Sonic and Percival

Sonic saves Blaze's doppelganger Percival.

Sonaze is one of the names given to the couple of Sonic and Blaze, supported by many fans of the game series.


Sonic Rush



Sonic and Blaze holding hands

Although being asked by many people to seek Sonic's help, Blaze refuses and even gets annoyed to hear his name. Blaze previously had no interest in Sonic but a friendship between the two was developed later on.

  • After Blaze meets Sonic, she appeared uninterested in meeting him and abruptly leaves. When Sonic and Tails were out of sight, she stops and says, "Sonic... what kind of a person is he?" when Cream replies he's 'like the wind' Blaze smiles and says, "What is that supposed to mean?".
  • After the final battle, Blaze quickly plans to return to her own world. However, after being stopped by Sonic for a moment, instead of leaving she slowly gazes and him and floats towards him slowly.
  • She pauses for a moment and shyly reaches out her hand, offering him a handshake.
  • After the handshake they are seen holding hands in the air. When they are separated, Blaze is seen reaching out her arm towards Sonic.
  • When Blaze is flying towards her dimension, the only person she thinks about is Sonic. Despite her saying that she won't talk as it is "better this way", she imagines Sonic talking to her when he's gone in this scene. In the end of conversation she smiles at the image of Sonic in her head and says "I'll see you again.". (for elaboration, read "Blaze's feelings?")


In the beginning of Sonic Rush, Sonic first sees Blaze snatching a Sol Emerald from his reach after a battle with Eggman, she thanks him and leaves. Sonic out of curiousity and suspicion searches for her. But realizes that she's the good guy.

  • Sonic offers help when the two confront Eggman and Eggman Nega. Blaze stubbornly refuses and berates him in the process, causing them to fight. Sonic however says he doesn't want to fight her.
  • When Blaze shouts out her feelings of being burdened with her flames and living alone, Sonic feels for her and helps her stand up after the battle.
  • Sonic allows Blaze to save Cream when she insisted that she should go alone. Tails asks him why he made this decision, Sonic responds "Being able to trust someone... is also a part of friendship, right?".
  • After Sonic's battle against Eggman Nega, Sonic is seen distracted, smiling at Blaze who is hugging Cream. Tails, not knowing where he's distracted asks if there is something wrong, Sonic responds, "Oh... nothing.".
  • After the battle, Sonic tries to draw Blaze to a conversation by asking her, "No words from you?" before she leaves. Implies that he wants her to stay longer.
  • There is some tension in this part - Sonic says, "I guess it's time to say... good bye." and Blaze responds "...I have no choice...".
Sonaze everywhere

There is some subtext in the way Sonic speaks when he stops her

  • When Blaze starts leaving, Sonic asks her to wait. He pauses speechless for a while and says "This is from me... I'll see you again!"
  • Sonic and Blaze, in their transformations are seen gazing and floating towards each other after the final battle.
  • When Sonic and Blaze are holding hands in the air, Sonic places his other hand over her hand even though it was time for her to leave.

Sonic Rush Adventure


  • Blaze is seen relying on Sonic in the earthquake scenes by standing behind him.
  • Blaze implies to Sonic that she finds the Ghost Ship "scary" in a rather shy manner.
  • Blaze is seen sitting at the back of Sonic's Wave Typhoon resting her eyes. She then turns at him and the two are staring at each other for a moment.
  • When Blaze is intimidated by a huge height she sees, she shouts out Sonic's name even though Tails and Marine were there as well, "Sonic? L-let's move away from this edge of the cliff, yeah?"
  • After the final battle, the two are seen standing together in the sunset.
  • Blaze reaches out her hand towards Sonic right before he leaves.

This conversation seems very 'subtexty'

  • Before Sonic leaves to his world, Blaze asks him if he was brought to her world for 'a reason'. While what she said wasn't quite romantic, the way Sonic responds to it looks like she was implying something. See the 'subtexty' image.
  • There are huge Sonic monuments unlocked in Blaze's world when the game is beaten. Such respect I must say.


  • Sonic is seen giving Blaze a ride on his Wave Cyclone and looks back at her for a long moment until Tails and Marine come.
  • He is seen protecting her by standing infront of her in one of the earthquake scenes.
  • When he and Tails had to return to their world, Tails goes in the Wave Typhoon first, ready to leave, while Sonic is still on the ramp talking to Blaze.
  • In Sonic Rush Sonic confidently takes her hand without pausing for one moment. However in this game, he pauses, tilts his head and looks at her for a long moment and then takes her hand.
  • Sonic and Blaze take a long time talking until Tails shouts out to Sonic that they have to leave.
  • Sonic is seen waving bye at Blaze while she just turns her head away.
  • See the rather subtexty image above.

