This is my first ever completed Sonic fanfic. I got the idea from reading Shakespeare's classic tale and thinking how funny it would be if Sonic and friends twisted this tale. Hope you like!

Characters and Setting

Sonic the Hedgehog ~ Lysander (loves Hermia and is loved by Hermia)

Miles "Tails" Prower ~ Demetrius (loves Hermia and is loved by Helena)

Amy Rose ~ Hermia (daughter of Eugus and loves Lysander)

Cream the Rabbit ~ Helena (loves Demetrius)

Vector the Crocodile ~ Duke of Athens

Vanilla the Rabbit ~ Hippolyta, Queen of Amazons

Knuckles the Echidna ~ Oberon, King of the Fairies

Rouge the Bat ~ Titania, Queen of the Fairies

Big the Cat ~ Philostrate, Theseus' Master of Revels

Espio the Chameleon ~ Puck, Oberon's right hand Fairy

Chao ~ Fairies

Shadow the Hedgehog ~ Nick Bottom, a Weaver, plays Pyramus

Dr. Eggman ~ Francis Flute, a Bellow-menders, plays Thisby

E-123 Omega ~ Snug the Joiner, plays Lion

Blaze the Cat ~ Tamm Snout the Tinker, plays Wall

Marine the Raccoon ~ Robin Starveling, plays the Moon

Silver the Hedgehog ~ Peter Quince, a Carpenter, plays Prologue

This story is set in Mobotropolis, and the area surrounding it.

Act I Scene I Mobotropolis, Vector's Palace

"Wow, it's only four days until our big wedding day," Vector said happily to his bride-to-be, Vanilla. "Unfortunately the closer it gets to our special day, the longer the days seem to get," Vector sighed as he and Vanilla walked hand-in-hand through the palace. They stopped in front of the thrones in the main room and Vanilla turned toward Vector.

"Oh, don't worry dear. I'm sure these four days will pass by quicker than you think," Vanilla said sweetly as she kissed Vector on the cheek, making him blush.

"Uhh... yes... I...," Vector stammered then quickly shook his head. "We need to throw an awesome bash for our wedding! Big! BIG!!!"

"Duh, did you call me Duke?" Big asked as he lazily strolled in, a fishing pole slung over his shoulder.

"Big, may I ask why you have a fishing pole?" Vanilla asked quizzically.

"Duh... what fishing pole?" He asked as he swiftly put it behind his back. At least a foot stuck out over his head, making hiding it impossible.

"Never mind that now, Big you go find some entertainment for me and Vanilla's wedding night. Could you do that?" Vector asked as he smiled at Vanilla.

"Ooh! Ooh! I know something! I have the perfect thing! I got a whole list right here," He quickly pulled out a list and handed it to Vector. Vector and Vanilla both looked over the list.

"Uhm, Big? Everything's about frogs," Vanilla said as she read over the list.

Big nodded his head excitedly. "Uh-uh, there's the Froggy Ballet, and the Froggy Races, and the Froggy Fights and-"

"NO FROGS!" Vector shouted. "Last year, we did frogs, last party was frogs, and last week you wanted everybody to dress up as a frog! Please NO FROGS!"

"But, are you sure?" Big interrupted.

"YES!" Vector and Vanilla both shouted.

"Well, alright then. I'll try to find something," Big muttered as he walked off.

Vector shook his head and walked to his throne to sit down. Vanilla sat in the throne beside him. They stared at each other with hearts in their eyes until they were interrupted by someone who had walked into the room. They both looked at the new visitors who happened to be Mighty, Amy, Sonic, and Tails.

"Greetings Vector, O highly esteemed Duke!" Mighty said with a flourish.

"Oh, uh... Hi Mighty. How's it going?"

"Terrible! I've come to ask your help with a problem I'm having. As you know I have a daughter named Amy," Mighty pointed to her.

"Hiya Duke!" Amy said happily as she curtsied.

"Well, I want her to marry this man over here. Tails, please come over here. Now this man can most certainly marry my daughter," Mighty looked at him happily as Tails puffed out his chest.

Amy turned up her nose and turned around with a "humph!"

Now you Sonic, you stand over here," Mighty said scowling, "this... this hedgehog dares to think he can marry my daughter! He's bewitched her! Fooled her with ridiculous poems, moonlight serenades and gifts of jewelry and flowers! Now she doesn't want to marry Tails and wants to marry Sonic instead!" Mighty began pacing angrily as he spoke. Amy looked dreamily at Sonic with hearts in her eyes as Sonic stuck his tongue out at Tails. Tails' face reddened and he would have gone and hit Sonic, except Vector spoke up just then.

"Well Amy, what do you have to say? Tails is most certainly a worthy gentleman," Vector said as he looked them over.

"So is Sonic!" Amy replied happily. Her heart-filled eyes had never left Sonic, who was now looking at her with the same expression.

"Yes, but-" Vector began.

"Please sir Duke, forgive me for interrupting, but what will happen if I refuse to marry Tails?" Amy interrupted.

"According to Mobian law, you must marry Tails or be put to death," Vector said solemnly.

Amy's jaw dropped as Sonic's face paled. "Wow... that's really harsh! But hear this; I will never marry Tails while I love another!" She said defiantly.

Vector closed his eyes in thought. "Hmmm... Alright, I'll give you until my wedding day to decide. So, if you haven't decided to marry Tails by my wedding day, you must die."

"Amy, will you just quit this silly game! And Sonic, you stop acting crazy and fooling her. Amy belongs to me!" Tails said angrily.

"Oh yeah!?" Amy shouted as a hammer appeared in her hand. "Come here and maybe you'll change your mind!" She ran toward Tails swinging her hammer wildly.

"Amy don't smash him! AMY!" Mighty shouted as Amy chased Tails around the room. "Duke, I'm sorry for her behavior. You can blame Sonic," he said as he pointed to the hedgehog, who was laughing at Amy's antics.

"I will... not... marry you!" Amy screamed as she smashed her hammer at Tails.

"HELP! Get her away from me!" Tails shouted as he ran.

"Don't you love me!? Come here and let me show you love!" Amy screamed as she spun around, her hammer smashing everything in sight.

"That's enough Amy!" Vector shouted over the din. "Please stop, you're destroying my palace!"

Amy screeched to a halt as her hammer disappeared in a puff of smoke. "Oh, alright..." she said as she glared at Tails.

"Mighty," Sonic began, "How come I'm not as good as Tails? I have more possessions, more money, more love for your daughter, and of course, better looks," He said grinning as he smoothed back his spines.

"No way! I have way better looks than you! Plus... I have two tails!" Tails huffed.

"Sorry, but my looks are way better," Sonic said as he rolled his eyes. "Besides, what about Cream?"

Tails' face reddened. "Uh, C-Cream? I... uh... don't know what you're talking about," Tails stammered.

"Of course you do. Remember when you sent her gifts and flowers and sang songs to her? And you both declared your love for each other? Now she loves you with all of her heart. And how do you repay her love? By loving my girlfriend!"

"Okay, I think I've heard enough," Vector said as he stood up. He went over and held Vanilla's hand as she got up from her throne. "Okay, Mighty and Tails, I need to talk to you about wedding plans. Amy think about your decision, since one way or another, your life will be changed. Vanilla my dear, won't you come with me and Mighty and Tails? I would like to talk about our wedding."

"Of course Vector," she replied as she gave him another kiss.

