The New Game

Sonic's Cave Story!


Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were running in Seaside Hill, after some time, Eggman came and threw them into a cave called Waterfall Cave, Tails and Knuckles were thrown into a cage at the end of the cave, Sonic now decides to go save them, with the help of Shadow and Silver, Team Hero can save Tails and Knuckles, Eggman now used his Spike Egg to break the floor, Team Hero fell into the water part of Waterfall Cave, they must now get to Eggman in the final floor called Egg Cave, but, Stone, Quartz and Sonuk have teamed up to form Team Cave, Team Hero must defeat Team Cave and save Tails and Knuckles!

Characters / Playables

1. Sonic - speed

2. Silver - flight

3. Shadow - power

Team. Team Hero

4. Stone

5. Quartz

6. Sonuk

Team. Team Cave (unlocked when finishing Team Hero's story)


1. Waterfall Cave Zone

2. Dusty Cave Zone

3. Iced Cave Zone

Temple. Ground Digger Boss

4. Quartz Cave Zone

5. Stoned Cave Zone

Temple. Quartz and Stone Boss

6. Dark Cave Zone

Temple. Team Cave Boss

7. Dead Cave Zone

8. Sonuk's Base Zone

9. Cave Bosses

Temple. Save Zone

10. Egg Cave Zone


1. Silver (tricked by Team Cave)

2. Shadow (tricked by Team Cave)

3. Iced Cave-Bot

4. Quartz

5. Stone

6. Dark Shadow (transformed by Eggman to be dark and evil)

7. Dark Silver (transformed by Eggman to be dark and evil)

8. Sonuk

9. Boss Rush

10. Team Cave

11. Tails and Knuckles (tricked by Eggman)

12. Super Sonuk

Special Stages

1. Knuckles Chaotix Special Stage cave styled (JP/EU/US)

2. Sonic CD Special Stage cave styled (US-only if it is in Act 2)


After Saving Tails and Knuckles, Shadow and Silver are still in the team only if you call them, the friends celebrate at Seaside Hill and tell Team Cave to have some fun adventuring.

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