice and singing talent.

Sonic once again assisted her in finding this talent of hers, and even performed on stage with her on a few occasions.


Even though she had quit the Freedom Fighters, she still aided in missions, finally having her priorities straight and knowing what she wanted to do and when. When Sally had been kidnapped by Nack the Weasel she bravely followed Sonic in order to help him save her, Sonic was shocked at first, but agreed to let her help.

Even then though, Mina still held her feeling for Sonic close, only wanting to make sure he was safe and unharmed. And even though she couldn't openly express her feelings she was happy to be around him.

The End, Heartbreak Enough Near Death

Sonic and Mina had split up to find Sally, Sonic had found Sally first, overjoyed to see each other the two shared a kiss. Mina had walked in on Sally and Sonic kissing, she didn't say anything, but after seeing the two her heart had shattered.

Sonic finds Sally first just as Mina witnesses...

Sonic sally ymina

Mina walked away, saddened.

Finally realizing that Sonic truly loved Sally.

She felt stupid for even trying to love him, but then, she witnessed Nack aiming a gun at Sally.

"I'll still do anything for him"

Ill still do anything for him

Mina took a bullet for Sally, so that Sonic could be happy.

Mina lived, but when Sally asked if she would be okay, Mina tearfully could only say, she would get over it.




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