"Oh...uh...," Vector blushed as he stammered, "W-well? What are you all staring at? Move along!" He turned around and led Vanilla out of the throne room as Mighty and Tails followed him.

Sonic stuck his tongue out at them as they left. He and Amy walked outside and stood on the palace steps. "Crazy mutant fox. Why can't he... Amy? Amy, are you crying?" Sonic quickly rushed over to Amy and held her hand as he looked worriedly at her.

"Sniff... yes... I don't want to marry that two-tailed weirdo! But I don't want to... to die either!" She said angrily as she stamped her foot.

"Oh, Amy please don't cry," He quickly wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. "Now listen, I have an idea. Do you remember me telling you about my aunt?"

Amy sniffed and dried her tears. "Uh-huh. Doesn't she live out in the Great Forest?"

"Yep, that's the one. She never had any children of her own, and always treated me like a son. We could go there to escape the Mobian Law and get married!" Sonic said excitedly.

Amy's face quickly cleared up as a smile broke out. "Oh Sonic, that's a wonderful idea!" She threw her arms around Sonic's neck.

"Amy... can't breath... choking... me...," Sonic gasped.

"Oh! Sorry Sonic!" She stopped squeezing his neck, but still held onto him.

"That's alright, I'm good. Now, you must promise me that tomorrow night you will be by the tree we carved our initials in. You remember?" Sonic said as he held Amy close.

"Of course I do silly, how could I forget? I promise with everything in me that I will be there." They stood there for a moment as they loved each other and dreamed about life together.

"Hey, isn't that Cream?" Sonic said suddenly as he pulled away from Amy.

"You're right. Hi Cream! How are you doing tonight?" Amy asked as Cream walked toward them.

"Oh, alright I suppose. I just can't stop thinking about Tails. Oh how I wish he would pay attention to me!" She cried.

"Hmph, I wish he'd stop paying attention to me," Amy huffed.

"It seems the more I love him, the more he hates me!" Cream cried dejectedly.

"The more I hate him, the more he loves me," Amy sighed in despair.

"I wish I was as beautiful as you!"

"But you are Cream! It's his own stupidity if he can't see that. But you don't need to worry any longer," Amy said happily.

Cream's ears perked up. "Oh? Why not? Will you teach me to be more like you?"

"Me and Sonic are running away and getting married!" Amy cried happily.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you!" Cream rushed to Amy and they both jumped up and down with joy. "How are you doing this though?"

"Remember the woods we used to play in when we were little? Tomorrow night, me and Sonic will meet there, and then escape Mobotropolis and it's stupid laws!"

"That sounds so romantic..." Cream sighed.

"Ooh! It's getting late! I better head home I guess. Goodbye Cream," she said as she hugged her friend goodbye. "And goodbye Sonic. We shouldn't be seen together until we're gone." She gave Sonic a quick goodbye kiss and ran off.

"Don't worry Amy; we'll see each other tomorrow night!" Sonic called after her. He turned to Cream and said, "Goodbye Cream. I hope Tails will love you the same way you love him." And then he sped off into the city, leaving Cream alone in front of the palace.

Cream sighed and began her walk home. "Am I the most unlucky woman in Athens? Why do I love Tails so, though he ignores me, hates me even! Love turns things from bad to good, from ugly to handsome. We do not love from our eyes, but from our mind. True love holds on, no matter how the other may be." As Cream was lost in her philosophical thoughts, an idea suddenly came to her. "I know what to do! I'll tell Tails that Amy's running away. Perhaps he can then forget about Amy, and realize I'm the one for him!" With that, she happily skipped down the path to her house.

Act I Scene II Mobotropolis, Silver's House

We now leave our lovebirds and go to another part of the city, where a group of playmakers are preparing their latest work.

"All right now, is everybody here?" Silver said as he looked around his dusky living-room.

Shadow replied, "You need to call all of us by name, according to the script."

"Okay, here's the scroll with everyone's name. Hopefully we'll be able to do this play for the Duke and Duchess' wedding celebration!" Silver said excitedly.

"First Silver, you have to tell us what the play's about, and then tell us who we'll play, and then we can discuss it," Shadow said impatiently.

"Right. Our play is "The saddest comedy, and the most cruel death of Pyramus and Thisby," Silver read the name from the scroll out loud.

Shadow smiled, "This is a very good play, trust me. Now Silver, tell us all who'll we play."

Silver nodded, "I spent a long time deciding who's gonna play who, so I hope everyone's happy with it."

"Yes, that's very nice. Now I'm growing impatient," Shadow growled.

"Okay, okay...," Silver muttered. "Now, answer as I call you. Shadow the Hedgehog?"

"You know I'm here. Why'd you call me?" Silver looked at him exasperated. "You told me to!"

"Hmph, I'm here. What part do I play?" Shadow replied gruffly.

"You are set to play... Pyramus!" Silver said with a flourish.

"Hmm, what kind of person is Pyramus?" Shadow asked.

"Uhh..." Silver stared at him blankly.

Shadow sighed, "Look, would he rather pick daisies, or fight wars?"

"Oh he'd definitely pick daisies. He's a lover who grandly kills himself in the name of love!" Silver sniffed. "It's quite sad really..."

"Well then, I suppose I should cry. I can cry very well. I will cry so well, that the entire audience will cry with me. Why, even the sky itself shall cry tears of rain! Still... I'd rather be beating up some bad guys. And I'm not going to die, then come back later with amnesia or something will I?" Shadow asked Silver.

"What? Who ever heard of something so ridiculous? Anyway, next up is Eggman!" Silver cried out.

"That's Dr. Eggman! And yes I'm here. Which character do I get to use my utter genius on?" Dr. Eggman asked excitedly.

"Dr. Eggman, you must play Thisby," said Silver. "Oh-ho, Thisby! Yes, I shall play the best Thisby the world has ever seen! Soon they shall all worship my genius! I will... who is Thisby? Is he an evil ruler perhaps? Does he enslave the world? Can I fly around in something shaped like an egg!?" Eggman asked, getting more hyper with each question.

"Uh, no. You play the lady Pyramus is in love with," Silver replied as he scanned the scroll. "Now, next is-"

"WHAT? I can't play a woman! I'm a genius! I'm a guy on top of that! I have a mustache! Get me my agent!" He screamed as he jumped from his chair. Silver shook his head, "Sorry Dr. Eggman, but we're set back in the days when women weren't allowed to play in theatre. You have to be the lady, and that's that. Just shave your mustache."

"SHAVE MY MUSTACHE!! ARE YOU INSANE!?" Eggman screamed as he jumped up and down in anger.

"Fine, wear a mask," Silver replied shrugging his shoulders.

Shadow walked over to Dr. Eggman and looked up at him. "Why is Pyramus in love with such a tall woman?"

Silver shrugged his shoulders. "Come on, he's not that tall..."

"He's twice as tall as me. Maybe I should play Thisby. I can speak in a nice sweet voice, and I don't have a honking huge mustache to worry about," Shadow said as he rubbed his head in thought. Dr. Eggman nodded his head quickly in agreement.

"No, Shadow, you are playing Pyramus, and Dr. Eggman, you're playing Thisby. Got it?" Silver stared at them until Dr. Eggman drooped dejectedly as Shadow shrugged his shoulders and sat back down. "Good. Next up, Marine the Raccoon."