Sonic and the Black Knight

Instead of Blaze, this game shows her storybook counterpart named Percival, she however, like the other Knights of the Round Table looks and has the exact personality as Blaze.


  • She loses her battle against Sonic and falls from a volcano, Sonic saves her, leaving her speechless as she was expecting him to let her die after her defeat.
  • She is seen staring at Sonic with her eyes wide open until Caliburn says, "Save the hugs and kisses for later" causing her to blush and looks down in embarrassment.
    Sonic and Percival

    Percival is seen blushing

  • She is more loyal and more willing to help Sonic than the other knights who too have witnessed Sonic's kindness.
  • When Gawain (Knuckles), even though he too was saved by Sonic, finds Sonic suspicious and begins to ask him questions, Percival (Blaze) places her hand infront of him and tells him to 'wait'. Once again acting desperate and protective of Sonic.
  • She is the first person in the story to follow his orders and one can see her passion and eagerness to listen to him, being the only person in the game to act like this.
  • She eagerly convinces Lancelot (Shadow) and Gawain (Knuckles) to listen to Sonic's orders for the benefit of the kingdom. She is the first to stand for him, even when Sonic is the one who 'helped' Merlina cause the destruction (he didn't know as Merlina was deceiving him all along).
  • She is the first to shout out his name and desperately says, "Sir Sonic! You have done enough!" when she sees him brutally injured by Dark Queen.

Overall, after being rescued by Sonic. She was extremely devoted and loyal to him, similar to how an infatuated heroine would behave to her love interest.

The connection between Blaze and Percival:

The battle between Sonic and Percival is based on the battle between Sonic and Blaze in Sonic Rush. The difference is that Percival seemed infatuated with Sonic after the battle. However, considering their personality and looks are exact could mean that Blaze possibly developed the same feelings. In Sonic Rush Adventure she does seem to rely on him and listens to what he says eagerly similar to how Percival listens to his orders.

Sonic VS. Percival : Percival fights Sonic because she is mis-guided/had a misunderstanding. Sonic is forced to fight her. She loses the battle and attempts to fall off (or it could be a mistake). Sonic saves her. She is impressed by his kindness and considers him an ally.

Sonic VS. Blaze: Blaze's selfishness causes the two to fight. Mostly Sonic trying to calm to her down. She loses the battle and accepts Sonic's kindness, considering him an ally.

They have the same personality, and encounter Sonic in the same way. So, I suppose the end results would be similar?


  • Sonic and Percival (Blaze) are seen staring at each other for a long moment when he saves her from the volcano. He is also grabbing her hand so that she doesn't fall.
  • After Caliburn says "Save the hugs and kisses for later." to Percival (Blaze) and Sonic, Sonic looks at him and says, "Why? You jealous or something?".

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

  • In the CG opening, Sonic, participating in one of the events, misses a pole. He instead grabs Blaze's feet and swings her around, much to her shock and gets himself ahead of the race.
  • In the DS version of the game, Blaze, Peach, Daisy and Amy are sending invitations to the other players to a party. Amy wants to send hers to Sonic personally, Blaze however stops her and challenges her to a sport.
  • In the Story Mode, at one point Amy starts flirting with Sonic by calling him "darling" on a message system. Blaze responds to this by putting a hand on her face and says to herself, "Oh brother!".
  • In one of the gameplay trailers, Mario and Peach are synchronize swimming with Sonic and Blaze. In most of the trailers, the characters are meant to mirror each other. Peach being Mario's love-interest could reflect Blaze for Sonic. Either that or the two are princesses.

Sonic Runners

Runners Sonaze
  • When Sonic's friends are wishing him a happy birthday, Blaze says that she wanted to be there for him.

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Fan-fictions Against

Fan-fictions containing Sonamy, Sonsal etc.

Sonic and Blaze

Sonaze Fan-Children

  • Breeze the hedgecat
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  • SS KILLROZE : A huge supporter of the relationship of Sonic and Blaze. "It makes the most sense out of all of the relationships procured." Read Sonaze
  • I AM THE PASTA LORD 14:27, March 31, 2010 (UTC)[i got into this after playing Sonic Rush. But now i'm supporting three differnt sonicouples...]

