Sonic's Tuba Band
Created by me
Writer(s) me
Director(s) me
Run time 30 minutes
Rated *E for Everyone
Network WebNetwork (Edit Version Only)

The Right Stuff Network (Uncut Version) The TV Party Network (Edit And Uncut)

First aired 1991

Sonic's Tuba Band iis an animated series featuring more of the Freedom Fighters, more of Knuckles, the Chaos Emeralds, and the additional cameos

Plot Overview

Sonic tries to create a tuba band with alot of slapstick and 4th wall breaking.


Coming Soon...


Main Good Guys (Instruments)

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Knuckles the Echidna
  3. Miles "Tails" Prower (Aosth/Satam version)
  4. Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Movie version)
  5. Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic X version)
  6. Amy Rose
  7. Rosy the Rascal
  8. Chip
  9. Manic the Hedgehog
  10. Brody the Hedeghog
  11. Sonia the Hedgehog
  12. Cream the Rabbit
  13. Cheese the Chao
  14. Big the Cat
  15. Julie-Su
  16. Bunnie Rabbot
  17. Mina Mongoose
  18. Princess Sally Acorn
  19. Vector the Crocodile
  20. Charmy Bee
  21. Espio the Chameleon
  22. Blaze the Cat
  23. Silver the Hedgehog
  24. Fiona Fox
  25. Tikal the Echidna
  26. Queen Aleena
  27. Cyrus the Lion
  28. Dulcy the Dragon
  29. Vanilla the Rabbit
  30. Ray the Squirrel
  31. Mighty the Armadillo
  32. Bean the Dynamite
  33. Bark the Polar Bear
  34. Predator Hawk
  35. Lightning Lynx
  36. Flying Frog
  37. Sgt. Simian
  38. Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck" Hedgehog
  39. Antoine D'Coolette
  40. Rotor the Walrus
  41. Jet the Hawk
  42. Wave the Swallow
  43. Storm the Albatross
  44. Cosmo the Seedrian
  45. Nack the Weasel
  46. Rouge the Bat
  47. Sleet the Wolf
  48. Dingo
  49. Scratch
  50. Grounder
  51. Coconuts
  52. Nic the Weasel
  53. Shadow the Hedgehog

Main Villains

  1. Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Eggman
  2. Mammoth Mogul
  3. Ixis Naugus
  4. Scourge the Hedgehog
  5. Metal Sonic**
  6. Suppression Squad
    • This symbol (**) indicates that they may not appear much, but are considered main characters.

Major/Important Characters

  1. Oracle of Deluphis
  2. Bocoe
  3. Decoe
  4. Mephiles the Dark
  5. Maria Robotnik
  6. Chaos

Current Episodes

Season 1 Main


Character Pairings

No one make a fuss about this, so please have an understanding when I make the following pairings:

Fictuous Voice List

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Sonic, Metal Sonic, & Scourge Junichi Kanemaru Jason Griffith (Season 1 Edit Only)

Roger Craig Smith (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Shadow the Hedgehog Kouji Yusa Kirk Thornton
Tails Ryo Hirohashi Amy Pallant (Season 1 Edit Only)

Kate Higgens (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Knuckles Nobutoshi Kanna Dan Green (Season 1 Edit Only)

Travis Willingham (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Amy Rose Taeko Kawata Lisa Oritz (Season 1 Edit Only)

Cindy Robinson (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Manic Ogata Megumi Greg Cypes
Sonia Ayumi Hamasaki Louise Ridgeway
Rouge the Bat Rumi Ochiai Caren Manuel (Season 1 Edit Only)

Karen Strassman (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Fang/Nack Megumi Hayashibara Eric Stuart (Season 1 Edit Only)

Johnny Yong Bosch (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Conkula/Batula Romi Park Chris Seavor
Uma-chan/Umana Megumi Hayashibara Caren Manuel (Season 1 Edit Only)