"Oy, oy! Over ‘ere mate, over ‘ere! I'm ‘ere, I'm ‘ere! Who do I play? Somebody full of mystery, ‘ey? I want to be a pirate! Oy, I'd scuttle all your ships, and sink your navy and everbody'd shout, ‘Look out over there! It's the awesomest pirate sheila ever, Marine! Run from her awesomeness!' And I'd be like, ‘Run you scalawags! This shiela's takin' over!' And I'd give ‘em a left one, and a right and another left jus' for good measure! Then I'd-"

"Hey, wait a minute! She's a woman! Why can't she play Thisby?" Dr. Eggman shouted as he pointed to her.

"Because she's playing Thisby's mother," Silver replied.

"But, you said women weren't allowed to be in plays in our time!" Dr. Eggman whined.

"Apparently, whoever wrote this story ran out of characters," Shadow said as he glanced at Marine.

"Uh? What you talkin' ‘bout mate? What writer?"

"Forget it," replied Shadow. Marine sunk back in her chair.

"Okay, next is Blaze the Cat," Silver said looking up from the scroll.

"I'm here Silver."

"SHE"S A WOMAN TOO!" Dr. Eggman shouted jumping up and down as he pointed to her.

"Watch that finger or I'll burn it off," Blaze replied evenly as she set her hand on fire and brought it close to Dr. Eggman. Dr. Eggman immediately decided to sit down in his chair and shut up.

"Anyway, you play Pyramus' father," Silver said pointing to the list. Dr. Eggman almost got up to argue about that, but decided to sit back down when he saw Blaze glaring at him with both of her arms on fire.

"I get to play Thisby's father and lastly, E-123 Omega here will play the lion's part," Silver pointed to a large robot in the shadows. "Hopefully we have a good play here." Everyone stared at Omega, since they hadn't seen him until Silver pointed him out.

"Strewth! He's a bonzer of a bot! Sinister lookin' even!" Marine said excitedly as she looked him over.

"Hmmm, have we met before Omega?" Shadow asked curiously.

"NEGATIVE!" Omega replied in a loud metallic voice.

"Alright, alright. You don't have to shout," Shadow replied. Omega looked them all over then turned to Silver.

"DO YOU HAVE THE SCRIPT FOR THE LION'S PART?" Omega asked as everyone covered their ears.

"You're a lion. You just roar," Silver replied rubbing his ears.

"Could you let me play the lion?" Shadow asked hopefully. "I could be a very good lion. I could let out a terrific roar, and everyone will cheer, and then I'll roar again, even louder than before!"

"Yes, and then you'd scare all the ladies. They'd all scream and cover their ears and then the Duke would hang us!" Silver replied as he shook his head.

"I'd just burn him. Who's up for lion steak?" Blaze asked grinning. Shadow scooted away from her burning hand.

"O-of course, I could always play a gentle lion. I'd roar like a little sweet bird..." Shadow stammered.

"No! Shadow, you are playing Pyramus!" Silver replied angrily.

Shadow shook his head. "But Pyramus is nice and sweet! He's-"

"Which is why you're playing him," Silver interrupted. Everyone looked at Shadow, who sat in his chair looking very angry. They all tried to picture him being sweet and nice... and failed.

"We'll practice our play tomorrow night in the woods. That way, no one can steal any of our ideas and we can practice without any distractions. Does everyone have their parts?" Silver looked over his own part as he spoke.

"NEGATIVE! I HAVE NO SCRIPT!" Omega said angrily.

"You just need to say ‘Roar!'" Shadow replied shaking his head.


"No, no, no! Wait until tomorrow!" Silver said in exasperation. "We'll see each other tomorrow night. Now good-bye!" He said as he shooed them all from his house.

Act II Scene I A Wood Near Mobotropolis

The night turns into day, and the day passes. All is quiet in the wood, until there is a rustle in the nearby bushes...

A chao was happily running along on the ground. He was enjoying the beautiful sunset, the pretty flowers, and the lovely breeze when a figure suddenly materialized in front of him. He was a purple chameleon in a ninja pose, posed to strike.

"Halt! Where are you headed chao?" He asked sharply.

The chao looked at him quizzically as a question mark appeared above his head. He suddenly jumped up and down and said, "Chao! Chao, chao!"

"Yes, I am Espio, King Knuckles' right-hand ninja fairy!" Espio replied grandly. The chao stared at him curiously then began rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter. "What? You've never heard of a ninja fairy? We are quite rare. I serve the King of the Floating Island and I'm also quite the jokester," Espio said slyly. The chao looked up at him and then broke into another fit of laughter. "Hmph. Well, just make sure your queen doesn't show up here. The King is very angry at her for stealing his jewel."

The chao suddenly paled as Espio finished. Espio looked up and noticed Knuckles entering the clearing, and on the other side... the queen entering the clearing.

Knuckles noticed the queen the same time the queen noticed him. There faces quickly clouding in anger as they stared at each other. "Rouge! What are you doing here you thief!" He said spitefully.

"Why, I've come to see the Duke and Duchess' wedding," Rouge said innocently, "And why are you here?"

"I'm here to see the Duke and Duchess' wedding as well," Knuckles replied in surprise. "Did you also come to give me back my Emerald?"

"What Emerald?" Rouge asked innocently. Knuckles growled menacingly.

"The one you stole from me you stupid thief!" He shouted banging his fists.

Rouge huffed, "Well, I'm taking much better care of this Emerald then you would of. And I'm not giving it back! I stole it fair and square."

"That Emerald held up my island!" Knuckles roared.

"Well... islands are supposed to be in the water anyway," Rouge said shrugging her shoulders. "So, now I've fixed your island. A little kiss would be a nice way of saying thanks..."

Knuckles exploded in anger, "THANKS?! You destroyed my home and you want me to thank you?! I'm so gonna get you for this!"

"Come chao; let's get out of here before the King and I start fighting. Goodbye Knuckie!" She said as she blew him a kiss then flew off.

Knuckles' jaw dropped in shock. "D-did she just call me... Knuckie?" He asked in a small voice. Espio appeared beside him and nodded his head. "That does it! That's the last straw! Espio, do you have the data file I just gave you?"

Espio nodded his head. "Yes, and I have read it. It tells of the Love-In-Idleness, or the lover's flower and it's location. One drop of the nectar from this flower applied to a sleeping eye will make that person fall in love with the next person he or she sees." "Correct," Knuckles replied, "I want you to go and get it for me."

Espio grinned and nodded his head. "Ninja-Vanish!" He shouted as he disappeared. "I'll be back shortly," He said out of thin air than ran off.

"Once I apply this onto Rouge's eye, she'll fall madly in love with the next person she sees. While she's busy being in love, I'll go in and snatch the Emerald!" He smiled as he though of his plan. "It's perfect. But who are these people coming? I better hide," He said as he dove into a bush and waited in silence. Soon two familiar people walked into the clearing.

"I don't love you! Now stop following me! Where's Sonic and Amy? You said they were in these woods and I came here to stop Amy. So just go away!" Tails said angrily.

"Oh how I love you! All your words, though spoken in anger, sound so lovely!" Cream sighed.

"What is wrong with you? Are you going deaf? Let me put in words you may understand, ME NO LIKEY YOU! I will never love you, and I can't ever love you!" Tails shouted.

"I love you even more every time you say that! No matter what you do or say to me, I will always love you!" Cream cried happily.

"You make me sick when I look at you!"

"I am sick if I don't look at you!"

"I'll... I'll run and hide, and leave you to the mercy of the wild beasts!" Tails threatened.

"Oh how daring! I'll be surrounded by hungry wild animals, and then you can swoop in and save me!" Cream sighed gleefully.