I don't like the ROMANTIC part, but sonic and blaze working together in a battle, sounds like a pretty good team

  • --Zack the CatChaos Rush... 17:40, April 12, 2010 (UTC)I support this couple because after playing the Percival fight in Black Knight
  • Sonic & Scrab Master I support it. Don't know why, but I do.
  • I used to.Selenia the cat is who I really am... my fate is sealed... 23:32, November 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • I, SonicRyan1992 (also Sonito1992 on dA), find that Sonic and Blaze balance each other out as a couple (one's hyperactive, one's calm). Plus, with the exception of some I don't know about, Blaze seems to be very mature compared to girls like Amy. Better than Silvaze since Silver limited themselves as friends when it seemed like Blaze was gonna die. Sonaze may merely be hinted at, but there is more possibility of a Sonaze couple than a Silvaze couple. (I would add that they are my favorite two characters but that doesn't make a good reason, does it?)
  • I actually really like this couple. Its an interesting couple, and I quite like it. I can't think of a new signature 01:39, July 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • It's really good. I can tell why Sega hinted this couple! It rocks! -Mirandafan21
  • Yeah. I support this with Sonamy and Silvaze. IceSeason101 22:07, July 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • Blaze is better than Amy Assassinhedgehog 07:21, April 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • I support this because I do. Deal with it. PitsBrother143
  • For Sonamy "It doesn't make any sense, Sonic ALWAYS runs away from Amy" and for Silvaze "Silver and Blaze have never met each other, if they did... Blaze considers Silver to be a naive brother to her" that's why I'm support this couple.
  • I so support this. Besides SILVAZE can't be done cuz they don't know each other anymore. They only said Hi to each other in games that they appeared together (silver and blaze) and said nice to meet u and thats it. And in when u start the game Sonic Rush Adventure in DS when they are in the Water Cycle they look at each other and they smile. GO SONAZE! SEGA HINTED THIS COUPLE!! ITS OFFICAL FOR ME!
  • Its a helluva lot better than sonelise or sonamy,so yeah,support +1 derp derppp derpp cereal (talk) 15:14, September 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • Has more evidence in its favor than any other ship for these two. They actually have chemistry with each other, and Blaze only viewed Silver as a brother. --MaskedKitsune (talk) 07:59, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Blaze and Sonic:Princess of one dimension and the hero of the other~Cyclonestar

  • Ever since Sonic Rush came I always supported SonAze. I find it to be a really cute couple. In my opinion, I think SonAze was the most popular Blaze and Sonic Ships...... until Sonic 06 happened and SilvAze somehow became canon. I personally support SonAmy, but SonAze is much better. ♪Pianoteen♪
  • Since I fell in love to Blaze, Sonaze have felt logic in Sonic universum. From that day my everlasting dream is, that Sonic and Blaze willl show their love to each other in Sonic game. They can't be separated as long as I am alive. Megaphantaze
  • Ever since Sonic Rush came out, Sonaze boomed in numbers as fans began to realize why SOnic and Blaze were meant for one another. Let's look at it this way, Sonic and Blaze have two distinguishable elements. Air and Fire respectively. Wind can either put out the fire or make it grow, showing in the rush series that Sonic has made Blaze grow stronger than before. In Sonic Rush, Blaze is seen to find interest in Sonic after so many suggestions that she should seek his help. ITS IF SEGA wanted to hint this out to the extreme. Another thing that Silvaze fans will get mixed with.. Dreams of Absolution. Really? Has anyone bothered to really disect the lyrics? "But then you still control the past." 'You' refers to Sonic in the majority of the lyrics. It only mentions Blaze and SIlver stopping Iblis but that's it. It makes sense that SOnic and Blaze do go together, they both make a perfect chemistry in battle and romance. SEGA, however, cannot do this because en-experienced players who love Silvaze and Sonamy will rage and hate SEGA and the Sonaze community etc etc. Anywho, Sonaze will remain as strong, and stronger from this day onwards. Yeah Sonaze! ~AstralSonic
    • You my friend,are a good person- Cyclonestar
  • I have more preference for Blaze, she is stronger and more serious than Amy, and also has more in common with Sonic --Dragonempeorslayer (talk) 23:28, August 28, 2014 (UTC)
  • I support it, because Blaze and Sonic's personalities perfectly balance one another's. Huzzah for Sonaze! - TheEXFactor
  • in my perspective, these two are alternate versions of each other, and from the sonic rush games and black night, it's safe to say they have enough proof (P.S. The fan art is adorable)
  • Reach for the Stars 10919: I support sonaze the first time I saw the character Blaze the Cat in Mario and Sonic at the olimpic winter games (Ds). Since that, I investigate more about the couple and it actually can be an amazing relationship. Sonaze in my opinion got more opportunities than any other couple, as Sonic never find any interest on another character (without counting the archie comics) and sonamy is completely imposible as sega never give a chance about it. Sonic boom dont count as part of sega so even if there is sonamy, sega will ignore this action and continue with his games. Sega actually give more opportunities for sonaze, so I completely support it! I LOVE SONAZE!!💜💙