Karen Strassman (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Eggman/Robotnik Chikao Otsuka Mike Pollock
Conker Romi Park Chris Seavor
Sleet Koichi Yamadera Maurice LaMarche
Dingo Tomohisa Asou Peter Wilds
Banjo Tohru Furuya Bill Farmer
Kazooie Emi Shinohara Mae Whitman
Vip/Nic Rio Natsuki Rachel MacFarlene
Cream & Vanilla Sayaka Aoki Rebecca Handler (Season 1 Edit Only)

Michelle Ruff (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Ze Professor Etsuko Kozakura Chris Seavor
Sally Junko Takeuchi Kath Soucie
Aleena Ayumi Hamasaki Gabriel Webster (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Rodent Megumi Urawa Saffron Henderson (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Gregg Megumi Urawa Chris Seavor
Bartleby Ogata Megumi Phil Hayes
Cyrus Takuzou Kamiyama Ian James Corlett
Charmy Yoko Teppouzuka Amy Birnbaum (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Vector Kenta Miyake Dan Green (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Espio Yuki Masuda David Wills (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Fiona Yoko Teppouzuka Mellisa Fahn
Lara-le Atori Shigematsu ???
Don Weazo Takashi Matsuyama Chris Seavor
Julie-su Yuuko Mitzutani ???
Remmington Yuuto Kazama ???
Bunnie Rica Matsumoto Nancy Cartwright
Panther King Isamu Tanonaka Chris Seavor
Mammoth Mogul Isamu Tanonaka Clancy Brown
Gruntilda Mika Doi Susan Silo
Tikal Kaori Asou Bella Hudson (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Mina Aya Hisakawa ???
Mighty Katsuji Mori Rob Paulsen
Mindy LaTour Emi Shinohara Steve Vallance
Big Takashi Nagasako Pete Zarustica
Chris Thorndyke Sanae Kobayashi Suzanne Goldfish
Jet Daisuke Kishio  ???
Wave Chie Nakamura  ???
Storm Kenji Nomura  ???
Mephiles Takayuki Sakazume Dan Green
Berri KAORI Louise Ridgeway
Athair Ikkei Seta Maurice LaMarche
Oracle Tomohisa Asou Maurice LaMarche
Tediz Akira Kamiya Chris Seavor
Blaze Nao Takamori Bella Hudson (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Silver Daisuke Ono Pete Capella (Season 1 Edit Only)

??? (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)

Scratch Ryûsei Nakao Phil Hayes
Grounder Kenta Miyake Gary Chalk
Coconuts Tenji Umi Ian James Corlett
Dulcy Mayumi Tanaka Cree Summers

(More to Come)


  • Johnny Gioelli (of Hardline & Crush 40)-Nack's Singing Voice
  • Tom Araya-Manic's Singing Voice
  • Tony Harnell-Sonic's Singing Voice
  • Ron Wessermen-Brody's Singing Voice
  • Stevie Vallance-Sonia's Singing Voice
  • All Ends-Fair Gruntilda's Singing Voice
  • Dreams Come True-Conker & Berri's Singing Voices (OAV 1 Ep 9 Only)
  • Lee Brotherton-Silver's Singing Voice
  • Paul Shortino-Eggman's Singing Voice
  • Kaz Silver-Tails' Singing Voice
  • Ted Poley-Conker's Singing Voice, Banjo's Singing Voice
  • Hunnid-P-Knuckles' Singing Voice
  • Everett Bradley-Sleet's Singing Voice (OAV 1 Ep 23 Only)
  • Tabitha Fair-Rouge's Singing Voice
  • Todd Cooper-Batula's Singing Voice (SU 2 Ep 11 Only)
  • A2-Batula's Singing Voice (SU 2 Ep 2 Only)
  • Julien-K-Shadow's Singing Voice
  • Bowling for Soup-Sonic Underground's Singing Voices


  • (Still in Development. More to Come.)

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