"Ugh! Just forget it! I'm going to look for Amy, and don't even think about following me!" Tails barked as he ran off into the woods.

Cream watched him leave then sighed, "Oh I'll follow you. I'll make you mine if it's the last thing I do!" She then ran off after Tails.

Knuckles waited a few minutes and then cam out of the bushes. He looked at the spot where Tails and Amy had left and said to himself, "Don't worry lady, before you leave these woods, he'll be yours." He then noticed Espio materialize. "Ah Espio. Do you have it?"

"Right here," Espio replied as he pulled out a purple flower and handed it to Knuckles.

Knuckles took the flower and examined it. "Perfect! I know a beautiful flower patch not far from here where Rouge likes to sleep. While I'm going to her, I want you to take some of this nectar and find a Mobian man. There is a sweet Mobian lady in love with him, though I can't see why since he seems to hate her. Take the nectar and apply it to his eye, but make sure the lady is nearby so when he wakes up, the first thing he'll see is her. Now go, and be back before the sun rises." Espio took out a small vial and poured some of the nectar into it.

"Don't worry your majesty, this will be done in no time," Espio said as he pocketed the vial and disappeared. Knuckles then ran of to find the flower patch... and Rouge.

Act II Scene II Another Part of the Wood

In another part of the wood, Rouge had just found her flower patch. "Oh, here it is!" She cried happily as she snuggled into the soft moss. "Leave me alone for awhile chao, while I sleep. Go find some forest animals to play with, okay?" The chao chorused in agreement as they flew and ran off. Rouge yawned and promptly fell asleep.

Knuckles crept into the clearing as soon as Rouge fell asleep. He quickly knelt down beside her and dropped a few drops of nectar over each eyelid and then said softly, "Whatever you see when you first wake up, take it for your love. Love him as you would love your true love, no matter what it might be." He then silently stole away and left Rouge there asleep.

Not too far away, two others made their way slowly through the woods. Sonic looked back at Amy, who was slowing down, walking along sleepily. "Oh Amy, you're almost asleep. It's my fault for getting lost and leading us all over the place. We'll rest here if you don't mind, then continue in the morning."

Amy yawned sleepily and nodded her head in agreement. "All right. I'll sleep here, and you can sleep over there," She said pointing to their beds.

Sonic yawned and laid down under a tree while Amy prepared her bed on the other side of the clearing on the soft grass. "Good night my love," He said happily as he and Amy fell asleep.

"Night Sonic," Amy whispered back. The forest was silent around them, granting them a restful sleep. Soon a figure walked in and looked around.

"So this must be the horrible Mobian who hates the lady who loves him," Espio said condescendingly. He glanced over to Amy and shook his head. "You shouldn't be so close to such a dangerous man ma'am. But no matter. Just a drop of this," Espio pulled out the vial of nectar and applied to Sonic's eyes, "And when you wake up, you'll see her and immediately fall in love with her!" He finished and put back the vial."Now I'll go tell Knuckles of my success. Ninja-Vanish!" He sped off to tell his King the good news.

Again, all was quiet. It was soon broken again as two figures came running into the clearing. "Stay with me Tails, or I'll die!" Cream cried as she stopped to catch her breath.

"That's what I'm hoping for!" Tails said as he quickly sped up, leaving Cream alone.

Cream knelt down and began sobbing quietly. "Oh please don't leave me like this," She said through her tears. She soon noticed Sonic lying on the ground. "Mr. Sonic? Are you dead? Please say you're not. Mr. Sonic, if you're alive please wake up," She said as she shook him gently.

Sonic's eyes groggily opened. As soon as he saw Cream, his eyes filled with hearts. He quickly jumped up and said happily, "And I'll run through fire for your sweet sake!" Cream looked at him in confusion. "I don't know how I could have been so blind to love Amy, when I should clearly love you! Where is Tails?! He should die for not seeing you are the one to love!" He said angrily.

"Don't talk like that Mr. Sonic! You love Amy, and Amy loves you!" She cried worriedly.

"Amy? Amy?! How I could I love Amy when you are perfect! You are a dove and Amy is a crow; you are a chili dog and Amy is a hamburger! I was a fool to love Amy, but I am no longer a fool! You, and you alone will I love from now to forever," Sonic said as he knelt to take Cream's hand and kiss it.

"What did I ever do to you? Why are you teasing me like this? Is it not enough that Tails hates me, but you have to rub it in by making fun of me?" She quickly pulled her hand back and slapped a surprised Sonic's face. "I thought you were a gentleman Mr. Sonic, but I guess not. This is the meanest thing you could have ever done to me!" She began sobbing again as she ran off.

Sonic stared after her and then rose up. He looked over at Amy, who was still sleeping on the ground. "She didn't see Amy. You sleep there Amy, and I will never come near you again. Thinking about loving you makes me sick. How in the world could I have loved a clingy, hammer-happy woman like you? I must now leave and find Cream, so I may be her knight in shining armor." He zoomed off following Cream's path.

Amy suddenly bolted up. "Yah! Oh... It was just a bad dream. Sonic, I just had an awful-" She quickly noticed Sonic was missing. "SONIC?! Where are you? Are you alright? Oh dear, I better find him," she said sprinting off into the woods.

Act III Scene I The Wood

Rouge, the Queen of the Chao, lies asleep, unnoticed by our play-makers, who have begun their rehearsal.

Shadow looked over their group and asked, "Are we all here?"

Silver nodded his head. "Yep, uh-huh. Here's a perfect spot to begin our rehearsal. This grassy place here makes a perfect stage!" He rubbed his hands in excitement.

"Silver," Shadow called, beckoning him over.

"Oh, what is it! We have a play to rehearse!" Silver said impatiently.

"There are things in this comedy of Pyramus and Thisby that needs to be changed. First, I noticed Pyramus needs to take his sword and kill himself, which I don't think the ladies can take. What do you suggest?" He asked Silver, who was rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"It really wouldn't bother me if you were dead," Blaze said, grinning mischievously. Shadow stepped back as Blaze laughed at her joke.

"I got it!" Silver cried. "We'll say before we start the play that our swords will not cause any harm and no one will really die. And for good measure, we'll tell them that Pyramus is not real, that he's really just being played by Shadow!"

"Hmm, alright. I think that will work," Shadow replied.

"If us ladies are scared of a sword, then we must be scared of a lion," Blaze said sarcastically as she pointed to Omega.

"Oy! He's a right scary bloke he is! Scares the jeepers out of me he does! Strewth! He's a noisy one on top o' that!" Marine said as she ducked behind Blaze.

"Blaze is right. God help us if we bring in a lion and scare all the ladies. I don't think there is a beast more frightening than a lion," Shadow said solemnly. Blaze rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Well, I suppose you want to tell us ladies Omega's not really a lion too, huh?" Blaze asked sarcastically.

Shadow nodded. "Yes, and we must tell them his name and half of his face must show through the costume. He can tell the ladies himself he is not a lion. He can say, ‘Please don't be afraid ladies, and don't run away. I'm not a lion; I am a regular man... I mean a normal robot who would never dream of harming anything.'"

Blaze shook her head in exasperation. "Shadow, you're hopeless. I give up, come on Marine, let's leave these two pigs alone and go rehearse," she said as she pulled Marine along.

Silver scratched his head. "Did we say something?"


Shadow rubbed his ears and asked, "Silver, do you know if the moon is supposed to be out?"

Silver was slapping his head. "Excuse me if any brain pieces fall out. And no, the moon won't be out. Why?"

