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Sonic's Titanic is a parody of the 1997 film Titanic and the Tragedy of April 14 and 15th, 1912.


  • Captain Smith: Justin
  • Rose: Lien-Da
  • Jack: Twister
  • Mr. Astor: Damien
  • Thomas Andrews:
  • Crew woman 1: Clover the Cat
  • Crewman 1: Voltrex the Vulture
  • Officer (who arrests Jack): Poison
  • Tommy: Hornz
    • add characters who play characters!

Extra Info

This is modern with Cellphones etc!thumb|274px|left|The theme

The Story

  • Captain Smith: Welcome to Titanic! Everyone board and find your cabins because Singles Bingo starts soon!
  • Jack:Well Rose, this will be a romantic cruise.
  • Rose: It should be! I payed $30,000 for the tickets!!
  • Captain Smith: Well you'll like your stay! *Cellphone rings* Hello? Okay okay! Hurry now!
  • Jack:I hope so too, I really want to have a time of my life.
  • Captain Smith: Hurry we launch right now!!!
  • Jack:Really, he said that and were already on the ship. Okay wheres our cabin *walks off*
  • Rose: Jack can we speak at the BOW of the ship? I want to fly!
  • Jack:Okay the bow.
  • Rose: Jack! I'm really flying!!! *they kiss*
  • Jack:I knew this will be romantic!
  • Captain Smith: Singles Bingo is right now!!!
  • Granny 1: Yay!!! BINGO!!!!
  • Granny 2: Come on you old heifer!

(*in the cabin*)

  • Jack:Wow, very fancy cabin here.
  • Rose: Heh eh?
  • Jack:Lets unpack.
  • Rose: Can we go swimming?
  • Captain Smith: *barging in* GO!!!
  • Jack:...okay what up with the captain?
  • Captain Smith: I just have no friends! And I am enlisting Jack to work in the BOILER ROOMS!!!
  • Jack:Uhh I never saw the men work for captain in the brochure, because me and Rose are gonna go swimming.
  • Rose: There ain't no way in hell he is working for you!
  • Jack:Yeah, I'm a free man!
  • Captain: Aww Jacky has his own whore!
  • Jack:...too much, and Rose lets go swimming *runs off*
  • Rose: Fine lets go!
  • Captain Smith: Kkk!
  • Jack:Well it was a weird visit by the captain, but so far, very...romantic.
    • (In the Halls)
  • Niles: Hey Jack, Rose!
  • Rose: Niles one of the Prower Brothers?
  • Niles: Correctamundo!
  • Rose: An honor, truly.
  • Jack:Yeah.
  • Jackson: Woof! Uhh hey?
  • Rose: Hi Jackson, of the K-9 Patrol!
  • Jack;Nice to meet ya both.
  • Jackson: Scratch my ear please!
  • Rose: Ehh okay... *scratches*
  • Jack:Good seeing you too, now then lets see the schedule here.
    • (At the Pool/ Date: April 14th at 5:00 pm)
  • Rose: Jack this is boring can't we do anything fun?
  • Jack:Dont worry, good thing I got the schedule, and it says...darn it! Nothing here for us to do, well except a dance.
  • Rose: Follow me!
    • They head towards the lower area of the ship.
  • Rose: Come on!
    • In the storage area with the car...
  • Jack: After you milady...
  • Jack:Why are we here anyway?

Rose: Hop in! *they shut the windows and they have sex*

  • Jack:I shoulda thought of this hours ago
  • Rose: *after* Lets go up to the deck!
    • Screeching racket happens*
  • Jack:Oh my lets hurry *zooms off to the upper deck*
  • Jackson: There you are!!! The ship WOOF it is sinking!
  • Tequilla: Woof! We have to get off!
  • Benjamin: I won't leave dad!
  • Jack:SINKING!?!
  • Jackson: Woof, yes Captain Smith announced it!
  • Tequilla: Son, Jackson, lifeboat now!
  • Officer: Women and children first.
  • Jack:Rose, if I don make it, I wanted to say I always loved you.
  • Rose: Jack, I love you too...
  • Jack:Wheres the lifeboat!
  • Jackson: Here!
  • Officer: No room sorry!
    • All boats are gone!
  • Jack:Well, were stuck, at least were still together
  • Rose: Go to the bow! (Part that is going up in the air!)
    • at the bow
  • Jack:Rose, I always will love you, even if I die I will.
  • Rose: Before we go under we jump right when where we are goes under!
  • Jack:Got it
    • (Ship is there at the point now!)
  • Rose: on the count of 3 k?
  • Jack: Okay!
  • Rose: 1
  • Rose: 2
  • Rose: 3, JUMP!
    • (they jump)
  • Rose: That door! *swims to doors*
  • Jack: Rose, I'm cold.
  • Rose: Jack, I'll never let go!
  • Jack:I won't let go either!
    • Jack freezes to death and floats under
  • Rose: Jack! No don't leave me!
    • Hours later*
  • Officer: Is anyone out here?
  • Rose: *whisper like* Yes...
    • Officers pass by and Rose swims to get the whistle
  • Rose: *whistles*
  • Officers: Turn around!!
    • Take her to the Carpathia
  • Old Rose: And that is how the story ended.
  • Person: Wow...
  • Old Rose: I miss jack so much...
    • cuts to her bedroom
      • Old Rose is sleeping and dies

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