  • Grinder I HAVE A REASON! First, its okayish, and at least it's not a fan girl couple. Plus, one amazing spriter supports it, and he is British, so... I dunno. I'll let Tomsonic off the hook for spriting... *Shivers* Zodick the Hellhog. But, either, it's OK.
  • .....Zodick? - Ryu
  • Flashfire Master of Flames 04:26, February 28, 2010 (UTC) (Better than Sonelise!)
  • MythikathePanther - It's okay, but I still surport: Taismo,sonamy,sonaze and Shadouge, maybe Knuxsu. But not, Sonlise
  • Chaosemerld8 18:16, June 18, 2010 (UTC) Okay I like the one seen in SATBK when you beat her but I like Silver and Blaze togeter more.
  • Sir Draconai - Communications Spells - Missions Complete 18 - Personally, I support Sonamy and Silvaze. But I see the stuff behind this, and I've seen a few Fan-fictions involving Sonaze, and they're interesting. One really stands out for having a reason. (*cough*deviantART*cough*Sonic and the Dark Souls*cough*)
  • Well, I'm iffy because I support Sonamy and Silvaze, but also 'cause there isn't much evidence. White Star Line234px-WhiteStarLogo svg 23:32, November 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • While it is a cute couple, their personaities could not be more different. (Imagine-Nation. 5:41 PM, June 9, 2011, EST)
  • Meh... Im kinda borderlining between Silvaze and Sonaze, Sonaze is much better than Sonamy but its most likely not gonna happen. Btw.. real mature haters *looks down*
  • I think that both Sonaze and Silvaze are fully possible. There is genuine evidence of both couplings in multiple games, sometimes both in the same game. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm a Silver fangirl with a personality shockingly similar to Blaze's, I would willingly go so far as to read lemonfics of both of them, like I do with Knuxouge and Shadouge (yes, I am indeed perverted that way.....but only online). It is also possible that Sega will start a little love triangle subplot in the games and let us fans decide how it goes for them, since Sega can't seem to decide, either. But until Sega makes a decision, I will be nuetral to Sonaze. (I'm a lover of Silvaze because I'm a Silver fangirl whose personality is--wait I already told you) ~Mura-The-Mink
  • well it's ok but i'm not sure how that works :/
  • Look - I'm neutral on this one because I support Silvaze more. But as my page on Amy says (EDIT: I guess I forgotten to update it), I support both Shadamy and Sonamy. I don't like this pairing but I think it's cute at the same time. But I support many pairings so, yeah. ~~~~

Well, I don't hate it. I don't hate any pairings. I don't support many of them either. The reason is because people misjudge friendship. You see, Sonic saved Percival from falling to lava because he is a hero, and would do the same with anyone, even Eggman. People here manipulate small things to make them big, much like this whole Overview from Sonaze. I don't think Sega even purposely hinted this couple in games, yet people use the tinniest hints, manipulate them so they can use it for they own purposes, shove it down our throats that two characters are a couple. It's much like the paparazzi and the gossip magazines things to me. People manipulate facts, they can actually create something "big". Sonic and Blaze are friends, not a couple.I still respect it, but I don't support it. Period. Chamesthehero

  • I don't exactly hate it, but I think that it's just a very close friendship. I do however think Percival possibly has a crush on Sonic, since she blushed at once point. But Percival and Blaze aren't the same person (cat? XD), I don't exactly see how that would make sense. -User:VanillaTheCat
  • I'm generally neutral on this pairing. There's a bit of evidence here and there, but not enough to prove a romantic relationship between the two. Besides, I support Silvaze. But Sonaze is kinda cute, either way~. :3 I don't know what to say... C Data Users DefApps AppData INTERNETEXPLORER Temp Saved Images fhJMQ0x So I'll just be here eating cake. 01:39, November 22, 2015 (UTC) 