"I think Omega means where Pyramus and Thisby meet by moonlight," Shadow replied as Omega nodded his head.

"Why, that's easy to solve! Someone can come in with a lantern and say he is playing the moon. Oh, and I just thought of something else. We need a wall, because Pyramus and Thisby would talk through a hole in the wall," Silver said as he paced in thought.


"Someone will have to play a wall I guess. We can paint him to look rocky and he can spread his fingers apart for the hole that Pyramus and Thisby talk through," Shadow replied as he paced beside Silver.

"Well then, that's everything!" Silver clapped his hands. "Let's begin rehearsing!" As the actors scurried about getting ready, they didn't notice an invisible ninja-fairy enter among them.

"What do we have here so near the sleeping queen?" Espio thought to himself joyfully. "A play? I think I'll have some fun."

"Okay, Pyramus you begin while Thisby stands over there," Silver pointed to the places Shadow and Dr. Eggman should stand. Shadow came out wearing a feathered cap and billowing shirt. Dr. Eggman came out wearing... a dress and a bonnet. He grumbled as he walked over to his spot.

"Don't... say... a... word..." He seethed as Blaze and Marine stifled giggles.

"And Action!" Silver cried. Shadow stepped forward and cleared his throat.

"Oh Thisby daring-" Shadow began.

"No, no. It's Thisby darling. Try again," Silver interrupted. Shadow cleared his throat and continued.

"Oh Thisby darling, I wish to speak to you my dear. But wait, a voice! Stay here a moment and I will come back," Shadow ran off into the bushes.

Espio scratched his head. "This is the strangest Pyramus I have ever seen," He thought as he grinned, "and I can make it even better..."

"Do I have to speak?" Dr. Eggman groaned.

"Yes, Pyramus goes off to investigate a noise, and he comes back while you're talking," Silver pointed to the script, "and remember to talk in a sweet woman's voice. Eggman's mustache sagged.

"At least I don't have to wear a mask," he mumbled.

"Not yet," Silver replied.

Eggman moaned then cleared his throat. He then began speaking in a... unique voice, "O radiant Pyramus with skin so white and...uh, so on and so on, meet me at Nanny's tomb."

"Nanus' tomb! Not nanny's tomb! And you're not supposed to say that until Pyramus is back. Pyramus, where are you? You missed your cue!" Silver said angrily. Espio walked into the group invisibly to watch the fun. Shadow soon came out... wearing a frog's head. Everyone stared at him in horror then ran away screaming in terror.

"It's a monster! It's going to eat us all and spit out our bones! RUN!!" Silver screamed.

"Hey! Why are you running away? What kind of sick joke is this?" Shadow said crossly.

"You're a monster!" Silver cried as he disappeared into the forest.

"Oh, ha-ha. Very funny. Are you through?" Shadow asked impatiently. "Hello? Hey!" He shouted after them. Rouge woke up with a start.

"Who's there?" She said sleepily as she stood up. She suddenly noticed Shadow standing a few feet away looking around quizzically. Hearts instantly popped into her eyes as she sprang toward him and thrust her arms around him. "Where have you been all of my life you handsome frog-hog you?" She cried happily as she kissed him.

Shadow was very shocked and more than a little embarrassed. "Um, excuse me ma'am, but I need to go find my friends and... wait, frog-hog?" He asked angrily.

"Oh love; you are the handsomest person I have ever laid eyes on. Won't you stay here with me? My chao can give you anything you want or desire, and I will love you forever," Rouge said as she squeezed Shadow tight.

"I really should be going," Shadow said as he broke free. He turned around to leave, but Rouge caught him by his arm and pulled him back.

"It wasn't up for debate dear. You're staying with me." Rouge threw herself onto him and latched on tight.

"I guess I don't have much of a choice," Shadow thought to himself, "but I suppose I should make the best of it. Still... what's a frog-hog?"

Act III Scene II Still the Wood

Knuckles was pacing back and forth in a clearing in the wood. He was waiting for news from Espio, and was growing impatient. "I wonder if Rouge has woken up yet," He thought. He suddenly saw Espio materialize beside him. "There you are Espio. Any news?"

Espio grinned and replied, "Yes. The queen has fallen in love with an actor from a play, except I changed him a bit." Knuckles looked at him questioningly. "I gave him a frog's head!" Espio said laughing.

Knuckles smiled and nodded his head in approval. "This is working out better than O thought. But tell me, did you give the Mobian some of the nectar from the flower?"

"Yes, I found him sleeping and gave some to him. The Mobian woman was laying a little ways off, so he'll definitely see her when he wakes up," Espio replied proudly.

Just then Tails and Amy walked into the clearing. Knuckles and Espio quickly hid. "This is the same Mobian," Knuckles whispered to Espio.

Espio's face paled. "This is the woman I saw... but that isn't the same man."

"Have you seen Sonic? I tell you Tails, if you've done something to him, you're going to become good friends with my hammer!" Amy said threateningly.

"Look, I haven't done anything to Sonic, I haven't even seen him," Tails snapped back.

"Well, please tell me he's going to be alright," Amy pleaded.

"And why would I do that?" Tails retorted.

Amy stomped her foot angrily. "So you can never see me again!" She huffed as she ran off.

Tails sighed and sat down. "I probably shouldn't follow her when she's this angry. I don't think she was kidding about that hammer bit..." He said as he lay down and fell asleep.

Knuckles looked angrily at Espio. "What did you do! This isn't the Mobian I meant! Quick, go and find Cream the Rabbit and bring her here!" Espio nodded and quickly left. Knuckles crept up to Tails and squeezed some nectar onto his eyes. "Now if Espio can bring Cream here, it should all be fixed." He looked up and noticed Espio running back.

"Thankfully she wasn't that far off. She is coming this way with another Mobian fellow," Espio said quickly as he and Knuckles hid again.

"We'll stay here. Those two should wake up Tails," Knuckles whispered to Espio. Espio began snickering. "What?"

"Two will be wooing one, this will be good. I do love a good courting," Espio laughed.

"But Cream, why would I be making fun of the one I love?" Sonic asked pleadingly.

"Why are you promising Amy's love to me? Are you giving her up? Why did you promise her your love?" Cream cried.

Sonic shook his head. "I was young and foolish then, and I didn't know what love was. I didn't have good sense then."

"I don't think you have any sense! That's why you're giving her up!"

"Look, Tails loves her, and I love you. Everything's all worked out, right?" Sonic stepped forward and accidentally stepped on Tails' hand.

"Ow!" Tails yelped as he sat up. His eyes fell on Cream and hearts popped into his eyes as his tails formed a heart shape. "Cream! The love of my life! You're so beautiful, so perfect! Your eyes are clearer than crystals, they make crystal look muddy! Oh, won't you kiss me my dear?" He asked as he stepped toward Cream with puckered lips.

Cream stared at him in shock then slapped him. "You're in this joke too aren't you!" She said as she began crying. "If you were gentlemen, you wouldn't treat a lady so. But no! You have to gang up on me and mock me!"

"You're not being nice Tails," Sonic said shaking his head, "you love Amy, not Cream! You can have her, I'm done with that crazy hedgehog. Cream is my true love now!" He looked lovingly at Cream.

Tails shook his head. "No, you can keep Amy. If I ever loved her before, all that love is gone. My heart has returned to where it belongs, to Cream," He sighed as he looked at Cream lovingly.

"He's lying Cream! Don't believe him!" Sonic shouted as he pointed angrily at Tails.

Amy suddenly walked into the clearing. She looked at everyone in confusion and then rushed towards Sonic. However, Sonic stepped aside, and Amy stopped and looked at him strangely.

"I thought I heard somebody here. I don't know what you and Tails are doing here," She said to Cream then turned to Sonic, "but Sonic, why did you leave me alone back there?"

"Why should I stay, when love tell me to go?"

"But why would your love tell you to leave me?" Amy asked puzzled.

"My love for Cream told me to follow her, and to pursue her. Why are you following me? It was because I hated you that I left you," Sonic said as he turned up his nose at her.

Amy's jaw dropped. She suddenly snapped her fingers and nodded her head, "I bet I know. Did you eat any mushrooms?"

Cream sniffed. "So you're in on this too huh? What did I ever do to you Amy? We've been friends for life. But now you make fun of me in this cruel joke."

Amy stood in shock. "I... I don't know what you're talking about. If anything, you're teasing me!"

"Didn't you tell Sonic to make fun of me and pretend he loves me? Why else would he profess his love for me, when before he said he only loved you? As if that wasn't enough, you convinced Tails to say he loved me? Why would you do something like that?" Cream asked sobbing.

"I... I don't understand. I didn't-" Amy stammered.

"Just keep going! Keep pretending! Make faces at me when I turn around and laugh!" Cream cried angrily as she shook her fists at them.

"Will you stop being so mean Amy?! Just get out of here!" Sonic said angrily as he raised his fist to strike her. Tails quickly stopped him and shook his head.

"No Sonic, don't. We may hate her, but we shouldn't harm her," Tails said as he pulled Sonic's hand down. "Perhaps we should duel for Cream's love like true gentlemen."

Amy looked at Sonic with a hurt face. She suddenly spun around to Cream and cried angrily, "You! You stole my boyfriend! What did you do, you... you man stealer!?" Cream paled and stepped back.

"Ummm... could you two not let her hurt me? She may be shorter than me, but she's much fiercer," She said shakily.

"Short! SHORT! So now you're all tall and mighty Cream? Why don't you say that to my hammer!" Amy quickly brought out her hammer and swung it threateningly.

"Oh please you two! Stop her!" Cream cried out fearfully. Sonic and Tails quickly stepped up to Amy and held back her hammer.

"You shouldn't be afraid of Amy, Cream," Sonic said soothingly.

"Oh sure. When she's angry there's no stopping her! She may be little, but she can pack quite a punch!" Cream said as she wiped her brow in relief.

"Again with the short! I'll make you so short; ants will be taller than you!" Amy screamed as she lunged forward. Thankfully, Sonic and Tails had a good grip on her hammer and held her back.

"Just get out of here!" Tails shouted angrily. "Now me and Sonic must duel for Cream's love. Are you coming Sonic?"

"Right beside you," Sonic said as he walked off with Tails. Amy and Cream watched them leave, then Amy spun around and grinned at Cream mischievously.

"Uhh... I really don't feel safe here alone with you, so I'll... just go now," Cream stuttered as she ran off. Amy put away her hammer and glanced around. She then went and followed after Tails and Sonic.

Knuckles and Espio sprang out of the bushes and looked around. "I can't believe you messed up this bad Espio," Knuckles growled.

"Hey! It wasn't all my fault! You could have said the Mobian I was looking for was a mutant two-tailed fox you know! But still, that was the best thing I've ever seen," Espio said laughing.

"You are just weird," Knuckles said shaking his head. "But now you have to fix this. Go and follow them. Pretend to be Sonic and lead Tails off. Pretend to be Tails and lead Sonic off. Lead the ladies there, and make sure they all fall asleep. I'll make a fog, so they won't be able to see you and they'll get sleepy. Did you get all that?" Espio nodded his head. "Good. I'll go and find that Emerald Rouge stole while you're busy here. Let's go!" They both rushed off in separate directions.

Espio soon found Sonic walking through the fog. "Now dear readers, you will see what a good actor Espio really is. It all comes with being a ninja-fairy," he said proudly to... us. Clearing his throat, he began speaking in a perfect copy of Tails voice, "Are you coming Sonic?"

"Yes, but where in the world are you? I can't see a thing in this rotten fog," Sonic muttered.

"Over here Sonic! I'm ready for you! But, let's find a way out of this fog first and then fight," Espio replied.

"All right, I'll be right over," Sonic said as he followed the voice off through the fog. Espio soon ran into Tails, and began to speak in a perfect mimic of Sonic's voice, "Hey slow-poke! You coming or what?"

"I'm coming you coward! Stop hiding in this fog and meet me face to face!" Tails shouted.

"Just follow my voice! We'll be out of this fog soon enough, then we'll fight!" Espio replied. He then led Tails off into the fog.

Sonic wandered around for awhile as he grew sleepier and sleepier. "Oh forget it, this fog won't let up for hours. I'll just sleep and wait until morning to fight," He yawned as he laid down and fell asleep.

Tails stumbled around for awhile as he too grew sleepy. "Sonic! Where are you? Cowardly hedgehog. I'll rest here and wait for daybreak. Then I'll show that hedgehog a thing or two!" He promptly laid down and went to sleep.

"Man, this fog is something!" Amy said sleepily as she stumbled along. "I can't find Tails or Sonic. I guess I better just wait until this fog breaks," She said as she laid down and fell asleep.

Espio looked around. "That's everyone except Cream. She should be along any minute... Aah, here she is."

Cream staggered through the fog sobbing. "This is the worst night of my life. I think I'll just sleep here and go back to Mobotropolis in the morning," She sobbed as she laid down and fell asleep. Espio quickly went and put some of the love nectar in each of their eyes.

"On the ground, sleep sound. I'll apply to your eye, gentle lover, remedy," He said softly as he went around. They had all unknowingly fallen asleep in the same place. "I wonder how Knuckles is doing..." He wondered.

Act IV Scenes I & II

Knuckles was watching Rouge and Shadow, the frog-hog in the forest. Rouge had held onto Shadow tight and fallen asleep holding him. Shadow struggled to leave, but couldn't break free. He soon fell asleep as well. Knuckles shook his head. "I feel kinda bad now. I have the Emerald, so I guess I can free her from the potion now," He thought as he stealthily walked up to her. He pulled out an antidote and applied it to her eyes. "Rouge, Rouge... wake up," He said gently as he shook her.

Rouge's eyes fluttered open. "Knu-Knuckles? What are you doing here? Oh, I had the strangest dream! I dreamed I was in love with a hedgehog with a frog's head!"

Knuckles pointed to Shadow. "You mean that one?" Rouge looked down at the hedge-frog in her arms and quickly got up, dumping Shadow onto the ground.

"Eew! What in the world would make me fall in love with that hideous creature?!" She asked disgustedly.

"Let me fix him," Knuckles said as he raised his hand. It began to glow green as Knuckles mouthed silently, "The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power enriched by the heart. Restore this hedgehog to his former self." Shadow's head began to glow as his frog head melded back into his normal self. "There, that takes care of that," Knuckles said brushing his hand as he stood up.

"What's going on?" Rouge asked suspiciously as Knuckles began walking off.

"Oh, uhh... nothing. I really must be going now," Knuckles said as he began running.

"You come back here! I know you did something!" Rouge shouted after him as she gave chase. They soon disappeared into the forest.

Back where our four lovers are sleeping, the fog is lifting as the sun breaks through the night. Voices soon are heard coming as three figures break into the clearing.