  • i hate it, silver rules
  • Nope. There's no evidence, and I support SonSal and Silvaze. As a team, they work, but not as a romantic pairing. Bring it on or ya meet my sword! 15:03, June 29, 2011 (UTC)
    • Well, it's been hinted more than a few times. SupeSonicWind2000 (talk) 09:27, December 6, 2013 (UTC)
    • SuperSonicWind2000 is right, and as a matter of fact, we're discussing about canon couples. Not something you SEE in the shows or comics (Because they do not correlate with the games). There's more than enough evidence to convince SEGA into making a game with these two in a romantic affair but fan bases will rage and stuff.
  • Same as Taggev, plus Sonic doesn't belong with Blaze. No way. I mean, Blaze has fire powers and Sonic is superspeed. Well, then again, Sonic hates water...=/ But still. Shaking hands, thanking and being excited? IS THAT REALLY WORTH ROMANCE?! Peanutjon 19:01, August 6, 2011 (UTC)
  • Love Machine dislikes this... Frozen Scorpio 13:16, May 19, 2012 (UTC) If the cake is a spy, and the spy is a lie, then is the cake just a cake?
  • I'm sorry. I used to support it. Now: 2 THUMBS DOWN I am a Pfu pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow 23:07, January 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • I didn't think Sonic Was Into that kind of stuff anyway and anyone who supports this has no reason to, i speak for Sonic. Imagine this, you were  the main character of A video game, and they had a fanon wiki about you. you go on your page, then you see a colossal list of romantic intrests, most of the pepole on there you don't even know, would that annoy you? Think about sonic, how would he feel? I can proudly say that i am against all romantic relationships that have anything to do with sonic. I'll stick around this wiki as long as it takes for everyone to realize this. I like sonic and i will stick up for him. I AM AND I WILL STAND AGAINST THIS you may wonder how this is a good reason, here's how, i think that sonic having friends is perfectly fine but i don't think that a fan character having a relationship with a real character is right. if anyone agrees with me please tell me, i geusse i'm probably the only one.
    • This IP wins ten internets. --Sol
    • I think it's funny how this didn't appear on Sonamy nor Silvaze =/ And Blaze is a canon character, not a fan character.
  • LIKE HELL THESE TWO WILL GET TOGETHER!!! Silvaze 4 life! ♥ User:Blaze SolUser_talk: Blaze Sol ♥ EMPERESS OF ICE AND SNOW! ♥ 11:15, December 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • user:conkersberris WORSE THAN SONALLY SONAMY RULES

Not Haters, but still against

  • I will be honest, Sonaze is not likely to be possible. Yes, they are good friends, but in love? No. And I don't support Silvaze (Silver and Blaze pairing) either. The events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 never technically happened. After all, Blaze is given an alternate back story in that game. Besides, Silver and Blaze have very different goals. Silver wants to make sure that the future is safe, and Blaze is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Neither one can leave their timezone and dimension.

Anyway, back to the Sonaze topic. Just because Sonic wasn't willing to part with Blaze at the end of Sonic Rush doesn't mean he was in love with her. As for the ending in Sonic Rush Adventures, I can't comment on it since I never played it. When I do, I might make an edit to this paragraph. They are just great friends, that's all. There is NO real evidence that they are in love with each other. Same goes for Silvaze and Shadaze.

In addition, Sonic saving Percival (Blaze's doppleganger) in Sonic and the Black Knight is NOT evidence for this pairing! Sonic would have done the exact same thing if it were the doppleganger of any of his friends.

Besides, wasn't Sonic supposed to meet Amy on a date on the day that he was transported to the relm of King Arthur? (As described after beating the entire game.) Hmmm... leaves something to think about, doesn't it? (I'm neutral towards SonAmy, by the way. While its perfectly clear that Amy is in love with Sonic, Sonic runs away from her about 85% of the time.) Help! I forgot my signature! (talk) 23:15, March 12, 2013 (UTC)

Look. I'm simply against Sonaze. I like Sonamy (although Sonic runs away all the time! xD) and I preffer Silvaze over Sonaze. All from the other dimensions stay there. And I mean it. But I respect all Sonaze lovers, like how I respect all other pairings (except for threesomes and yuris and everything - I treat those as a joke) and is willing to write any fanfic about it, if I were asked to do so. But again, I'm still against the pairing. --TomFeatherhill (talk) 06:45, September 30, 2014 (UTC)