"Ah, isn't this a fine morning for a jog?" Mighty asked as he jogged alongside Vanilla and Vector.

"Yes it is a beautiful morning," Vanilla replied happily. "Isn't it Vector?"

Vector was jogging beside Vanilla gasping for breath. "Beaut...if...ul..." He wheezed. He suddenly came to a stop and pointed ahead. "Hey... isn't that...up there..." Vanilla and Mighty stopped and looked ahead.

"Hey! That's my daughter Amy! And her soon-to be husband Tails! Oh, and Sonic and Cream," Mighty said as he walked over to them. "Hey! What are you all doing sleeping out here?"

All four of them jumped up and looked at each other. Hearts popped into their eyes as Tails looked at Cream and Sonic looked at Amy. They then noticed Mighty standing by them. Sonic spoke up for them, "I'm not really sure. Last night seems like a dream to me. Me and Amy ran away from Mobius to get married and-"

"Ha-ha!" Mighty shouted. "Duke, arrest him! He was trying to steal away with my daughter. Get him!"

"Wait," Tails said holding up his hand, "Cream told me last night that Sonic and Amy were running away and I followed them out here, and Cream followed me. But, I... I don't love Amy anymore. How could I when the only one for me is Cream?" He rushed up to Cream and spun her off her feet spinning her around. Sonic ran up to Amy and hugged her tight.

Vector rubbed his head thoughtfully, "Well Mighty, it seems I have no choice but to overrule your request. Amy can marry Sonic, and Cream may marry Tails... if they wish to that is."

"Oh we do, we do!" Amy and Cream cried happily as they hugged Sonic and Tails.

"And we want to be married too," Sonic and Tails replied before they kissed their soon-to-be wives.

"Then it's settled! Come everyone, I invite you all to my wedding today. Come along," Vector said happily as he walked off holding Vanilla's hand. Mighty followed behind grumbling. The four lovers were left alone in the clearing.

Suddenly Tails spoke up, "Are we dreaming right now?"

"I don't think so," Amy replied, "The Duke was just here, and he invited us to his wedding."

"Yes, and Mighty was here too," Sonic said scratching his head.

"So was Vanilla," Cream said excitedly.

"Well, I guess we weren't dreaming. Let's go then!" Tails cried as everyone set off after the Duke and Duchess.

In another part of the wood, A certain hedgehog woke up. "Wh-where am I? Man, I had the weirdest dream. Silver! Dr. Eggman! Marine! They've all gone and left me here. I wonder if my dream meant anything. Probably it was saying, ‘Get a life Shadow!'" He shook his head and stood up. "I guess I should head home and see how everyone's coming along with the play," He said as he trudged toward Mobotropolis.

Silver was pacing back and forth impatiently. "Where is that hedgehog?"

"Oy, no one's seen ‘im! Not since last night!" Marine said fearfully.

"If he doesn't come then the play will be ruined," Dr. Eggman said sadly. "It is with a heavy heart that I take upon myself the part of Pyramus..."

"No, don't worry Dr. Eggman," Silver replied. "No one's replacing Shadow."

"Aw, come on! I know the whole part. It'll only take a quick costume change and-" Omega suddenly burst into the room interrupting Dr. Eggman.


"That Shadow's going to pay for this!" Silver said angrily.

"Pay for what?" Shadow asked as he walked into the room.

"Shadow! Where have you been? What happened last night?" Everyone asked him as they crowded around him.

"There's no time for that. We must head to the palace," Shadow replied as he hurriedly gathered his script. "I hope we'll be able to pull this off," He muttered.

"Strewth! It'll be ripper mate!" Marine shouted joyfully.

"I WILL BRING DOWN THE HOUSE," Omega said happily.

"I can't wait to begin; I'll be on fire tonight!" Blaze laughed as she turned on her hand. "Get it? On fire?" Everyone stared at her in confusion. She rolled her eyes and groaned, "Oh, never mind." They quickly rushed to gather everything and headed off to the palace.

Act V Scene I

Vector, Vanilla and Big were strolling through the palace enjoying the afternoon. "Those four can tell some pretty strange stories," Vector said as he shook his head in amazement.

"I think they're telling the truth dear," Vanilla said sweetly.

Vector shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows? But look, here they come now." Sonic and Amy, Tails and Cream walk into the room holding their new wife's and husband's hands.

"How are our four lovebirds doing?" Vector asked merrily.

"Better than ever before," Sonic replied as he gazed lovingly into Amy's eyes.

"Same here," Tails replied.

Vector clapped his hands together loudly. "Alright, time to see what our entertainment manager has found for us. Big, what did you find? What kind of thing shall we do tonight?"

Big came forward holding a clipboard. "Duh, well sir, I have a short list right here. Take a look and see what you might like," He said as he handed the list to Vector.

Vector looked over the list. "Well let's see. We got the Sega Battle, never heard of that. A concert by the Jonas Sisters, never heard of them either. And we have a tragic comedy of Pyramus and Thisby. Tragic comedy? What's that about Big?"

"It's a play, a very sad play where they die. But it was really funny. Not as funny as the froggies though..." Big said sadly.

"Who plays in it?" Vector asked as he handed the list back to Big.

"Some men from Mobius. And two ladies. And a robot. But no froggies..." Big sighed.

"Well, this sounds interesting. Let's see it!" Vector said happily.

Big shook his head. I really don't think you'll like it. They're not that good... and there's no froggies."

"I don't care if there's no frogs. Tell them to come in and begin. Go on," Vector said as he shooed Big out. Everyone grabbed a chair and sat down as they looked expectantly toward the stage. Soon Silver walked out onto the stage clutching a piece of paper.

He bowed to the Duke and Duchess then cleared his throat as he prepared to read. "Ahem, this is a prologue to our play. It reads, ‘If we offend, it is with our good will. That you should think we come not to offend, but with good will. To show our simple skill, that is the true beginning of our end. Consider then, we come but in despite. We do not come, as minding to content you, our true intent is. All for your delight, we are not here. That you should here repent you, the actors are at hand; and by their show, you shall know all, that you are like to know," He finished with a flourish and walked off the stage.

Everyone stared at confusion. Sonic leaned over to Amy and whispered, "I didn't understand a word he just said. Did you?" Amy shook her head no in reply. "I hope it gets better," Sonic muttered as the curtains came up. Silver, Shadow, Dr. Eggman, Blaze, Marine and Omega walked out onto the stage in costume. Shadow still wore his feathered cap and billowy shirt. Dr. Eggman now wore a mask, which covered everything on his face, except for his mustache, which peeked out from the sides. He wore a lovely lavender dress with little flowers all over it. Blaze was dressed in grey and green clothes that looked like rocks. Marine was covered in a white dust and held a lantern. And Omega wore a lion's mane and was painted yellow.

"I wonder if the lion's going to talk," Vector asked Vanilla.

Silver began, "This is a play about the most tragic love of Pyramus and Thisby, "He pointed to Shadow and Dr. Eggman. "Here is the wall," He pointed to Blaze who looked very angrily at Silver. "The wall that Pyramus and Thisby talk through. And here," he pointed to Marine who looked ready to sneeze, "in case anyone is wondering, is the moon, which shined down on Nanus' tomb when the lovers met. And ladies, don't be afraid of Omega here," He pointed to Omega, "He isn't really a lion and he wouldn't harm a fly."

Omega bowed slightly as a fly buzzed around his head. He looked at it annoyed and flashed out his blaster. "ANNIHILATION!!" He shouted as he blasted the fly... and part of the castle. All of the guys jumped into their wife's lap.

"Oh silly, it's just a robot," Cream laughed as she pushed Tails off.

"I-I knew th-that," Tails stammered. "I just wanted to make sure you were alright," he said defensively.

Silver laughed nervously, "Well, let's start this play shall we?" He quickly left as the actors moved into position.

Blaze, or Wall, was the first to speak. "Somehow I was talked into being a wall. So, anyway... I'm a wall between Pyramus' and Thisby's houses. Pyramus and Thisby talk through a hole in me."

"Would you like some vines over you?" Tails asked laughing. Blaze quickly sent a fireball his way and singed his tails. "Yikes! Uhh... you're a very nice looking wall," he stammered as he rubbed his tails.

"This is most talkative wall I've ever heard," Vector whispered to Vanilla.

"Be quiet dear, here comes Pyramus," Vanilla said shushing her husband.

"O black night, I fear Thisby has forgotten her promise to speak to me tonight," Shadow cried dramatically, "O wall, o sweet, lovely wall, show me your chink so I may see my Thisby!" Blaze sighed and held up her fingers in a peace sign. "Peace to you too Wall, but what is this?" He asked worriedly as he peeked through Wall's fingers.

"This is the most ridiculous thing ever," Blaze muttered.

"I don't see my love Thisby! Cursed wall! Why did you deceive me?" He asked angrily.

I think the wall should burn him," Amy smirked as Sonic ducked. "No, not us silly, I meant Pyramus."

"No, the Wall can't burn me," He looked at Blaze as she grinned. "Uh... ‘deceive me' was Thisby's cue. Oh, here she comes," He sighed in relief.

Dr. Eggman came up on the other side of Blaze, I mean Wall.

"Can't he just look over the wall?" Sonic asked as he noticed Dr. Eggman, "He's a couple feet taller than the wall."

Dr. Eggman moaned and began, "O wall, you have often heard my moans-"

"More than I want to," Blaze mumbled.

"For being between me and my fair Pyramus. I wonder where my love is?" Dr. Eggman asked as he pretended to look around.

"Is that a voice I hear? I will go look through the chink again to see if Thisby is there," Shadow said excitedly as he peered through Blaze's fingers. "Thisby! It is you!"

Dr. Eggman bent down and looked through Blaze's fingers. "Pyramus, my love is that you?"

"Yes, my sweet. It is me, your one true love Pyramus. Won't you kiss me through the hole?" Shadow asked dramatically.

Eggman shook his head, "Uhh... no. My, uh, my nose gets stuck, see?" He stuck his nose through Blaze's fingers.

"Eww, gross!" Blaze said as she pulled her fingers away. Unfortunately, Thisby's nose really was stuck.

"OWW! Let doe of my nobe!" Thisby screamed as she pulled. Blaze suddenly set her hand on fire. Thisby's nose came free and he immediately took off running backstage screaming.

Blaze clutched her hand and shouted, "You idiot! Now I have to wash my hand!" She ran off backstage as well, leaving Shadow alone. He looked around and gulped.

"Aah... Thisby ran off to Nanny's tomb, so I'll go meet her there, hopefully," Shadow said as he bowed and ran to close the curtains.

"That was... interesting," Cream said slowly.

"This is the strangest play I've ever seen," Vanilla said in amazement.

"Well, just use your imagination, and it will be better... maybe," Vector said. "Look it's the moon and the scary lion-bot!" He scooted closer to Vanilla. "I'll, uhh... protect you dearie. Don't be scared. It won't hurt us..."

Omega turned toward the audience. Sonic and Tails quickly scooted closer toward Cream and Amy and grabbed their hands. "Yeah, we'll protect you too," They said gulping.


"Mouse! Where?" Tails asked fearfully.

"There is no mouse Tails," Cream said soothingly.

"R-right. I knew that," He said as he glanced around in fear.


Vector gulped, "Unless? Unless what?" He asked as his teeth chattered.

"Don't worry dear, I'm sure it was just a joke," Vanilla said lovingly. Vector snuggled up to her closer.

"Oy, this ‘ere light's the moon, and I's the bloke-in-the-moon," Marine said happily.

"How can you be the man in the moon? You should be in the moon, not holding it," Sonic said shaking his head. Marine looked at him and looked at her lantern.

"Strewth! You're a cuckoo bloke if you think I can git in there," Marine laughed.

"Shouldn't you be the woman in the moon?" Amy asked.

"Blimey! Too right, mate! Well then, I's be the sheila-in-the-moon!" She cried happily. "But quiet mates, ‘ere comes ol' Thisby..." Thisby walked onto stage as the curtain went up, revealing a tomb in the background.

"Well, here I am at Nanny's tomb," He, I mean she, began. "But where is Pyramus?"

Thisby looked around in wonder when Omega jumped out from behind a rock.

"ANNIHILATION! WORTHLESS CONSUMER MODELS!" He screamed as he fired his guns, blasters, and flamethrowers.

Thisby jumped in shock and began screaming, "You were just supposed to roar!" She quickly ran off and left her cloak behind. As the dust settled, the tomb, though full of holes and slightly singed, was still standing. Vector, Sonic, and Tails had all jumped into their girls' laps and were shaking, holding on for dear life.

"Sonic, you can let go," Amy gasped, "Can't breathe..." Sonic slid off slowly, but still held on. One by one all the guys sat back down, still shaking.

"I am not going to like robots," Sonic said as he shuddered.

Shadow then walked out onto the stage and looked around. "Thisby, Thisby? Where are you? Oh my!" He said as he noticed Thisby's cape. "What has happened? It seems as if some lion as killed my dear love! Why? She was the prettiest woman who ever lived and now she's gone forever."

"I doubt very highly she was the prettiest," Tails said as he put his arm around Cream.

"Why should I live?" Shadow asked with tears in my eyes. "Come sword, come kill me!" He pulled out his sword and dramatically pretended to stab himself. "Die, die, die..." He moaned as he slumped down on the floor. Vector began to cry softly.

"Are you okay honey?" Vanilla asked as she patted his hand.

"Yeah, I'm... I'm fine," Vector sobbed. Thisby then walked on stage.

"Pyramus are you here? I do hope that lion's gone. There you are," She said as she rushed over to him. "Are you sleeping? You shouldn't sleep with a sword through you... Oh! You're dead! O the horror!" She began to cry loudly. "Why did this have to happen? What reason do I have to live?" She took Pyramus' sword and pretended to stab herself. "I too will die. Farewell friends, Thisby bids you all adieu!" She slumped down on top of Pyramus.

"Get off of me," Shadow gasped.

"Sorry," Dr. Eggman rolled off to the side beside Shadow; I mean Pyramus, and acted very dead.

"Now the Moon and Lion have to bury them," Vector laughed.

"Yes, and the wall too," Tails replied.

"No," Shadow said as he got up. The actors all came out onto the stage. "The wall is gone that stood between their houses."

"Where'd it go?" Amy asked.

Shadow shrugged. "We have no idea. But would you like to hear an epilogue? Or perhaps a dance-number?"

Vector shook his head. "Oh, that's alright. It's... uh, better if the play ends there. Good job everyone. It was very... interesting." The actors bowed and filed out. The audience stood up and walked out of the palace.

"Well, I suppose this is the end," Cream said.

"The end of what?" asked Tails as they strode through the palace gardens under the bright moon.

"I don't know, but it's here," Cream replied happily.

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